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  1. That's new to me also. It looks like the narrowest it goes is about 1/8", but I'm gonna get me one. I can use it for veneer work if nothing else. Thanks, Joe!
  2. Thank you Dave! That is the answer I was looking for.
  3. The tape I was originally looking at was Line O Tape. It came in widths as narrow as 1/64, lots of different colors, and masking tape. It used to be readily available from hobby dealers. I don't know if it is Covid related, but in the last few months it has disappeared. The only thing I can find now in the very narrow widths now is "chart tape". Apparently it is used for making grid lines on white boards. I was wondering if anyone had tried it for masking.
  4. I checked a few of those, and the narrowest tape I found was 1/16". Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Mike. I don't really need exact sizes either. I will give your method a try. Thanks, Charles.
  6. Has anyone used chart tape as masking tape? I want some 1/64" and 1/32" tape, and real masking tape in those sizes seems to be unobtainium. Any possibilities would be welcome. Thanks.
  7. How about the first one (that I know about): Followed pretty quickly by these guys:
  8. If you need even more shelves, you could drill holes inside of that barrister's bookcase that would take adjustable shelf pins. It looks like there's room for one or possibly two more (glass?) shelves. A piece of pegboard makes a good jig for lining up the holes. Just don't drill all the way thru the cabinet!
  9. I can only suggest what not to buy- Epson inkjet. For whatever reason, their technology doesn't work with decal paper. You can print a perfect image on photo paper, and the same image on decal paper will be blurry and runny. I don't think it's the paper, either. I've tried a few brands with the same result. It works fine for everything but decals. My previous printer was an HP inkjet. It did decals OK.
  10. I have built the Lindberg SRT8 kit, and it is a very nice kit. Certainly no Hellcat, but it does have a Hemi.
  11. I'm very sorry to hear that. Please continue to join us here when you can. I enjoy your comments and your positive attitude is a blessing. Any time you need support I know you will find it here.
  12. Aha! A Shelby. That makes sense. Thanks, guys! All traces of that roll bar are now gone from my model.
  13. I'm working on the recent release of the Revell '69 Mustang. The interior has mounting points for a roll bar, and the roll bar is on the parts tree. It looks like there would be more parts for the roll bar that are not in the kit. Since I am building the car stock, I have already removed the roll bar mounts and am in the process of filling in the holes. I'm guessing the roll bar is left over from some earlier version of the kit. There is also an extra engine block and trans., but no heads etc. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the story is?
  14. I think that's exactly what I will do. I didn't see much in cars or aircraft either, although I did buy a '69 Camaro. I've been watching a lot of "Touring Car Masters" (Australian vintage road racing), and it's inspiring me to build something. I may go back for a '69 Mustang for the same reason.
  15. Picked up one of these at the HL sale. A total nostalgia purchase. I built one of these when I was a kid, and thought it would be fun to give it another go.
  16. I played guitar right handed for a while. Due to an injury to my left arm I can't do that anymore, so I am starting over learning lefty. I've flipped a couple of guitars, and was lucky to find a lefty Squier Strat at a local music store.
  17. Well, thank you! I resemble that remark! (NOT)😁 I shoot pistol left handed, but am right eyed. I shoot rifle and bat right handed, probably because nobody ever told me there was any other way. Throw a football lefty. I finally bought some left handed scissors after years of hurting my hand. Have a happy day to the other members of the chosen few! Left on!
  18. I built the Thomas Jefferson sub a year or two ago. Check out this box art.
  19. In the true Ford tradition, I could have gotten any interior color I wanted, as long as it was black.
  20. I like that Performance Blue. Really a rich color. Here's my '13, still got it.
  21. Now you make me glad I only wanted an SE.😉 I didn't have too much trouble finding one in manual. My color choices were the Metallic Red or the Metallic Blue. I went with blue.
  22. You guys make me glad I bought my '13 Focus with a manual.
  23. At least one online seller has it shown as "early September".
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