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  1. sebivens added a post in a topic It was brought to my attention   

    Sorry to hear of this thief & hope Karma strikes them hard...thank you for letting me know who it was, I actually was considering purchasing another item from them but will take my business else where cause of this
  2. sebivens added a post in a topic Anyone have trouble ordering from Larry G Scale?   

    I don't wish to stir this anymore than it already has been, but Mr. Drake may wish to not have his address and other personal info posted on the Internet as it is in atleast the paypal link. I didnt check the other link. In todays time you can never be to careful
  3. sebivens added a post in a topic Futurattraction Scale Products - New aftermarket website   

    Best of Luck! I'm a Ford man myself although I haven't really did any Drag cars yet you never know. Some of the stuff may be able to be adapted to my NASCAR and Street builds.....I certainly have you bookmarked for my future needs!
  4. sebivens added a post in a topic 1966 Fairlane 427 SS/B   

    Nice build. Love the Fairlanes and Comets........
  5. sebivens added a post in a topic '57 Ford Custom (Finished, see it in Under Glass forum 3-7-13)   

    Looks good. I keep waiting on Hobby Lobby to get these in (shelf tag is there) to save a few bucks using the 40% but looks like I may go ahead and mail order a couple....
  6. sebivens added a post in a topic Petty 2+2 Grand Prix   

  7. sebivens added a post in a topic '73 Chevrolet Chevelle- Mastered by Tom Ellifritt   

    Am I dreaming is somebody doing a resin Laguna? Or atleast something to work with??
  8. sebivens added a post in a topic Ford Van Grille with Square Headlights?   

    try these guys may have something close-
  9. sebivens added a post in a topic Saturday Night circle track Nova   

    Looks nice. I might had modified the roll cage to follow the roof line a little closer, especially on the A-post. Nice Late model tho.....
  10. sebivens added a post in a topic 1977 IROC Series Camaro   

    It is SOOOO much easier to view pics here, even if they are thumbnails, instead of clicking a link and going thru the trouble of aanother site
  11. sebivens added a post in a topic Resin Camaro race body   

    @ Roadhawg- Hope this helps you out as well-

    I met a gentleman whose screen name is "Gator" over on Randy Ayers' NASCAR Model Forum who produces Vacume Formed from Polystyrene Sheet. His work comes highly recomended and look VERY nice. His prices are more then reasonable. You can look him up and contact him thru that forum.

    Not sure how different working with one of these bodies is as opposed to a resin. Looking at his pictures it appears like they will be a little more clean up around the windows and wheel openings then some resin bodies I have got in past but then again his prices are better.

    I havent ever had a vacumn formed body before but I figure I will place an order in the next week or so and give it a whirl. From what I understand Fred's Resin is still closed due to health issues and he is the only other I found that produce this Camaro body. Big Donkey produces wheel, old coupes and such but no bodys like this.
  12. sebivens added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Resin Camaro race body
    Anybody know of anyone still casting this Dirtcar Camaro body? A late 70-Early 80's Camaro, Want to build a few local legends cars from Smokey Mountain Speedway here in TN
    I think Freds Resin did but seems like he is out of business due to health. Hs site has been closed for months with no hint of hope of opening back up...

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  13. sebivens added a post in a topic Lets see some "phantoms", cars that never ran or were submitted but never used for cup racing.....   

    Geoff Bodine drove #88 in 1983, Rusty Wallace in 1984.
    Buddy Baker drove #88 in 1985-1988.
    I dont think any of them was the Gatorade colors of your pic. Those was in the late 70's early 80's. Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison made those colors famous. Ricky Rudd was one of the last to drive those colors for Digard.
    Hary Gant drove the Green and White #33 Skoal Bandit.

    So yes your car I would call a phantom....
  14. sebivens added a post in a topic 29 Ford Rod   

    Looks great my friend!!
  15. sebivens added a post in a topic 69' Torino Taladega   

    Pretty cool to hear the story about Tellico Plains. My family is from Monroe County & I live about 30min from Tellico area