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  1. Like Steve and Brian, I added rubber. Two little pieces of heat shrink tubing shrunk onto the tips.
  2. Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Chuck! I'm not sure a lot of folks would want to steal this car anyway, it's not exactly Eleanor.😁 Thanks, Bill! Thanks, Bruce!
  3. Wow! Two different guys with red '60 Valiant 3 speeds. That resin kit looks exactly like the one I built, except for the RHD, and mine was plastic. FWIW, I found it on the 'bay for way less than 100 bucks, in pretty good shape. Never painted, glass in pretty good shape, no parts missing. It did need re-chroming (SpazStix). If you keep looking, there may be another one.
  4. Do you expect us to believe actual physical evidence? I saw on the internet that masking tape always works just fine, so you must be wrong. (sarcasm) Thanks for doing this, Kurt. I would never have used tape for the applications you mentioned, but hopefully you'll save somebody some grief. Now you can clean your window!😁
  5. Thanks, Chris! Thanks, David! This is just a basic screw bottom kit, but I think it came out OK. Your friend and my buddy, are you sure we're not talking about the same guy? How many can there be?😁
  6. Very nice! Your diorama skills are awesome too.
  7. Hey, you're only supposed to post model cars on here! Seriously, I scrolled thru several pictures waiting for a pic of the model, thinking I was seeing a 1:1. Beautifully done and great photography!
  8. Thanks Glen, you've got the early '60s lingo down.😊 Thanks, Scott!
  9. This one is for a buddy for Christmas. His story is that he took a date to the drag races in this car. As he was getting ready to leave after the races, the shifter broke off. Fortunately, he had some buddies who were racing, and one loaned him some vise grips so he could get home. He says he never dated that girl again. He also said the chrome lug nuts made him really cool in Iowa in the early '60s. Many thanks to "MisterNNL" who provided the vise grips. Thanks, Tom! Is this a great forum or what? P.S. Sorry about the six lug wheels, they were the only ones I had that fit the tires. They came from the Revell '64 Fairlane kit. What's up with that?
  10. Farmers! PFFFFT! They're just a drag on the economy. All they do is pollute the air with all that diesel they burn! Everybody knows that food comes from the grocery store. (Sarcasm)
  11. That is an excellent idea! There is definitely a filter on the intake side, and who knows what's in the water trap on the output side. Thanks!
  12. So I got the fur, and other assorted scuzz, out of the brush. Works much better. Thanks, guys!
  13. This is sort of my general purpose brush, so it shoots most everything. Flats, solids, metallics, whatever. Mostly enamels and some lacquers tho. I have another brush I use for water based stuff. I'm getting a lot of old paint out of it. Hopefully, when I'm done scrubbing, I'll give it a shot of compressed air and that will get rid of the fur too.
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