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  1. I think that one was Duplicolor "Perfect Match" clear, but almost any clear will work. BTW, I think "Wicked" is also made by Createx, but might be easier to use since it is not intended for 1:1 automotive use.
  2. I have sprayed a fair amount of Auto Air, with pretty good results. There is a bit of a learning curve, and I suggest you download the "Hard Surface Application Guide" from their website. Some of their colors require adding a "balancing clear" before thinning, and others do not. I also use their thinner. They have some amazing colors, especially in the pearls and metallics. Good luck and have fun! This Ford was painted with one of their "Sparklescent" colors.
  3. X2. Taklon seems to give the best finish with acrylic paints, and seem to hold up better to washing with water. Also, load your brush so you can get full coverage in one stroke, if possible. For larger surfaces use a larger brush. The more you brush it, the more brush strokes you will have. Most paints will self level if left alone.
  4. That is nice. Everything is clean and sharp. Excellent craftsmanship!
  5. OK, because inquiring minds want to know... I read thru the whole brochure. Nowhere does it say what "pla" means.
  6. I just noticed that the tube of glue says "15 cent size". How times have changed! It looks like it could be used, but I think I'll keep it as is.
  7. I have always built both. I am an airplane nut as well as a car nut. I don't build aircraft to the level of detail and accuracy that real aircraft modellers do, just shelf models. Then again, I don't build cars to the level that real car modellers do either. I like having an aircraft and a car going at the same time. It gives me something to do while paint/glue is drying, and I don't get confused about what parts go with what.
  8. I'm starting on an original issue of the Monogram 1/72 B-52. I found this inside, thought some of you might be interested.
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