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  1. Auto quiz 401 - Finished

    I believe Beatle Ringo also owned one at some stage.
  2. Auto quiz 401 - Finished

    Got the make straight off, but it took a bit of a search to get the right model and year We'll see if I'm one the the ones to get it right.
  3. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    Let me research this in my book on these. I'll get back to you.
  4. Ah, if only I still lived in Doubleview, I'd be there but, alas, I'm in Port Stephens these days, so it's geographically a little difficult.
  5. Hello from the Netherlands

    Welkom Hermann, van een andere Nederlander vanuit Australiƫ.
  6. CBR 2018 - Packard powered Jag.- DONE

    Love it. Great work.
  7. Autoquiz 371 - Finished

    I've taken a guess at this one. Interesting.
  8. Bentley

    I have the Heller kit, only partially built at this stage. As usual, other things have got in the way. I think it's a nicely detailed kit. Might make it my next project to finish once I get one top of my current Jaguar Mk2 project. Just one thing to remember for anyone building these, you'll notice in the image a couple of posts back that from the bonnet (or hood for our US friends) back, the finish is flat or satin, and not glossy. I believe they were all like that originally.
  9. Autoquiz 369 -Finished

    I think I have an idea I might know this one. Rather obscure, for sure. PM sent.
  10. Love it! Very nice work.
  11. Modeler Survey

  12. Fantastic build of a great looking car. You did a much better job than I would ever do. Excellent photography too. Contrary to what is generally said at present, the original kit was not released in 1973, but 2 or 3 years earlier. I built the original one before 1973, as I moved from NZ to Australia in Feb 1973, and the kit was finished well before that.
  13. Real or Model #236 FINISHED!

    Another vote for real. The shadows under the car just don't talk model to me.
  14. Auto ID #180 Finished

    Got it, but my lips are sealed !