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  1. Kit Basher added a post in a topic International Loadstar Is Finished   

    That looks great! I bought the resin kit to build the truck in my avatar. The resin kit looks very nice.
    Thanks for creating this cab, I've been wanting to build this truck for a long time.
  2. Kit Basher added a post in a topic AMT Opel GT   

    Here's a link to my build of the Opel, including Harry's comments. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/92241-opel-gt/ Unfortunately, all the photos are gone (Thanks, PB) Harry's suggestions are how to fix the tail lights, which are a mess if you compare them to a 1:1. HTH.
  3. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Dodge Viper ACR kits opionions   

    The Revell GTS is a pretty nice kit, except I could not get a good fit between the hood and the front fascia. The upside is that kit is plentiful and usually cheap. I bought three at Ollies for $8 a pop. If you want a roadster, the Revell SRT 10 went together nicely.
  4. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Sharpening sprue cutters etc...   

    If your tools are not too dull, 400 and 1000 grit should work. 1000 is a little coarse for final honing of knives, but it should be OK for sprue cutters. You don't need them to be scalpel sharp.
    Keep in mind that if you take much off of the cutting edges, they may no longer meet. You may have to file the stop between the handles to get them closer together.
  5. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Anyone else experiencing a delay when clicking on a post etc?   

    If you right click on the back arrow, you will see that a bunch of pages have loaded. You can go down that list and click on the page you want to go back to.
    Might be easier than closing and starting over.
  6. Kit Basher added a post in a topic different diameter plug wires available?   

  7. Kit Basher added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    I am so excited! As you can see from my avatar, I have wanted to build one of these for years. We own a '71, and I've been thinking about building a cab. I took a bunch of pictures and measurements, but you've done a much better job than I could do. I wish I had seen this thread when you started, I could have provided any reference pictures you needed.
    I hope this does get cast, I will certainly buy one. The Scout engine looks good, I hope it is the right size for the cab.
    Thanks for doing this!
  8. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Gluing Balsa   

    Medium CA works well. Instant bond, and pretty strong. Usually if a joint fails, it's the balsa, not the glue. For extra strength, I would use yellow carpenter's glue, like Titebond. Probably stronger than epoxy for wood, and no mixing necessary. Some clamping might be required, but that's true for the epoxy as well. If it needs to be really strong, some joinery is in order.
  9. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    Fantastic, Cato! Your unwillingness to settle for anything less than your very best is an inspiration to us all. It has been a joy to watch you create this masterpiece. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Huge Crash @ Indy   

    I did not crash at Indy,
  11. Kit Basher added a post in a topic How much does the shade of primer affect the actual color of Tamiya lacquers?   

    I can't say about Tamiya, but it makes a big difference with Testors. Here is the same paint over six different primers.

  12. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Lamborghini Miura?   

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I bought the Hasegawa kit. Now I just need to get around to building it!
  13. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Nacho Z's hobby room   

    Really nice, John, except you need more kits!
  14. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Unimog   

    Thanks, Mark!
  15. Kit Basher added a post in a topic Unimog   

    I have been slowly pecking away at this thing. The chassis is done, and most of the cleanup for the bed, salt spreader, cab and interior. The next step is installing the opening doors, a first for me. We'll see if they end up glued shut.
    The tires are hollow and really thin, so I put a piece of foam pipe insulation inside each tire.

    Here is the rolling chassis.