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  1. R2kWorx added a post in a topic Sand Paper?   

    I use a 2000 water one, use some liquid soap and scrub gently.

    I use the same one for models ,if you have a used one it is safe.
    This is my technique, please listen to others first.
  2. R2kWorx added a topic in Under Glass   

    Stingray `Vette-Monogram

    thanks for looking
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  3. R2kWorx added a post in a topic HELLo from Ramon-Malta   

    This is my last car for a friend before christmas.

  4. R2kWorx added a post in a topic HELLo from Ramon-Malta   

    And this was the hit in Europe, poor replies. Can I have your comments please and please.

    I have some of my works here www.ramtec2000.com
  5. R2kWorx added a post in a topic HELLo from Ramon-Malta   

    This is an engine that I am working on these last days.

    I asked in other forums were can I fit this engine??
  6. R2kWorx added a topic in General   

    HELLo from Ramon-Malta
    Hi to everybody, thanks to Jairus I found this forum and is very interesting to me. Well I am a builder of auto models too but got 65% of my works on 55feet dragstrips in slot racing 24. Well hope I am welcome here cause some other forums don`t even reply to me when they see some of my work.Maybe I can`t explain good my english and can be transmitted perfectly,but so far I am writing it.
    regards Ramon :arrow:
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