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  1. I have lost the fan for my 1/16 1979 Trans Am. Anyone have any ideas on how to fabricate one?
  2. Bullitt

    Latest project

    The Nocturn Blue is a GM duplicolor. Should be ok, but am now thinking maybe Sun Yellow. I have been doing what seems like a lot of blue lately, may need a change.
  3. Bullitt

    Latest project

    Started yesterday priming with white. Finish will be Nocturne blue, original 78 colour.
  4. I was given a Maisto Ford KA kit from a guy at work to build. I am retiring next month & would like to build it & give it back to him before I leave. It is one of their metal body kits that I believe mostly snap together. The body is dark green metallic & I would like to repaint it with Testors color shift green/copper. I would like to use the dark green as a base, and am wondering how to prepare the body for new paint. Should I give it a light sanding with a mild sandpaper, or completely prime with a dark primer. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I bought these from Amazon after using the headband type of magnifier. I found the headband uncomfortable. These wear like regular glasses and work great. https://www.amazon.ca/Beauty7-Professional-Interchangeable-Illuminated-Magnifying/dp/B077X5LR6L/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3KUQFCE9Z42HA&keywords=magnifying+glasses&qid=1551359801&s=gateway&sprefix=magnifying+glasses%2Caps%2C162&sr=8-9 $19.99/CDN
  6. I have the Firebird, was going to build both large scale models at the same time.
  7. Anyone know where I could pick up a set of 1/16 wheels and tires. I have the 1/16 Minicraft '31 Ford & would like to update the tired & wheels. Thanks
  8. They look pretty much like the stock ones in the kit. I'm kinda looking for old school Cragar, Keystone wheels with street tires. Thanks
  9. Anyone know where to buy 1/16 scale street tires. I have the Minicraft 31 Ford High boy & would like to spruce up the wheels & tires.
  10. Thanks guys for the input. Looks like it may be more fruitful to put my pension money to better use.
  11. I have a general question concerning 3D printing of parts etc. I am 66 yrs old & am retiring in April. I have approx 45-50 kits waiting to be assembled, and, hopefully my wife will be understanding. I am very interested in 3D printing and am wondering if it would be worthwhile to purchase a small one for the models I will be building. I have no idea if I would need a scanner for the parts or if there are programs out there that would be available at low or no cost. I would be greatly appreciative for any info or input that any members can supply.
  12. Quick question, what do you thin your nail polish with, and the ratio if possible. Thanks
  13. Thanks, much appreciated
  14. Just wondering what wood, (balsa?), is used for building construction for dioramas. Do you buy sheets & cut to size,to make 2" x 4" etc., or buy pre-cut boards and such.
  15. Bullitt

    Fiat Dragster

    Picked this up today for $11.99, any thoughts or experience with it?
  16. Hi, wondering if anyone has been to Ollie's in Orlando lately. I am heading down to Orlando next week, & I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to stop in for model shopping. Thanks
  17. If anyone is looking for a 1/16 31 Ford HiBoy roadster, Minicraft has them in their clearance section for $25.00 and free shipping in the US. https://minicraftmodels.com/products/11222-1-16-31-ford-hi-boy-roadster
  18. https://www.amazon.com/Minicraft-Models-Flamin-Flathead-Scale/dp/B002QE3BYA/ref=sr_1_49?ie=UTF8&qid=1538570433&sr=8-49&keywords=1%2F16+scale+model+car+kits Minicraft Models Flamin' Flathead ('31 Ford) 1/16 Scale Custom components include flathead V-8 engine with 3 carburetors and Custom “quick change” rear axle Opening doors Colorful flame decals Illustrated assembly instructions Skill level 4 New (1) from $35,802.14
  19. Always looking for a '78 Z/28, '69 VW, and a 2002-2005 Thunderbird. These are cars I've owned in life & mean a lot to me. Would love to have models to build as the 1:1's that I had.
  20. Pretty well the same here in Saint John, N.B. Always excited to get their 50-55% coupons, then the disappointment sets in when I approach the model section.
  21. I know a lot of model builders warm their rattle cans before spraying their cars. Does anyone warm their airbrush paint (Createx etc.) before painting.
  22. What do you think of this deal on Amazon.ca????? Revell 1:12 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 Plastic Model Kit CDN$ 9,000.00(1 new offer)
  23. May be a little off topic, but does anyone know where I could get a 1/24-1/25 figure of Steve McQueen as Bullitt. I am about to start the Bullitt Mustang & would like the figure to go along with it. I have seen lots of 1/18 scale but nothing close to the car scale.
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