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  1. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    You're doing a great job! The detail work is excellent and the weathering looks good. Cool concept and well executed. Truck on!
  2. Unimog

    Thanks, Keith! Thanks, Peter! Thanks, Jim!
  3. Unimog

    Thanks, Carl! Thanks, Chris!
  4. Unimog

    Thanks, Jonathan!
  5. Unimog

    That's an amusing picture, bouncing it like a basketball! After your comment, I was thinking about adding a load of gravel, but your steel plate idea is interesting too.
  6. Unimog

    Thanks Dan! This kit can be built without the plow and salt spreader. Then you would have a plow and spreader for some other vehicle. There are a couple of strange things about this kit. It has a nice engine, but no fan or radiator. There is also no "glass" for the back window. The hood doesn't open, so I didn't worry about the radiator. A piece of clear from a blister pack made a back window.
  7. This kit: I wasn't crazy about the salt spreader, so I chose some "junk in the trunk". Here's the interior... and what it looks like without the plow.
  8. Unimog

    Thanks Mike, I bet they were really front heavy with that plow on there. I'll ponder on how to add some ballast. I finally figured out Fotki, so I put up a thread in Under Glass.
  9. Unimog

    I'm using this thread as a test to figure out how to work Fotki. I will post an "Under Glass" thread when I get it working.
  10. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    Somebody mentioned that the sound system in the Tesla is playing a continuous loop of David Bowie's "Space Oddity"'. Of course, nobody can hear it. "Ground control to Major Tom....."
  11. 12 years ago??That's crazy

    I'm a relative newbie at 2011, but I've enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot. This is a great place.
  12. 1/25 scale tie downs

    Stumbled on these the other day, I've never bought or used any. Kinda pricey, and maybe a chore to assemble, but maybe it will work for you. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xphoto+etch+tie+down+straps.TRS0&_nkw=photo+etch+tie+down+straps&_sacat=0&_oac=1
  13. Is Wet/Dry sandpaper available larger than 9x11?

    I also use sandpaper and glass for sharpening. I use a spray craft adhesive. Be sure to get the "removable" or "temporary" kind. I use 3/8" plate glass, but laminated or tempered would be safer. For your purpose, 1/4" would probably be fine. Laminated is usually cheaper, and tempered has a longer lead time, as it must be cut and then tempered. Either way, get ground or polished edges for safety. Corian should be available from custom countertop makers. The sink cut-outs are basically scrap. The 3/4" thickness would be preferable, as the 1/2" sometimes warps. The 1/2" would be OK, if you can get a flat piece, and store it flat, it will probably stay flat. It can be cut and shaped with regular woodworking tools.
  14. Small World...

    Use it as an excuse to track down your old friend. Find him and tell him the story. Should make for an interesting conversation.
  15. Thinning testors enamel paint?

    I don't know why my experience is different than some others, but I have never had a problem brushing enamels straight from the bottle. They do take some time to dry, a half hour or more, but they always dry completely. As they begin to thicken up with age, a little enamel thinner will bring them back. The most important thing is to make sure you stir them thoroughly every time before using. Both Tamiya and Testors acrylics also work well. Some colors may not cover as well as enamels. I suggest you experiment with different paints as you go along. I use both enamels and acrylics.