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  1. jeffbrad added a post in a topic 1966 GTO   

    Olds version was the DRCE. Warren Johnson did a lot of the development work on it
  2. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Scratch Built 1958 Mercedes-Benz LP 333 Twin Steer Truck aka "Tausendfüssler"   

    Pure Genius. congratulations
  3. jeffbrad added a post in a topic International 4070 Transtar   

    They always were good looking trucks but they weren't the most pleasant things to live in. Company I worked for ran teams and those guys were miserable.
  4. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Best source for Ford - SOHC +/or modern Coyote motor   

    Not so sure about the new stuff but if you're looking for old school sohc , the Ohio George Willys has a very good supercharged one and the AMT 67 Mustang has a decent carbed one 
  5. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Hake Rigging Euclid   

    The Euclid stuff from back then ran Detroits due to the GM ownership. They used the 6 110's in the dozers and scrapers and off road dumps. Not sure about that 8x4. Never seen one but it sure is cool. If it has 2 engines side by side they're probably 671's. They did build a power unit that had 2 of them side by side. P.S. Did some digging and they were available with either Cummins or Detroits although the Detroits were more common after GM bought Euclid in 1953.
  6. jeffbrad added a post in a topic What's Coming in 2016?   

    What all did Monogram do in 1/8? Weren't there some street rods? I think I remember doing one when I was a kid that had a Pontiac engine. I did one of the IROC's back in the 90's
  7. jeffbrad added a post in a topic More slicks!   

    The deal on the 56 sedan deliveries was the transmission. They were classed as trucks and NHRA let them run the 4 speed hydro when the cars had to either run a 3 speed or powerglide. I think John Dianna's car ran the 2 4barrel 265 with the hydro. There was another east coast car that  was sponsored by YOO HOO chocolate drink but I cannot recall who drove that one. The powerglide was a door stop until Marv Ripes from California figured it out in the early 70's. Fuel injection and the 4 speed manual didn't come until 57. Looked it up, the yoohoo car was run by the Jesel brothers who went on to make their fortune manufacturing valve train components
  8. jeffbrad added a post in a topic More slicks!   

    Totally correct on the Caslers, they were THE tires to have on the stockers and super stockers. Think I remember they branched out into headers in the 70's
  9. jeffbrad added a post in a topic AMT's 41 Plymouth kit   

    Whatever you want it to be, they're the same externally.
  10. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Moebius ' 54 Hornet update 10/31 Chassis finished   

    Well done. Totally agree on the foiling. I did one of the 53's couple yrs ago. Seemed like it took a week to foil it. I put a Ford motor out of the AMT 60 in mine. Still have the Hudson 6 sitting here. Thinking of doing a rat rod with the new 29 and using it in that
  11. jeffbrad added a post in a topic 1948 Divco   

    Ron Cash, there's a name I haven't heard for a while. Met him back in the early 90's at a shop in Barberton Ohio. Very nice guy and he did killer stuff. Died way too soon. Would be very interesting to see what he'd be up to now 20 years later.
  12. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Painting Exhaust systems and transmissions???   

    not building it stock but thanks for the info. kind of a bash between the 2 kits. using stock engine but suspension and exhaust from custom. going to use engine from custom in the Revell hydro I'm doing next 
  13. jeffbrad added a post in a topic Bottled Flat Aluiminum Paint - Suggestions?   

    I'm another one who brushes metalizers. Works fine, just usually takes a couple coats. As for mixing, I always drop a couple bb's in a new bottle. Kinda stirs while shaking lol. Just don't use steel bb's in acrylic paints. Don't ask how I know