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  1. I used fabric band aid cut in strips. Sorry for my mistake never thought by calling it a rat rod people will be offended but guess what I call my model what I want so to me it's a rat rod. There is no law how a model should be build. Ok that said thanks and aloha
  2. Thanks guys they are both very fun builds. I have a lot of ideas Doc for other builds coming soon thanks you and ALOHA
  3. Been awhile never post in along time. Here's what I been up to my peterbilt Is done and I build a dodge magnum
  4. Aloha this is my 32 ford Ratrod, custom turbo setup weathered with AK interactive products. The paint job is silver base coat with candy gold with gold ice pearl. Hope you guy like it
  5. Aloha here's a update on DA ZOMBIE. Got the fuel barrel done add some hoses that enters the cab. Put a rack of batties. Made the front head lights. Still got somethings to do. Hope you guys like it.
  6. Aloha here you go Dr. Cranky worked on rear suspension and started to make some gas barrels.
  7. Will there be a NNL Hawaii this year
  8. Thanks to you Doc your book and the vids you make on youtube help me so much in the build and AK interactive products im still learning glad you like it. ALOHA
  9. Aloha this is my build DA ZOMBIE got alot more to do. everyones builds are looking awesome. Dr Cranky the highway to hell is looking awesome. Im going to donate my model for that highway. Its been a blast
  10. I got that gun from a helo action figure. The xbox game helo got it from kmart. Glad you like it
  11. true I was thinking of putting it on the flat bed it's a big gun. One of my ideas was to put the gun in the bed and use the roof with parts like video camra. Small radar or something related to that. It's all in mockup. Thanks for the input. ALOHA
  12. Aloha everyone this subject is blowing up. I had to be apart of the build. From what I seen so far amazing work. This is going to be the first time building in this style. Did some resource and gathered all kind different parts. Got a good idea. Hope you guys like it. I started out with a Peterbilt. cut the sleep cab off used front clip of frame. Scratchbuilt frame. Wheels made from PVC pipe with semi wheels. still have alot to do. Gas tanks more guns and detail work.
  13. that's good Thomas that's how I got back into the hobby. NNL Hawaii I'm thinking on going. I would love to enter 2 or 3 models for that show. It would be so fun. ALOHA
  14. Ya Thomas sweet this combo is going to be bad ass. I'm glad you are working in this. I'm going to keep my eye on these builds. Take care and ALOHA
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