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  1. Hihi! Thank you for your uplifting words. Glad you liked the results. Thank you kindly. Now, unto my next scifi project.
  2. Thanks. Yes they are silicone earbuds. if it looks and fits in, I'll use almost anything. I used Citadels Black primer from the can, which is also the main color. So in short, I just used the primer both as the primer and base color. Then I dried brushed the body with their Grey color, called,' Stormvermin fur' color. Again, I dry-brushed it on with several layers, very very thinly. Then I dry-brushed it again, with Citadels Leadbelcher silver color. This is the closest I could get it to not looking completely black and uninteresting. I do not use an airbrush. But I will be learning how to use one pretty soon, God willing.
  3. Here is something different from me. I decided to play with the idea and came up with this. The logic is not too far from what we see today. hope you guys like it. First of all, I must say that the Italeri,UH-60/MH-60 BLACK HAWK 'night raid' 1/48 scale kit, sucked big time. Maybe it was my bad luck but the fittings has one of the worst fittings I have ever experienced. Not only that, but the instructions was so bad . Thank goodness, I was not trying to duplicate any particular prototyp model, which would have been a disaster. At the end, things were so misaligned that I just had to improvised, to hide certain areas. It helped, but only to an extend. So forgive me, if certain areas do not look that they have a perfect fitting. But, that was the best I could do. The engines rotate, for take off and flight mode. Anyways, here is kit-bashed, modified, with a little scratch building involved, which resulted in this 'UH100 Black Hawk Stealth design. Hope you like the results, regardless of the difficulties I have had trying to put this build together.
  4. Thank you. Glad you approve. Appreciate it. Thank you Vettecote.
  5. Thank you kindly for your comment. I had downloaded photos and watched several clips of D9R´ and similar versions being worked on. I just used deductive reasoning to puzzle the parts together.
  6. I buckled up the corrugated sidings and dirtied it up a bit. Re-positioned the welder at the ripper instead, as I was told it would be better and more believable if he is doing welding work there instead. I managed to get the kinks out, about 99%. So I'm satisfied with it. Now, I have a couple more details to add, at least for now.
  7. Major Overhaul - Stage 3 Ok guys. Here is stage 3. As you can see, since stage 2 was posted sometime ago, I've added a scratch built steel truss with an overhead crane. The overhead crane is a kit from Walthers. Yes, it is a HO scale railroad kit. But within the parameters of this scale, its usage was perfect. I had to cut and splice the kit to fit the space I needed. I also incorporated some scratch built parts to give it some UMP! If you noticed, one of the mechanics has a remote control that operates the overhead crane. The crane itself was modified to simulate the new changes as it was manually operated by a operator who sat in a cab in the air. So, I justified this by the removal of that cabin and replacing the controls as a remote control device, in the hands of the operator. I have one issue, that I am still working out. It is to get the tension of the crane cables straighten out. It's a little better than before, but you can still see a little kink . Any suggestion let me know. I also added a scratch built corrugated siding at both ends of the workshop entries. Added a scratch built flood light at both ends as well. I added a fourth figure, a welder. I am still working at improving my figure painting, so don't hit me over the head, too hard. I know I still need more work. But I can tell, I am improving. I am still contemplating, if he should be welding where he is at the moment. I'm looking for other alternatives. so, he is not glued in placed until I've decided. I've also added more detail in the armor cabin. You can see a wire hanging downwards, that looked it has been strip from whatever it was connected to, after being removed from the body. I thought it would add some interest to the effect of the diorama. So far that's about it. Will try and take some better photos and post the final look, when I get everything finalized. Thanks for looking.
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