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  1. Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Keith! Thanks, Eric!
  2. Thanks, Rex! It would have been fun to do the "Big Four" for 1969, but I like the '70 Cuda much more than the '69, and I can't afford a '69 Javelin or AMX.
  3. Thanks, Lee! Thanks, Snake! Thanks, Larry!
  4. Nice and clean. Gorgeous color, suits it really well.
  5. Thanks, Charlie! Thanks, Ray! Thanks, David!
  6. Kit Basher

    '69 Ponies

    Revell kits, both OOB. The Camaro paint is MM "British Green Metallic", the Mustang is MM "Grabber Blue".
  7. Thanks, Manuel! I have one of those older Revell Jag roadster kits, and I just checked it. That roof is in there. Way cool!
  8. Thanks, JC! Beautiful model. I may look into that HRM transkit.
  9. Searched for "AMT 289 Cobra" and found an old thread by Cobraman where he used the kit fastback. Not the same as the one in my original post, but interesting. Also found this in the same thread: I don't know if HRM still makes this, but it looks cool.
  10. I bought one of these and used it to cut the stripes for this GT 40 out of white decal paper. It occurs to me that you could print any color you wanted on the paper, and then cut out the stripes. Thanks, Joe!
  11. Thanks Brian! The hard top on the Cobra GT is sloped and tapered and reaches almost all the way to the back of the car. I don't know if it was removable or somehow permanently attached to the car. This is the best picture I can find of one Here's the one for the Jag.
  12. Does anyone make the hardtops for the Cobra and E-type Jag GT racers? I've been watching a lot of Goodwood racing, and I like the style of the convertibles with hard tops.
  13. OK, I'll bite. What is GRB the abbreviation for?
  14. Spell check can come up with some pretty amusing stuff sometimes. What really got me was the OP saying his lawn company is going to "spray for GRUBBS!" I had an image of my whole family rolling around on his front yard twitching and gasping for air! 😄
  15. While this statement may apply to me, I'm feeling a bit sensitive about this whole topic. They are "grubs", not "Grubbs". See my name below. (I'm joking!)
  16. That's new to me also. It looks like the narrowest it goes is about 1/8", but I'm gonna get me one. I can use it for veneer work if nothing else. Thanks, Joe!
  17. Thank you Dave! That is the answer I was looking for.
  18. The tape I was originally looking at was Line O Tape. It came in widths as narrow as 1/64, lots of different colors, and masking tape. It used to be readily available from hobby dealers. I don't know if it is Covid related, but in the last few months it has disappeared. The only thing I can find now in the very narrow widths now is "chart tape". Apparently it is used for making grid lines on white boards. I was wondering if anyone had tried it for masking.
  19. I checked a few of those, and the narrowest tape I found was 1/16". Any suggestions? Thanks.
  20. Thanks, Mike. I don't really need exact sizes either. I will give your method a try. Thanks, Charles.
  21. Has anyone used chart tape as masking tape? I want some 1/64" and 1/32" tape, and real masking tape in those sizes seems to be unobtainium. Any possibilities would be welcome. Thanks.
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