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  1. So here’s what I got so far. Started the weathering got a few ink washes to lay on top. I’m building this as a tail dragged hence the stance. The weathering reminds me of a cowhide so I’m gonna do cowhide covered seats and still have to figure out a power plant might do that olds rocket from the 50 olds kit we will see. Thanks y’all ryan oh and I think my dog got into my models can’t be sure but she looks guilty.
  2. Nice work love that cabover what kit is that?
  3. Hey y’all I like the effort here. After a few weeks out of town for a death in the family I came home to a few smashed models not sure what happened but the 50 olds I started for this thread was busted up pretty good so I’m now gonna build a 47 Chevy coupe. Hope this one works. I’ll post some wip pictures soon. Keep it up and thanks y’all. Ryan
  4. All cool cars this should be fun
  5. Very nice build love that kit wish they would reissue it
  6. Hey y’all finally got this done. Just had a few little touches but haven’t had the time. I built this for Sam hope you like it. Sam it’s on it’s way.
  7. Well here’s my start. I’ve got to layers of my weathering. I’m gonna do one more layer of light grey primer using the white glue method and then do a few washes of black orange and yellow. Thanks y’all
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