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  1. the swashplate compressor came out in 63 my caddy is all original 41 k miles
  2. the engine block is the same basicaly just motor mount posistion is been changed.as posted use the 71 duster street machine engine parts with the block from monogram challenger t/a and you can build what you need
  3. i would buy two 93 dakotas full resin kit.. then i could build a copy of my 91 factory convertiable
  4. a 93 dodge dakota would be better for me if you could make it. there is no first gen style dakota kits at all
  5. there is a resin one available but needs a little work
  6. can anyone tell me what size bolt and nut to get from rb motion for truck wheels. saw a post here before but cant find it..thanks
  7. i was enterd in the show and what they say is that was the last show from now on will be a swap meet instead...who knows
  8. for the amount of time i was there it was great ..cant wait till next year
  9. again if i could have stayed ther would have been 8 more trucks there
  10. i want 3 when ready.. oh and have a good vacation safe trip to florida..
  11. yeah wish i could have stayed for the whole show but the snow s.;''/.ked and i had a 5 1/2 hour drive back home so i didnt chance it.. but was nice to meet kj and pic up some parts from him. and parts from gw trucks
  12. yes i got to see it also and i will take 3 now. wish i could have stayed at the show today but 5 1/2 hour drive in the snow .. had to leave early..
  13. im gonna make the 5 hour trip just to help support..i will bring 4 trucks
  14. the tires are real nice i have 10 sets and i have a pic of the new pete hood
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