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  1. Thanks Vincent. I and others have contemplated the idea many times. But as you mentioned, the size is a killer, if you do not have the space to fit a 1:24 scale version. A nice thought though.
  2. Updated this diorama just before the client picked it up. I added lights and and some other minor details(unfortunately you cannot see in the photos).Here are some photos of the lighting effect and an interior photo to extend to give the illusion that the interior of the hall(diorama) extends beyond.
  3. Even after all this, I still needed the urge to make some changes. I decided to cover the rest of the concrete facade(second building to the right) in ribbed sidings. I think it will give it a more industrial look as well as fit in with the first building to the left.
  4. I totally get it. Appreciate your detail analysis and your overall outlook on the diorama as a whole. Thank you kindly. My appreciated.
  5. My humble appreciation. Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Thank you David. Yes. Satisfaction guaranteed. Most definitely. Glad you approve. My thanks. :)
  7. I was giving the task of building a industrial truck dock/bay diorama for a customer, and this is what I put together. The buildings were made from xps pick and blue foam. The doors were made from styrene. The HVACs and lighting fixtures were 3D modeled by a friend using photos of real flood lights I found on the internet. The conduits were scratch built. The dimensions are 100 x 60cm. I have painting of the dock numbers and attaching of the batteries to the different light fixtures. --------------
  8. Too kind of you to write such uplifting words. Thank you for that.
  9. Oh yeah!! Although, we did live very near the Atlanta at that time, he kept it vert prestined.
  10. Well done. My dad had a blue one during the 80's.
  11. My thanks a appreciation Steve. Glad you consider my work worthy. :)
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