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  1. I know. I mentioned it in the beginning that I was not a 100% done with the diorama. I had already planned to shave down the threads and weather the tyres even more. I've seen many junkyards before. There are plus and minuses. Everything is not what everyone expects for all junkyards. There are muddy and there resonable looking junkyards. All depending on the weather conditions and various components and their spillage. I take a bit from the ones I've seen. Since these photos were taken, I have since done more weathering and added more or less details. Don't worry. Ive done my research before building this, like majority of my builds. Thank you for your advice and comments.
  2. Thank you. I think I had already explained under another response in this thread. But anyways, I simply used smartphone glass protection. Its the most realistic material to use. Try it. But it has to be the glass version, not the plastic one.
  3. Thanks a lot Kerry. Much appreciated Mike. Thanks David. I guess its all about composition and detail placement within a certain amount of space given. Since I do not have a large amount of space, I have to resort to re-thinking my next builds all the time. Firguring out what to put where is a trial and error procedure for me. I have moved things around many times over, and replaced the same thing several times over just to make sure I wouldn't regret the placement of it. and its all about balance and blending of color interaction. Like the red van door and blue barrel. I had to throw in some color just to break up the monotony of the surroundings. I guess, its all up to the artist himself/herself.
  4. First of all, thank you for your services. I can only imagine the levels of memories you have. God bless! Thank you Beak. HeHe! Yep! Thanks. Charlie.
  5. Many experiences no doubt? Thank you. Thank you Tony. Appreciate it. Glad you approve. Mundane is my middle name. Thank you kindly. HeHe! Thanks.
  6. thank you kindly David. Glad you liked it. Appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. Appreciate it Mark. Thanks. Glad you liked it. Thanks. Thanks Chris.
  8. Been building and weathering this little guy, for a diorama I am presently working on. I used the sponge technique for the chipped areas as well as a sharp X-to hobby knife. I used light dust, and dark brown colors from Citadel.
  9. glad you approved. Thank you kindly.
  10. Aaaaaa! Thank you Tony. Appreciate your comment.
  11. Thank you Tim. Appreciate it. Glad you liked it.
  12. Hi Codi. Glad u liked it. Btw, do mean more dioramas or more photos of this particular diorama?
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