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  1. Thanks Guys. Enjoyed it so much got another two in progress. One totally rat rod with heavy Z frame and Caddy Motor the other pretty much a hot rod with big blown Chevy motor and big Fatties in the rear. Joe
  2. joe porche

    29 Model A

    Nailled it. Great build and I love all the extras.
  3. Just finished this up yesterday. Revell 29 High boy this time. Add MAD distributor and MSD box. Chopped the glass down about 4 scale inches. Changed the routing of the exhaust pipes coming off the headers to avoid the mechanical bind under the chassis. Done up in So-Cal colors for upcomng So-Cal model contest in Las Vegas.
  4. Welcome to the boards fellow modeler. Joe Porche'
  5. Welcome Back Bro. Have family in Sulfur and Lake Charles. Great, Great, Great something or another setteled that area back in the 1700s. Bunch of them burried in the cemetary right off the 10 in Sulfur. Joe Porche'
  6. Here is a picture of someone elses 29 which shows the issue with the exhaust pretty well.
  7. Following the kit instructions the muffler/glss packs are located directly above the rear trailing arms which in real life would create a mechanical bind. Whenever the rear end of the vehicle compresses the trailing arms would come in contact with the Mufflers. When you assemble the rear exhaust system per instructions this becomes very apparent. Check some of the photos from some of the other 29 builds on this board and you will see. Photos later as to the fix I attempted. Joe
  8. Built a channeled version already going fro the hi-boy this time. Will also try to address the issue with the exhaust system by moving the mufflers in parrellel to the drive line and running the exhaust connector pipes under the transmission/trailing arm mounting location. wish me luck.
  9. Harry P. Fingernail polish sprayed with airbrush using reducer for thiner. 80 cents a bottle at Big Lots. Joe
  10. Tom, your right I need to fill those holes up ASAP. Already filled on the next one which I will use the hokey exhaust on but I'm moving the glass packs Inboard parellel to the drive shaft. I will route the exhaust pipes (using solder) through the gap next to the transmission mount/trailer arm mount. Thanks for the kind words guys. Joe
  11. Very nice build. Love the rootbeer color. Keep them coming. Joe Porche'
  12. Finished this up back on the 29th of September. Enjoyed the build. Didn't care too much for the hokey exhaust so made a little modification by cutting off where the exhaust extentions ran under the cab. Stripped the chrome and re shot the headers with Tamiya X-1 black and then Alclad II chrome. Airbrushed a little clear yellow and blue on to give it a heat stained look. Added a MAD distributor and home made coil. Carefull with the fit of the radiator hoses too, the lower one dosen't quite fit around the belt drive as advertised. Next one of these I'm using aftermartket hose. Enjoy. Joe Porche
  13. Well I've been busy the last few years building lots of model and managing a club and contest but I wanted to return to the model car magazine forum as a regular contributor. Thanks Gregg for having me and helping IPMS Las Vegas out with theie Best of the West contest every year. 2016 stands to be a banner year for IPMS Las Vegas as we move again to a new venue, The Orleans Hotel and Casino. I hope that this is our last move for the forseable future. It looks to be a strong location for a good show with a little over 7500 square feet for contest and vendors. Our sister club IPMS Red Flag just hosted their first contest and it was an overwelming success with 52 Entrants and 240 models entered. Each year fully 50% of our entries are automobiles well surpasing what is normal for an IPMS show... Shows what a strong contengent of car modelers we have here in Las Vegas. Anyways, glad to be back. Joe Porche' attached find my recently completed Revell 29 Ford Model A
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