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  1. Ugly doesn't even begin to describe it. No idea what it is.
  2. Whatever it is, my garage isn't long enough to house this ugly monstrosity.
  3. Will follow this, as I'm currently working on the exact same kit. Mine will be in Arctic White, but backdated to a 1963 model, as I'm building mine as my very first car. The seats in mine were a deep red with cream on the sides and backs. The kit hubcaps are the later flat type, but the hubcaps on the 1963 were still the deep dish ones, which I have on hand, salvaged from a diecast model I improved for a friend of mine some years ago.
  4. I believe Beatle Ringo also owned one at some stage.
  5. Got the make straight off, but it took a bit of a search to get the right model and year We'll see if I'm one the the ones to get it right.
  6. Let me research this in my book on these. I'll get back to you.
  7. Ah, if only I still lived in Doubleview, I'd be there but, alas, I'm in Port Stephens these days, so it's geographically a little difficult.
  8. Welkom Hermann, van een andere Nederlander vanuit Australiƫ.
  9. I've taken a guess at this one. Interesting.
  10. I have the Heller kit, only partially built at this stage. As usual, other things have got in the way. I think it's a nicely detailed kit. Might make it my next project to finish once I get one top of my current Jaguar Mk2 project. Just one thing to remember for anyone building these, you'll notice in the image a couple of posts back that from the bonnet (or hood for our US friends) back, the finish is flat or satin, and not glossy. I believe they were all like that originally.
  11. I think I have an idea I might know this one. Rather obscure, for sure. PM sent.
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