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  1. n8dogginz added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Where to find a good 1/12 selection
    So ive googled it several times, but i cant find any good website to find some 1/12 models...id love to start one but idk where to start looking. Can anyone point me in the right direction of selection?!? Thanks:D
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  2. n8dogginz added a post in a topic BTTF II Delorean Time Machine   

    You take it up to 88 MPH yet>? Do that and post MOAR PICS. Looks great
  3. n8dogginz added a post in a topic Civic Resurrection   

    Was thinkin something along the lines of a mustard-ish yellow, as it was origionally yellow and has yellow accents on the interior...open to ideas tho.
  4. n8dogginz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Civic Resurrection
    Hey haven't been around in awhile...playin games and what not...going to try to fix a build from 'bout 7 years ago thats been shot with an air soft gun and rolled off afew shelves in its day...

    Another one in my junkyard....idk why this one went wrong but thats where it ended up

    Ford Focus partsbox find

    ...and we'll see where this goes.

    AGGGGGHHH I posted in the wrong spot...can anyone move my post?> Sorry lol.
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  5. n8dogginz added a post in a topic 69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!   

    Shoulda put gears in it while you were at it, jeez man you blow my mind.....in a good way, of course.
  6. n8dogginz added a post in a topic 69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!   

    OK....i gotsta know....is this your most in depth, crazy, handcrafted, off the wall build ever? Because ive never seen so much love to go into a model and if you've got something more amazing than this then i have to see it, if you would present it good sir. Amazing.....
  7. n8dogginz added a post in a topic S-10 Extreme Flatbed   

    Still needs some touch up love:

  8. n8dogginz added a post in a topic S-10 Extreme Flatbed   

    Color sure does pop:

    The Extreme trim/bumper will be black, and i found some neon yellow stickers im going to put along both sides on the trim. The bed i think im going to stain, i mean with stain AND some oil stains/scratches like a flat bed should have! Pop sickle sticks FTW.
  9. n8dogginz added a post in a topic s10 blazer-first gen custom build   

    Thats pretty awesome, i always wanted an s10 blazer...buddie in school had one.
  10. n8dogginz added a post in a topic S-10 Extreme Flatbed   

    I'm gunna start using my phone to post instead, it takes better pics than my camera!

    extensive work on the back of the bed

  11. n8dogginz added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    S-10 Extreme Flatbed
    Ok so here's the scoop: About 5 years ago i broke up with my girlfriend at the time, she wouldn't let me see my friends so i gave her the boot. My lifelong best friend seen me one day bustin away at a model, and said he'd like to try out the hobby. He owned a S-10 extreme on 20's and a Cadillac Eldorado at the time, so we went down to the hobby store and picked up one of both. I'm tellin ya, of course most of you guys know it takes some patience watching someone and helping them build they're first model. He glue/paint bombed it terribly and donated it to my parts box. Recently i noticed most of the kit was still intact throughout my vast assortment of parts, so i pulled it all together, minus suspension and that tired little V6.When i got the side trim <Extreme version> off i noticed he used so much glue it wawrped the bed terribly, so i put it aside for about 2 minutes before i said: Flatbed with style!

    Parts box amp and subs in the door made out of calculator buttons...i think...maybe it was a keyboard idk, seats from an El Camino lowrider kit

    NAME THAT ENGINE cuz idk what it came from, been in my stash for prolly 15 years

    Color was going to be the color of the engine, but couldn't find a rattlecan at hobbylobby to match, so its going to be One coat Testors lime ice with black ground effects, as you see on the hood. Man thats an impressive shade of green! Tell me whatcha think, i know its different!
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  12. n8dogginz added a post in a topic COMPLETE: Revell 2010 Camar SS Review   

    Im gunna have to bump that comment.... im in love with the Challenger and the Mustangs still carry they're original bodylines to some extent...the
    Camaro is just....not me lol.
  13. n8dogginz added a post in a topic Pro Street 70 Chevelle   

    That's an awesome ride, man. The paint looks real deep.My dad had a '69 with a 454....blew the engine racing in charlotte, called my uncle to bring the flatbed and my uncle dropped the front end on the flatbed, bent the frame. He officially sold it for 25$.
  14. n8dogginz added a post in a topic 69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!   

    YEA. Yes. Im excited.
  15. n8dogginz added a post in a topic 1939 Mercedes Benz 540k   

    Thats awesome, especially for a 3 day build!