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  1. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic How Many Hours Per Week Do You Spend Modeling?   

    Maybe an hour or so a week, sometimes I will sit at the bench for a few hours if the weather is not so great.

    I do spent more time tinkering in the cold months (i.e non-fishing months)
  2. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic 2011 Le Mans recap   

    I want to say they had that funky car in the picture on Top Gear last season. They didn't drve it from what I remember, don't remember the name or manufacturer either ( possibly Renualt?).

    I only watched a few hours of the race, it was really good but the F1 qualifying came on and that comes first for me (favorite motorsport). But I do have the end of the race DVR'd and plan watching it later.
  3. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Our turn for bad weather   

    It has been a terrible season for sure. Living in northeast Oklahoma we see it every year, some mild and some extreme.

    It makes me cringe when I here of an outbreak in states that it is uncommon. Sad that there was a lose of lifes but thankfully it was as deadly as it could have been.

    Our prayers go out to the families and hope for a speedy recovery.
  4. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak   

    Are they R/C cars?

    Sorry, I am not familiar with HPI.

    Either way they look awesome!
  5. Evilmonkeyman added a topic in General   

    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak
    Has there ever been a kit offered for this monster?

    Even if not has any ever attempted to scratch build it or any other hill climb car? I did see some Escudo kits on eBay but not the race car.

    I have had a slight obsession with this car since Gran Tourismo 3 (what can I say, I am only 30 and a part of the "Nintendo" generation)
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  6. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic So... about the Canada Post...   

    I hope this doesn't effect my trade with forum member Dwanye!

    This was my first trade and first time shipping international, sent 3 kits and it cost me $40! But that was with Fedex but I think it would have been $30+ thru the post office.

    Still blows my mind that a 2.4lbs package costs that much to ship to Canada, not like it's crossing an ocean!
  7. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Dents   

    Truck looks great! I am going to try a technique with acrylics I found on this forum for the rust and weathering.

    I plan on my truck to be rotting away on the back side of the property, even going to try to make other retired farm equipment for the display sceen.
  8. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Dents   

    Thanks for the responses, I had thought about using my soldering iron to heat the plastic but a lighter would less of a hassle, thanks.

    The pie pan stuff is awesome! I can see using for a wreck but I am just "dinging" it up to capture rough life of a retired farm truck.
  9. Evilmonkeyman added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Does anyone have a good method for putting dents in the cars? I am doing a rusted out farm truck and need a good way to show some of the bumps and bruises it may have gotten while in use. The truck is the 1965 Chevy stepside and I always see dents in the doors, on the tops of the wheel wells.

    Any ideas?
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  10. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Chaparral 2D   

    I hadn't seen most of those pictures of the Daytona coupe!

    Even though I switched to the later model I still love seeing any pictures of the 2D, really any Chaparral. :-)
  11. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Chaparral 2D   

    I wish I had some progress to post, but I haven't touched it in a while. Between fishing and really wanting to wait for pictures so that I can get the detail right. Also came across a thread in the tips forum on weathering with acrylics has me starting a new build to pass the time.

    I will post more when this gets started back up.
  12. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Tamiya Porsche 910 WIP   

    Good question. I would try on a scratch piece, maybe spray on the yellow/brown color and when it is tacky but not wet use a stiff fan brush or coarse grit file to rake the pattern on and use a black wash. Nothing proven, just a thought off the top of my head.
  13. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic 1/8 outlaw 10.5 '82 camaro   

    Just curious if you used Dykem on the bottles?

    Made me smile seeing the set of 1-2-3 blocks sitting up there in the picture of the body.

    The build really is outrageous.

    I was more or less wondering if anyone had built a Can-Am or formula 1, really any road race car either scratch built or built from a kit, not the availability of a kit. Lord knows my wife would kill me if I spent $300+ on a kit!
  14. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic 1/8 outlaw 10.5 '82 camaro   

    This is the kind of build that got me back into the hobby.

    Fantastic work!

    I hope to do a Can-Am or some other race car in this scale and detail.
    Has there ever been anything 1/8 Formula 1 done?
  15. Evilmonkeyman added a post in a topic Chaparral 2D   

    Thanks Mike!

    Even though this is a later car, the detail shown around the weber carbs is nice. Not to mention that it is a gorgeous picture.

    I didn't get any work done, between the races on (Rolex sports car and WRC) and general weekend running around.

    I will post an update when I get some more progress done, I think I might finish the paint on the engine so that I can get the detail work started on it. I am kind of shuffling my feet waiting for some more pictures from Ron, going to sent him some pictures tomorrow I think.