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  1. Thank you David. You certainly have an eye for the minute details.
  2. I've just updated the first post with new photos. Take a look.
  3. HeHe! Glad you like the results. Thank you.
  4. Thank you kindly Chris.
  5. David. Thank you kindly. Yes. I had downloaded many photos and seen quite a few clips of similar scenerios. Also, got a few tips from those that worked on the D9R. Its been a learning experience building this diorama. Still adding a little more details, but it is 99% finished. I am really glad to read your comments. I appreciate it.
  6. Thank you kindly Ron.
  7. Glad you liked the results, Danno. Thank you.
  8. Mike, thank you for your enthusiastic responds. I appreciate it. I'm kinda of a detail nut. Thank you. Cool to know you did work on a similar model. Thanks for sharing the info with me. I also wished they did a detail model in bigger scale too. I build 1/24 scale trucks.
  9. Thank you kindly Alan. You have certainly made my day. Thank you for the tip too. My humble thanks.
  10. Thank you for your uplifting comment. The bulldozer is from MENG. The kit by itself is an extraordinary kit with amazing details. Many many parts. The undercarriage is greatly detail but I had to go one step extra by doing extra work. The parts with the axel pin removed and covers exposed were scratch built. But basically the dozer is hard to beat when it comes to the details.
  11. Have done some changes since the last update. 1. Re-arranges a couple of the figures 2. Added oil spills and oil absorbents(they are basically materials used to help soak up as much oil spills as possible. 3. Re-arranged the cab and pallets to make room for a forklift(still contemplating if it will remain) 4. Added a couple of fire extinguishers. Will have to add a couple of signs too. 5. I managed to straighten out the kink in the overhead crane. Probably not 100% perfect but way better than in the last update. Things left to do: 1. Add a figure in the forklift( only if I decided to keep it). 2. Some minute details. 3. A couple of signs. And whatever comes to mind that will fit the space. Hope you like what you see. Until the next update. Thanks for looking.
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