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  1. Ridgley added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    It's actually Teal in color..my phone pics aren't very well.
  2. Ridgley added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    Just wanted to share a quick pic of one I just threw together, I just had to see what one looked like
  3. Ridgley added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    Haven't been on in quite awhile so I will have to get back in the saddle and finish some of my own projects. Love that the lx coupe should be out springtime,I will definitely be buying a case of them for various builds. I'm gonna go back thru the pages to look at some of ya'lls work...Ridgley
  4. Ridgley added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    Cool, I think I just might. Gonna be hard to pick something from my stash, as all of us Fox-bodies fellas always seem to have more than one actual car and probably more than anyone's share of the miniatures as well. Not enough time to track down all the parts I'd want, so probably build something right outta the box.
  5. Ridgley added a post in a topic Fox Chassis (Ford) community build anyone?   

    Guys, I must say it took me until now to look at all the posts on this and all I can say is, WOW. I wish I had gotten on this site a year ago to get in on the community build myself. I'll be building several anyway. The Futura is REALLY cool and if it does go into production I would definitely be in on a couple. I am glad to see soo many others interested in building my most beloved car (ANY FOX_MUSTANG 79-93) and wanting to do it accurately. I can not wait until Revell unleashes a coupe, no matter what scale or year as long as it is well represented. Keep up the builds and I'll get to mine so we can all share picturs and stories of the car we love...Ridgley
  6. Ridgley added a post in a topic Anybody from Wild Wonderful West Virginia??   

    Originally , but transplanted to Tennessee . Born in Terra Alta,WV. Preston County
  7. Ridgley added a post in a topic Anyone from Middle TN?   

    Yeah, I'm kind of a hermit sometimes.I've lived in this house alittle over a year and still only know a few neighbors. I keep to myself moslty, except when Mustangs are around. My job usually leaves me some downtime during the year at different times, but lately ALot. Just looking to get back into something I used to enjoy...Ridgley
  8. Ridgley added a post in a topic Anyone from Middle TN?   

    Well, that's 3 of us in close proximity. Looks like we'll have to start getting together and share some builds. I live jsut up from the BP in Westmoreland, ther are usually several Mustangs parked out in front of my house/garage. Stop by and bring some plastic...Ridgley
  9. Ridgley added a post in a topic Anyone from Middle TN?   

    I live on Old 31E, probably been by here a time or 2. Currently not working, so I am home most of the time. Stop by sometime, just like to talk and hang out wwith some fellow modelers. Haven't built in quite awhile,and have a thinned down collection. I like building mostly factory stock muscle cars, but when it comes to plastic, I'll build almost anything automotive. Look forward to meeting you sometime. If ya pm me I'll leave my home phone, so you can give me a call...Ridgley
  10. Ridgley added a topic in General   

    Anyone from Middle TN?
    Just looking to see if there are some other modelers on here from Middle Tn. I haven't been building in several years, just collecting.Anyway just wanted to try and get to meet some people with the same interests....Ridgley
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  11. Ridgley added a post in a topic Building a blown hemi?   

    Opened my mouth without totally looking first. An already supercharged, DOHC HEMI, with twin turbos??? Torque would not only be INSTANT, but UNIMAGINABLE. AS for the turbos, the top end run would probably wind up like a space shuttle that fell over on the launchpad, and forget about trying to steer it. However , I'd like to see the chassis this monstrosity would reside in.
  12. Ridgley added a post in a topic Building a blown hemi?   

    To: DIYMIRAGE- Dude that would be one scary ride. A twin turbo HEMI..Got nuthin else to say
  13. Ridgley added a post in a topic Mustang LX coupe   

    I seen the Morgan car on Ebay, but haven't aquired one as of yet. As for the reliable resin car I would like to see one firsthand. I haven't even tried to purchase one for myself. I know a good friend of mine bought one on Ebay over a year ago and has still not gotten it. I've read some good stuff on them and some bad, so I'll keep my money till I can put my hands on one in person. I've tried to contact them through their website, but it seems to be down or something. Anyway just love to see one in kit form on the shelf therefore I know woulde be readily available at anytime I want to build. Keep the information coming. Thanx...Ridgley
  14. Ridgley added a post in a topic Mustang LX coupe   

    That sounds great to me. The sooner the better, but I understand that some time will be needed to get it right. After all ,that is what we are all looking for. I can't wait to build several,and I mean several for myself. And with any kind of "aftermarket" parts, the possibilities will be endless for me. I can start with doing a bone stock build or replicate a mid 8 second street car. I HOPE and PRAY that they will do BOTH a coupe and hatch, and that they will be well represented in either scale. Maybe later on I'd like to see an 85/86 gt. I had seen the post earlier and would LOVE for this one to come true also. My 2 most beloved automobiles coming to life an 86gt and 87-93 coupe. And if they want to use any cars for measurements and soforth, all they gotta do is call. I'll post a couple pics of my cars, both big and small, as soon as I figure out how to resize them. Hope to get building SOON...Ridgley
  15. Ridgley added a post in a topic Mustang LX coupe   

    new to the forum here, but this is what I have been looking/waiting for,for some time. I am a diehard Fox-body mustang fan and have been building models for about 25 years. I am no scratch builder and can only work with what I have. I have owned and still own several real cars and models (including resin) of just about every variety. I bought the All American coupes and hatches when they came out in the early 90's and was never pleased with either attempt they made. I actually have several of the AFXnscale resin cars, but they are just copies of the All American rejects. I would definitely buy several maybe even several cases if they do actually turn a decent one out. There could be sooo many different combos I would like to build. Although I think I would rather have the car in 1/24th scale. the 1/25th's were just so funky to put together and sat too high and not nearly enough detail in chassis or interior. I know the Monogram cars were all wrong, but at least you could see it. That's just my opinion. Still I eagerly await an at least GOOD Mustang COUPE and would still like to do a decent hatch version