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  1. slyder added a post in a topic G&J - Tube chasis help   

    Jairus thanks for the info and the pics .
    now i have a much better starting place and an idea of where to start.
    I sure do appreciate the help
    wilde bill jones
  2. slyder added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    G&J - Tube chasis help
    G&J let me start off by saying I really like your forum.
    can you please tell me where i might be able to find drawings on how to measure and build a tube chasis for a promod. i have asked at other sites
    and i get no reply or they tell me check out some ref. pages. whitch is sound advice but that only gets me so far. i have been building models on and off for 30 yrs but only stock . i'm ready to move in a new direction. I will deeply appreciate any advice..
    slyder 8)
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