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  1. tiking

    AMG GT3 - Moded

    I hear you. That's why I wanted to do something different. More rugged and BAD*SS! Thank you.
  2. tiking

    AMG GT3 - Moded

    Thank you Peter. That's pretty much sums it up.
  3. tiking

    AMG GT3 - Moded

    You pretty much nailed it with the scenerio of this build. Thank you. Glad you approve.
  4. tiking

    AMG GT3 - Moded

    Thank you. Glad you liked the results. Thanks.
  5. This is definitely out of my comfort zone. But, what the heck! Here it is. This is my version of the AMG GT3 race car. As always, I like to give all my builds a twist in terms of design and/or configuration. The amg gt3 is no exception. My theme for this build is, that, the amg gt3 was originally a competition car, which was bought by private owner. He decides to tweak the car to extreme to see how much power he can get out of the engine. Hence all the added gagets almost protruding through the car headlights(which of course, were removed to make room for the added accessories). The rear lights were also removed and replaced with netting. The windshield was removed to reduced the weight of the car. New gagets were also added all round and in the internal compartments, of the car. The roof was removed as well as the rear glass. In its place extra support for the protective cage at the rear was added. And as you might have notice, I sawed off the doors as well. The look of the AMG GT3 is bad*ss car. Now, it looks brutal.
  6. I updated the look of the AG Ford GT, and added a figure:
  7. Aawwwwe!! Thank you kindly. I have no issues with that.. You have my blessings. Hahaha! I bet you did not see the guy under the excavator, did you? Thank you Bill.
  8. Thank you David. That was part of the plan. Makes it more realistic as you mentioned. I am contemplating adding a 5th mechanic near the boom area. Still deciding how to display him there. Thanks. Glad you approve.
  9. Added the figures and details to the diorama. Unfortunately the figures did not turn out as nice as I would have it. The figures are from Fugimi racing set and they are not the best. The facial feature was a hassle to get right with pretty much no detail expression or lines at all. This made it harder to paint especially with the little skills as a figure painter. But I did my best and the results are better than not having figures on the board. The overall effect is better with figures, so it made sense to include them. Hope you all like the update. Thanks for looking.
  10. Part 2: Another update to this diorama, I am still working on. I finally added the boom to the diorama.So far I am liking the whole scene. Did quite a lot of modifications and some scratch building to get it to look descent enough for display. I painted and modified the engine with some scratch built parts as well. I also added an old truck axle from my previous vignette to this scene. I thought it would add interest, instead of a stand-alone vignette, as it was before. Added the first hydraulic to the front of the vehicle. It was also detailed with some scratch built parts. I added some hanging cables from the side of the cab to make it look like they are working the internal cables and hydraulics of the machine. Just some added interest. Started on the first figure for the diorama. Not my best attribute but its a start to making the diorama look lively. Hope you like the progress so far.
  11. Thank you. Thank you Sam. Just finishing off the boom and other details. Will post photos later.
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