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  1. I was thinking about the OP, but if it applies to you as well, it's all good. After looking at the Lindberg kit, the grille is very different from the one Claude shows above. Also, now I think about it, isn't the Lindberg kit 1/24?
  2. Snake, I have 7 blank VHS tapes, they're yours if you want them.
  3. I notice his/her ear has been "tipped". That is how they mark cats after TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Sympathetic people catch feral cats, have them vetted and neutered, and return them to their "home". It's great that you're giving some care here. Your friend has probably lived outside most of their life, so if you can provide a little shelter, they should be fine outside for the winter. Thanks for helping out.
  4. How is the quality on those Star Models kits? I am definitely interested in the '56 Chevy.
  5. Wow! I got a rocket ship! Thanks for all your hard work, Dave.
  6. The Tamiya Lotus Europa has an engine and detail and is a very nice kit.
  7. That's a surprise! I just assumed it was from the Groucho Marx character in "Animal Crackers". I guess I am old!
  8. I wonder if there are many people of every age group that have never created anything. If so, I feel sorry for them. There is a great satisfaction that comes from making something on your own. Even something created in the virtual realm would take some mental skill. I personally have a need to make something with my hands, I've been that way all my life. It would be a shame if the effort=pride/satisfaction equation went missing.
  9. Thanks for offering, Kevin! I've accepted Tom's offer, but I'll keep you in mind, and if you ever need anything, just let me know.
  10. Kit Basher

    Vise grips

    I'm looking for 1/24-25 scale vise grips. I understand they are in the Revell '53 and '54 Chevys. I will happily trade for them, either parts for parts or a whole kit for kit. If you want to trade kits, I would prefer the '54 panel, but I'm not fussy. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Patrick. Yeah, it looks like the same sprue is in the '53 sedan and the '54 panel. I wonder if it is in the gasser versions of those kits. Thanks David! I thought I responded to your post a couple of days ago, but it looks like my reply never posted. The way my buddy told the story it sounded like it was a floor shift. His was also a red 4 door.
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