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  1. My build collection is 1/25, but can't find near as many 1/25 kits as 1/24. Sure revell has the 70 and Johan has some but where else can you find 1/25's.
  2. Looking for a resin supplier of this Johan body -- if any
  3. Is there a person that has made there own or copied the Johan version. They are getting very hard to find.
  4. Can I use a 68 Amt RR grille in a AMT 69 GTX. Going to make GTX look like RR.
  5. What I meant to ask - Will the AMT 69 gtx work as a RR replacement, with Harts part grille. Are the cars close enough to be the the same
  6. Thanks for the help gentlemen. I will keeps my eyes out for Johan bodies. What about the GTX, will the make a Roadrunner look alike with the Hart's grile.
  7. I would like to build a trio of roadrunners. AMT only offers a 68. Revell has a 69,70 but they are 1-24. My collection is 1-25. My other Mopars are also 1-25. Could I hear from Mopar fans about the difference between the the 3 years. Where to get parts and anything I should know.
  8. Got anything to say about the kits available. 1970 Dirty Donnie, 1967 Drag-on Lady, 1967 Revell, 1970 MPC. Foose 67 I know some older kits are out there but here's a few. I asume Foose can be built stock.
  9. Are these kits different or the same. I like to build 1 of each year - but not if they are same
  10. Whats going to happen to all the promo rebuilding when they go out ?? I am not sure weather to by any more if you can't get parts any longer.
  11. I know it, a 53 (last year for flathead) but what is you guys take on Lindberg's flathead. I know it was a good builder but I don't know how you experts like it. Love that 53 Ford kit.
  12. I am looking for info for building C2 corvette models. Amt, revell and mpc. I want to build each year if possible. I know I can just get available kits but I am wondering.. The 67 Revell kit appears to be the only full chassis kit readily available and relitivly cheap. Sure their are others but at getting at least 4, it's easier. Knowing it's 1:25 like will the chassis from 67 Revell work under Amt or Mpc bodies. 1963 Easy split window and conv 1964 not so easy 1965 not so easy Monogram has 1:24 I did buy a 1:25 from Stingray (TV show)Revell 1966 not so easy 1967 Revell fastback and conv Mpc has some fastbacks but I want stock not dragstrip There are many diff vettes made for various years but not really affordable $50 or higher Is the 67 revell chassis good enough to represent all years
  13. I have done a little more work,mostly sanding, smoothing and surround around grille. Getting ready for next thin coat of primer. I usually do this 2 or 3 time to work out all the scratches and marks I left in the body - LOL. All one color lets me see the imperfections. Looks I will these tires and rims
  14. Thanks for all the compliments guys So far (LOL not painted yet) this has been really fun. Stupid me I found out where the hockey sticks came from - 1955 Pontiac - I did'nt know !!! Bear with me this build could take awhile. I don't have the paint I have to order it. Hope to go with Brandywine candy from HOK. Like the pics, Maybe Candy apple red. On to the grille. I have scratch built a little something. I could not find anything I like in my small stash of stuff, I used .047 music wire and bent each piece a little diff I made the retainers for the wire from styene. I will trim the retainers away and glue the tubes in when all done.
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