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  1. They are some really good parts in there. I used some for my excavator diorama. Satisfied with the results.
  2. Thank you kindly David. I do my best. Still need to add the corrugated sidings at both ends of the steel beams, a welder, and some added details, before calling it done. And you're right. This is suppose to be a section of a bigger building. Since I do not have the space, I just tend to do cut-out sections of an entire scene. Easier to validate the reasoning of a doing such a large scale area.
  3. Hi all. This is what I’ve been working on lately. Still have some things to add before calling it complete. Still adjusting the placement of the details to make sure I am satisfied with the end results.
  4. Understood. But there are machines that look this way, and the client wanted the look. I just did want the client requested.
  5. Ok. Here is the finish product, for the client.
  6. Thanks Randy. Yeah. I agree. Appreciate the support.
  7. Thank you kindly Chris. Glad you like the results. Now all I have yet to do is a vignette to display this little old lady. Will post a few photos of them in this thread, when done.
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