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  1. Thanks, Carl! Thanks, Gerald! Looks great in all black. That is a lot of ordnance.
  2. Cool photo, Pete. Thanks for what you did! Sounds like a plan. BTW, it's nice to hear someone speak proper Southern. Folks from other places might wonder why you said "might could". I would have said it exactly the same way. 😊
  3. That is an amazing piece of work. I watched the videos on the benches. (I'm a woodworker, so those caught my attention.) Beautiful craftsmanship. I was wondering how you did the chamfers on the center stiles on the front panel of the outside benches. Your layering technique was brilliant. I hope to watch more of the videos as time permits.
  4. Thanks, Peter! I also built one of these as a teenager. It is also long gone. I brush painted the camo in the same scheme as this one. It had the cool "jet engine sound" which I played with maybe twice. I didn't include that on this one, so if anybody wants the parts for the noisemaker, just let me know.
  5. Thanks, Pete! Cool video. Did you fly BUFFs or KC-135s? The closest I have ever come is riding as a passenger on a 707. Yeah, even the 1/48 fighters aren't too bad. You're a lucky guy! So, all I have to do is jack hammer up my concrete floor, and dig a basement. No problem!😁
  6. Thanks, Dave! I know what you mean, "someday" is when I built mine. Thanks, Rusty.
  7. Thanks, Jim! I managed to find space for my finished 1/72 Space Shuttle, B-1, XB-70, and this BUFF. But I was just looking at my stash, and in addition to the ones I mentioned in my first post, I have a 1/72 B-47, a 1/100 Concorde, and a 1/48 B-58. Also a couple of 1/72 C-130s. I'm going to have to put an addition on my house!
  8. Thanks, Ricky! I also think they are beautiful. Hearing loss is too high a price to pay, but it must have been spectacular.
  9. Thanks, John! I imagine hearing one of these take off would be an experience! Thanks, Joe! The B-36 I have is the old Monogram one. I thought this 1/72 B-52 was big, I can't imagine one in 1/48! Thanks, Mark! Thanks, Larry!
  10. Thanks, Ray. I like to build a plane and a car at the same time. That way I have something to work on while paint or glue is drying, and I don't get confused about which parts go to which model. Finding a place for the fighters is usually not so bad, they're the size of maybe two cars. But these bombers are another story.
  11. This is the first model I've finished in almost two years, and I started this one almost a year and a half ago. Hopefully I'll be back on the horse soon, there's a bunch of cars I want to build. This is the old Monogram 1/72 scale kit. As you can see, it is too big for my "tarmac". To give you an idea of the size, the Valiant is 1/25 scale. I've got two more of these, one with the X-15, and I would like to do a SAC version. I also have a 1/48 B-36, and a 1/48 B-29. I don't have any idea where I'll put them all.☺️
  12. 70 or 71 Chevelle SS 396. Fully restored. Woman driver with the vanity plates "SHE VELL". What a lovely sound!
  13. I was thinking about the OP, but if it applies to you as well, it's all good. After looking at the Lindberg kit, the grille is very different from the one Claude shows above. Also, now I think about it, isn't the Lindberg kit 1/24?
  14. Snake, I have 7 blank VHS tapes, they're yours if you want them.
  15. I notice his/her ear has been "tipped". That is how they mark cats after TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Sympathetic people catch feral cats, have them vetted and neutered, and return them to their "home". It's great that you're giving some care here. Your friend has probably lived outside most of their life, so if you can provide a little shelter, they should be fine outside for the winter. Thanks for helping out.
  16. How is the quality on those Star Models kits? I am definitely interested in the '56 Chevy.
  17. Wow! I got a rocket ship! Thanks for all your hard work, Dave.
  18. The Tamiya Lotus Europa has an engine and detail and is a very nice kit.
  19. That's a surprise! I just assumed it was from the Groucho Marx character in "Animal Crackers". I guess I am old!
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