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  1. 2018 Camaro

    Mark Renaldo (mprmprmpr) will be offering Bubba Wallace very soon, I sent him a body for measurements last week. Thanks for your interest, Vernon
  2. 2018 Camaro

    here's some more pictures
  3. new 2018 toyota and camaro resins at SMH

    Body is based on the Chase Elliott SS kit, so this will be a direct swap for the SS chassis. Front and rear windows are a direct swap, while the side windows can be trimmed to fit. Hopefully Mikes decals will do some decals for these cars. Let me know how you like it when you get your order. Many thanks for your interest and feedback on this car. Thanks again, Vernon ........ If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  4. 2018 Camaro

    Thanks Gordon.....Keep an eye on SMH Hobbies website, they should on there very soon. Hope you're happy when you get your resin copy.
  5. 2018 Camaro

    Ok guys, Keep your eyes on SMH Hobbies (smhracing.com) for the arrival of this body. I know the caster is working on things right now and will have ready in the very near future. Not sure of the date yet, just keep checking the SMH website. Thanks to everyone for the feedback & views, I hope everyone will be happy with the final product. Vernon
  6. 2018 Camaro

    Thank you very much Jim, I will keep everyone posted. I tracked the master a few minutes ago and found it arrived at the resin caster today. I can tell you the resin caster does first class work and the seller is first class as well. I will pass on more information as the sale date gets closer Thanks again for the compliment.
  7. 2018 Camaro

    Coming very soon, 2018 NASCAR Camaro resin body & hood.....Expected within next three weeks. I won't be taking the orders myself, (I just made the master) but will post the seller closer to release time. This body was based on the current Revell Chase Elliott Chevy and will be a direct fit, only thing you'll need to do is fabricate the side windows, which can done with the kit windows. Use the front, rear & speedway windows from the kit. I'll keep everyone posted.
  8. Butch Leal questions

    Try speedcityresin.com, excellent first class castings & fast shipping.

    Just out of curiosity has there been any word from Revell about doing a 2018 NASCAR Camaro?
  10. buddy baker grey ghost olds

    Thanks Anthony.....Very informative. I can see where all my spare lunch money will go this year. I wish these guys a lot of success. At sixty years old my modeling dreams come true!
  11. buddy baker grey ghost olds

    Just saw this on rocketfin.com, Buddy Baker 1980 grey ghost NASCAR Olds by Salvinos JR models. Anyone have any knowledge on this??? website: salvinosjrmodels.com. Very interesting
  12. Resin 2017/18 Camry Nose And Hood

    $16.00 for the hood and nose
  13. Resin 2017/18 Camry Nose And Hood

    Just wanted to let everyone know Southern Motorsport Hobbies (smhracing.com) just got a resin nose & hood to convert the Harvick & Patrick 2016 Fusion to a Toyota Camry.
  14. Canadian resin casters or company's?

    Jeremy's resin is by far some of the best resin I've ever worked with. His service is second to none. I had the pleasure of talking with him a few weeks ago about the Challenger Hell Cat kit and was very impressed by his interest in the hobby and the products he offers and some upcoming kits he will be offering. Speaking of the Hell Cat, if you're MOPAR fan such as myself, spend a little of your lunch like I did and get one. You won't be disappointed! The shipping to the US is kept low by bulk shipping and will take a little longer but the wait is well worth it.
  15. California Custom Vette (Updated Pictures)

    Beautiful build Jim, love the paint. This is kit long over due for a re-release!!!