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  1. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic happy birthday   

    I agree with that.
    But if you were 150 you be glad someone remembed..even if 2 weeks late.
  2. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic happy birthday   

    umm...Was on local news as today. what can i say.
    Question still stands though!
  3. ratrodder51 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    happy birthday
    A birthday shout out to Henry Ford. Would have been 150 years old today.
    Now the question for today is.... where would we be today without him?
    Think about it!
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  4. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic looking to build "55" Ford   

    Have '55 grille if you want covert a '56.....Woody
  5. ratrodder51 added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    heard from?
    Has anyone been in touch with mike..aka a/gass.Havent heard from him in months. Plz contact me if you have... Thx Woody
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  6. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    new product from dawn. it is called power dissolver. strips even the toughest of testors paints. chrome in seconds. is safe to handle & environmentally friendly. can get at Mejier and at Walmart. give it a try. Woody
  7. ratrodder51 added a topic in General   

    paying it forward
    I want to thank everybody who is sent me parts and who did not want anything in return. had posted the concept of paying it forward on the SAE website, and had the posting pulled. apparently the subject was much too radical for there Neanderthal thinking! so I just want to, say thank you again to everyone.... Woody
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  8. ratrodder51 added a topic in General   

    shout out to greg
    while many may complain about the site problems yours is heads and shouldes above the competitions website! this one seems quite organized, in comparison. other is too confusing to navagate through. well I could rant and rave as many others do.... I would have to say job well done! just my two cents worth. thanks Greg!.... Woody
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  9. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic green frog tape   

    Thx for the replys. Will look for yellow frog tape. Was hard finding green..maybe this is easer to find. Woody
  10. ratrodder51 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    green frog tape
    Does frog tape work as they claim? Does it work better if wetted first?
    Has anyone tried it .
    Thx... Woody
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  11. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic food and supplies   

    You should donate to good nonprofet org. Sure there is one near you. People who do this day in & day out. Worked for forgotten harvest. Picking up food..donated goods with a fleet of 25' refer trucks. I worked proudly for them 3 yrs. Iknow they are putting a trailer of food to go down there now. So give anyway you can.
  12. ratrodder51 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    food and supplies
    send food and supplies through your local charities. in Detroit area we have forgotton harvest .. collecting anything that people may need everyday. can goods and anything that could be eaten easily. personal hygiene supplies clothes Ect.
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  13. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic God be with our friends and families in Oklahoma   

    I want to send, my thoughts and prayers to all the victims. unbelievable! 30 square miles of destruction.
  14. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic how is your memory?   

    Yes it was said to his dad. Was put out in late 60's. First hint: red ,with straight axle. More hints to follow.
  15. ratrodder51 added a post in a topic wheres my posts?   

    Am sorry. When i was looking for it, the post was moved& i could not find it. Didn't know where else to post. Am sorry everybody was new to this at one time.