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  1. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Some old builds   

    Sorry in advance if I have put to many pics up,and sorry about the i phone quality.

    This is my collection,mostly diecast

    And my pride and joy (this one I actually drive)

  2. PTEAZA added a topic in Under Glass   

    Some old builds
    All of these builds except the paddy wagon is well over 10 years old.
    The Paddy Wagon I think is about 8 years.

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  3. PTEAZA added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    My U.S inspired Pete
    I've been looking alot at the trucks in the U.S and I have to admit the Peterbilt show trucks have really grabbed my attension.
    The chassis is Chrysler Cranberry pearl,and the cab will be a mix of the Cranberry and Chrysler bright silver metalic.

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  4. PTEAZA added a post in a topic AMT50 Chevy Rat-Dubbed QCUMMBER   

    Thats ORSAM
  5. PTEAZA added a post in a topic 41 chevy ratrod pickup   

    This is the sort of thing I'd love to have sitting in my drive
  6. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Custom Chevy Truck up date 2/25   

  7. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Single Axle Autocar A 7564T   

    That is a cool old truck,never seen one in Aus so I'm guessing we never had them.
  8. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Tamiya 66 Bug - FINISHED   

    That is nice work.
  9. PTEAZA added a post in a topic '32 Ford roadster   

    Very nice,Ive been thinking about doing a rat rod.
  10. PTEAZA added a post in a topic White Road Boss   

    Great work,nice and clean.
  11. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Dave's Kustom city is open   

    Very nice indeed.
  12. PTEAZA added a post in a topic New body/engine shop WIP.   

    Talk about taking it to a new level,this is nice work.Can't wait to see more.
  13. PTEAZA added a post in a topic Second hand Engine for sale! Vignette   

    Nice job,Icould learn alot from this.
  14. PTEAZA added a post in a topic My first diorama   

    Thanks,Its been fun doing this,Ive still got some more detail to add,there will be a block and tackle hanging from the beam and a few more parts up staires.

  15. PTEAZA added a topic in Dioramas   

    My first diorama
    Hi all this is my first go at a diorama,Ive used die cast 1/18 as diecast is the only way of getting an Aussie R/T charger.
    The PT ute is one I made up from a normal model complete with a Pteazer bonnet.

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