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  1. Great idea, Gerry! I didn't realize that they had reissued this kit. The windshield I have now is just too blemished for contest display. I have used novus and future also but sometimes new is best. Thank you guys for your responses, they are greatly appreciated.
  2. Will buy or trade for it if you have one, mine came damaged beyond repair. Thanks! Email- ronrichard17 @gmail.com
  3. I just finished the engine build up; some poor alignment of pins and holes and "de-chromed" blemishes near attachment points. Still looks pretty good from a few feet away. I'm dreading the all- chrome frame. I'm going to substitute the thin plastic rear axle with a brass rod of similar thickness to give more strength to the rear frame assembly.
  4. While all of these are light years beyond my building skills, I still find them inspiring and motivational. Thanks for sharing your skills and photos in this most impressive array of eye candy.
  5. Love the color combo of both body and wheels. Great job! What brand/color of paint did you use?
  6. That interior looks so real. Nice work!
  7. I've started an '86 Monte Carlo and decided to use it as a guinea pig for the new Rustoleum colorshift paints. This is Galaxie blue. It looks more purple than blue but that's because it shifts so quickly in the light. it's really hard to capture how it looks with my camera but it really is a deep blue (at times). it lays down really smooth and reacts well with Rustoleum clear lacquer. The black basecoat is super important. I had one tiny speck about the size of a pinhead on the trunk where I wetsanded too agressively through the black lacquer and despite its miniscule size, it showed and required a re-do. I will definitely use this paint again. I'm a big fan of Rustoleum lacquers anyway. http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/ronr52/116_4841.jpg http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/ronr52/116_4843.jpg http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/ronr52/116_4844.jpg http://i1185.photobucket.com/albums/z354/ronr52/116_4843.jpg
  8. Very nice execution and quite realistic looking. I remember these as the units I feared most when first learning to drive in Mass. Paint work is excellent.
  9. I ended up getting both colors from Lowe's. Auto Zone also carries them but for way more money ($21)The Auto Zone display also had an empty slot for a Cosmic Red. Perhaps this will be a future offering. I just primered a Revell '86 Monte Carlo body and will be spraying the black lacquer undercoat later today if it ever stops raining. Thinking of going with the blue colorshift for this one. I hope to post a picture by the end of the weekend of my results. The spoon test did look really good after the clearcoat, dark and deep.
  10. Thanks for the info, Sjordon2. Even if incorrect I like the red and white but the black and gold would really stand out. I'll probably go that route. Thanks again!
  11. I have this kit. I bought it when it first came out and I've done nothing to it except to sand and prime the body, doors hood, and trunk and install the side window louvers. I don't want tp paint it white and that's what kept me from continuing because I thought the car was supposed to be white. Any other color suggestions that wouldn't be out of place on this style of Mustang?
  12. Great looking build, love the color!
  13. Wow, that paint's a little pricey but now I think I know what to ask for for Fathers Day!
  14. That paint looks awesome, but I haven't been able to find it locally. Who stocks this or is it strictly an online sales item? Thanks for the post.
  15. When the bread loaves have the square or rectangular plastic clips, I save them and use them as disposable body putty spreaders.
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