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  1. Patrick E added a post in a topic Opinions Wanted!   

    Hi Harry!

    To just answer your question, I would suggest adding the black panel with a custom made vinyl application from your local striping shop. It should not be very expensive, and this will ensure that it fits properly. Also, if you decide that you don't like its appearance, later, you can always have it removed, whereas with paint it is permanent.

    All the Best!

    Patrick E
  2. Patrick E added a post in a topic 2007 Trans Am.... WIP with pics. Update 2-7   

    Nice work!!! Conversions like these are well worth the time and effort. It's the concept car thing that attracts me to such projects, because it gives me the opportunity to be a car designer, too. I'm sure you must have similar sentiments.

    Isn't it great to have friends who send you pictures that can inspire you to build such masterpieces? I really like what you've done, already. And, I will be keeping watch for your updates to the project.

    I am working on one that is similar to yours, and I've used the same doner kit for the T/A parts. I chose to keep more of the new Camaro lines, than you have. And, I did some things differently - front cornering lights on the corners of the fenders, I flattened the hood and didn't add the shaker nor the fender vents nor rhe T-top panels. I realized how much work it would take to do what you've done. Although, you may have inspired me to add the fender vents and shaker scoop. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Also, I have finished a 2009 Monte Carlo concept car (black) and I am still working on a 2009 Pontiac GTO concept car (to be orange), along with the 2009 Firebird concept car (to be medium blue), all based on the AMT Camaro concept car models. There are endless possibilities. Maybe we can convince GM to actuallt build some of them!!!

    The beauty of these projects is that each of us can be proud to have built a model of a concept car of our own design.

    All the Best!

  3. Patrick E added a post in a topic 1968 Firebird 400   


    Superb model, Matt!!

    And, I like your libertarian quote from John Locke, also!

    All the Best!

  4. Patrick E added a post in a topic A look at the controversial Camaro wheels   

    Yes, Bill!

    I had heard both scenarios - but, which one can anyone count on, from G.M.

    Being the eternal optimist, and a Monte Carlo enthusiast (having owned 4 of them over the years - my 2006 Monte Carlo SS to be replaced by a 2007 Monte Carlo SS when it arrives in two weeks), I can only hope that G.M. will continue to build some very nice two-door cars (this being the only two-door American car in its class).

    Who knows, Bill! By 2009, G.M.'s plans could change a dozen times before they actually make a "sensible" decision.

    All the Best!

  5. Patrick E added a post in a topic A look at the controversial Camaro wheels   

    Your Camaro wheels are the worst I've seen, Ismael, regarding the sink marks. I bought two of the Camaro concept car kits, and neither were like yours.

    I built the first kit as the Camaro concept car, and the wheel in that kit were O.K.

    The wheels in the second kit had only couple minor sink marks. And, since I converted it to represent my interpretetion of how I think a concept car for the rumoured 2009 Monte Carlo would appear (which is supposed to be built on the Camaro platform). I drilled and filed large holes, at about a 45 degree angle, outward, on each wheel spoke near the rim. I painted the insides of the holes flat black, along with the grooves on the spokes near the lugnuts. In doing so, I was able to salvage thr wheels, and it totally changed the appearance of the wheels to the point that they are like a new design. What's more, they look great on the modified car - 2009 Mone Carlo concept car. And, they would look good on the Camaro, as well.

    There's an idea for you, Ismael!

    All the Best!

  6. Patrick E added a post in a topic 2009 Z10 Camaro   

    I believe that the 2009 model year for the Camaro to re-appear is due to the Canada-U.S. Auto-pact and the labour relations. (These issues are common to the foreign car manufacturers in the U.S., as well.)

    The Auto-pact requires G.M. to produce a "new" model in a Canadian plant (since they closed the F-body plant in Quebec in 2002). Also, due to the closure of that plant, G.M. was not able to open another plant, in Canada, for five years - a labour agreement issue regarding workers from the Quebec plant (or, likewise, in any other plant, if they were to close any plant). Therefore, January 1, 2008 marks the date after which G.M. is able to produce a car, similar to the F-body (RWD Camaro/Firebird) in a plant in Canada.

    In short, the delay in building a new Camaro (or Firebird) is a result of very complicated labour and auto-pact issues.

    Another issue requires G.M., since they are selling cars in Canada, to build cars in Canada. The same principle applies to foreign cars sold in the U.S. - eg. Toyota must build cars in the U.S. if they intend to sell them in the U.S.

    An even more complicated situation involves the fact that G.M. can't sell the Pontiac GTO in Canada! We won't go there!!!

    Safice it to say that we will just have to be patient, and wait for the Camaro's arrival sometime in 2008 - I would expect the Camaro in Chevy showrooms in the spring of 2008 (as a 2009 model), likely in May.
  7. Patrick E added a post in a topic 2009 Z10 Camaro   

    Way to go retro, Lyle!

    I sure like the addition of the stripes wheels and SS badges. I was tempted to do likewise with one of the two kits that I built - however, I built the first one to look like the car unveiled at the auto shows, and, I am nearly finished converting the second kit to represent my interpretation of a concept car for the 2009 Monte Carlo, rumoured to be built on the Camaro platform.

    Happy New Year, Lyle!
  8. Patrick E added a post in a topic Class of 2006: Vote for your favorite   

    As tempted as I was to pick a Corvette, I yielded to my better judgement and voted for the model that I know required the most work and patience on your part. They are all superb, but the Scaglietti gets the nod!

    Happy New Year, Ismael!

    All the best in 2007!

  9. Patrick E added a post in a topic 63 Buick Electra   

    Great recovery - nicely restored!

    And, Happy New Year!
  10. Patrick E added a post in a topic '62 Cat   

    Excellent build - I like your fine details on the instrument panel, and the license plate and pipes!
  11. Patrick E added a post in a topic Everything STOPPED for an important project:   

    That's a great way to start them off in the hobby, Ismael!

    They'll be building kits just like Dad, in no time!

    All the Best!

  12. Patrick E added a post in a topic Project Magnum UPDATE 2/12/07 ... the interior!   

    Hi John!

    Our hobbyshop in Regina got them in last Wednesday - all 6 kits were gone by the weekend.

    There should be some nice models on the table at the next model club meeting!

    And, your Magnum is starting to look great, Ken!

    All the Best!

  13. Patrick E added a post in a topic A look at the controversial Camaro wheels   

    I bought two of these Camaro kits, built one straight out of the box (and didn't bother to correct the wheels, as I felt that the kit was so bad that correcting the wheels wasn't worth the effort), and the second kit is about 1/2 completed as a conversion to what I think the proposed 2009 Monte Carlo (which is roomered to share the Camaro platform) may look like. With the conversion, I scratch-built a new hood that opens at the front of the car and is glued shut, so that I don't have to look at the "lump" that AMT calls an engine (it doesn't look anything like the LS6, let alone any small block Chevy mill - it looks more like a diesel engine block!).

    Revell/Monogram is supposed to have a Camaro out in 2007.