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  1. It probably would depending on how it was placed but one can only speculate. I'll see what I can do. Thank you for your point of view. I'll re-think and/or consider it. Thank you. In my opinion, a junk is a junk yard. Now, considering when and where the exact moment these things are , is a matter of opinion. I've been to junk yards where I have not seen a spark plug or the parts mentioned in one particular area. Maybe in another part. I think on a broad aspect and not just one scene, but many different scenes. Think of it as one area among many different areas in one big location. Also, junk yards varies all over the world, and what things are found. I don't limit myself to a standard in a particular country. I have seen junk yards some-what similar to mine. Others with outrageous placement. One can not be fixed to just one type of scenario. Your 2-cent is well received. thank you.
  2. Appreciate it. Thank you. HAHA!!! Good memories, I guess. Glad you like it. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate it. Glad you approve. Thanks.
  4. Been testing out more weathering techniques in combination with diorama placements. Trying to make smaller diorama compositions but still trying to maintain, an overall cohesive look. Will be grinding the threads of the tyres to add more wear and tear, and fixing the sink holes on the container. But so far I think it looks good. ------------------------------------------
  5. Thanks man. Appreciate the love.
  6. Appreciate it. Thank you. The rubbers are the real thing. I got them from a dumpster.
  7. Thank you kindly. Appreciate the kind comment. Appreciate your very uplifting and positive comment, man. Thank you so much.
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