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  1. 1968 Firebird..Tim Boyd inspired

    Very nice!
  2. 1970 Road Runner

    Another nice one, Jim!
  3. Bulk spark plug wires

    https://www.micronmeters.com/product/miniature-insulated-wire-34-awg-uaa-uba I believe they have a 50 foot minimum. There are several colors, and they have 32 AWG as well. 34 AWG works perfectly with R&M of MD pre-drilled distributor caps.
  4. Bulk spark plug wires

    I use 34 AWG insulated wire, but if you want 30 AWG insulated, I got six rolls: 2 red, 2 black, 2 aluminum, at Dollar Tree for $1.
  5. 1961 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport (Lindberg)

    Very nicely done!
  6. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    Cats are computer geniuses. I was about to open this thread when mine jumped on the keyboard and turned off my wi-fi. I have no idea how to do that, but he does.
  7. Deformed rubber tires

    I've only done this once, but it seems to have worked OK. I cut little "donuts" from foam pipe insulation, and put them inside the tires.
  8. Hasegawas Lamborghini Miura SV

    WOW! Beautiful model of a beautiful car. I will follow your second one.
  9. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    I don't know what's rare and what isn't, but I do have some oddball kits, and will build as many as I'm able. Here are two: Monogram Land Rover Tamiya Lotus Europa
  10. 'Bug'

    Nicely done!
  11. '66 Fairlane GT

    Thanks, Mike! Thanks, John!
  12. X-15

    Thanks, Bruce! Everything you said is true. They definitely had the Right Stuff.
  13. X-15

    That is a gorgeous airplane!
  14. '66 Fairlane GT

    Thanks, Chris! Thanks, Oscar!
  15. 1963 Jag XKE - Monogram old 1989 stock kit

    Looks great. Excellent craftsmanship!