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  1. Thanks, Ralph! Thanks, Cliff! Thanks, Scott! Thanks, Atin! And thanks for the comment. I understand what you're saying. It can be a trade off between getting the depth of color that you want and losing the flake. This one is on the borderline. The flake in the gold is rather fine to start with (they call it "Sparklescent" rather than metal flake), but you can still see it in the right light.
  2. Thanks, Steve! Those are the AMT pre-printed tires. Makes it easy.
  3. Thanks, Dave! Thanks, Chris!
  4. Thanks, David! Those are the kit wheels, but had to be narrowed a bit to fit these tires.
  5. Thanks, Bo! Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Keith!
  6. One more vote for that paint. It looks amazing!
  7. Thanks, Jim. I've been at it a long time. There's always more to learn.
  8. Thanks, Jim! Thanks, William! Thanks, Gene!
  9. Thanks, Seth! Thanks, Larry! Thanks, JC! Thanks, David! Thanks, Mark!
  10. Thanks, Rich! Thanks, Ray! Thanks, Snake! Thanks, Larry! Thanks, John! Thanks, Craig!
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