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  1. Mr.Bill added a post in a topic DIY paint booths...post what you are using!   

    I seen this on E-Bay the other day,
    Has anybody seen or used this unit(s)?

    I have done a little research on this unit but can not find much on it.


    Here is the Paasche Hobby Paint Booth,


    Thay look the same just wonder if thay same booth just renamed? Or a cheap clone?

    any thoughts or help!

  2. Mr.Bill added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    ok I have been trying to post a picture but with no luck. YET. I will not give up!

    I got a Revell '70 Mustang 2in1 I wanna build.


  3. Mr.Bill added a post in a topic 2013 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Hello All:

    I have been looker for about a year or so now. I have picked up a lot of pointers and tips.
    So I guess it's time for me to step outside and do something now.

    So with that being said I would also like to get in on this one!

    I am not sure what I will build but I will post pictures this weekend.
  4. Mr.Bill added a post in a topic any michigan model car builders   

    Anybody else around Clifford MI?