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  1. BigBad added a post in a topic Ford LTL9000   

    And I thought all Reimer trucks had black front fenders! Goes to show you learn something every day... Model looks good!
  2. BigBad added a post in a topic Peterbilt 377   

    Catertroit Diesel... Or Detroipillar.
  3. BigBad added a post in a topic Peterbilt 377   

    No, the small rings don't sn the shaft pins, they have to be glued on. Just be careful for the amount of glue here, be careful. These will retain the inner wheels and by glueing the outer wheels on to the inner ones they all will rotate together. By the way put some petroleum jelly on the axle shaft before glueing to make it easier to rotate the wheels.
  4. BigBad added a post in a topic Peterbilt 377   

    Or... If you don't want your models to roll off the shelf, use a level. Just sayin.
  5. BigBad added a post in a topic GM is off to a good start in ruining the Camaro again   

    Too bad it ain't 1970 anymore, huh? When cars used leaded (very environmentally healthy) gas and did 16 MPG on a good day and maybe 20 going downhill. Welll, actually my dad used to drive this 69 Chevelle coupe with a 307 that did 16-20 MPG on the highway... My 97 Z28 does 25MPG highway at 70 MPH regularly. This 2016 455HP Camaro will do over 30 highway when driven in a normal manner, also if you have to hit or get hit by something solid by some real bad luck, lets see who walks away from 1969 or 2016 car. Wellcome to 2015.

    Yes I do like the 69 Camaro Z/28 RS very much, definitely the best looking car after the 67 Corvette Stingray. But they can't make cars like these anymore. The 2010-2015 Camaro, 2005-2014 Mustang and the current Challenger are the closest you're going to get. The performance cars we get today from GM-Ford-Chrysler still look better than similar ones coming out from Lexus and Nissan, Mazda and Subaru... I like most Camaros, I drive a clean 97 Z28 and I like this new one as well. You want a mean lookng, take no prisoner Porsche GT3 challenging car? The 2014-15 Z/28 is hard to beat. As far as weight goes... Anyone knows how much a big block 1969 396 (375 gross HP) Camaro SS weigh? This was NOT a 3200 pound car! Try more like 3790.

    Another thing about past metal, they rusted just by looking at them, I remember seeing a lot of Valiants, Dusters and Chargers with rust holes on the top of the front fenders... While we're at it, looking a little more closely the panel gaps were not very constant (being polite here), the paint faded within a year or 2, dash top pads cracked within 2 or 3 years, people went thru fabric seat covers way quicker than the cheapest car made in the last 10 years, you absolutely needed to tune up the car every year or it drove like junk! Should I go on?
    The "good" old past are exactly that, past and were not as perfect as some people seem to remember.

    I like the styling of the 2016 Camaro, but I still have reservations about how I see out of it, until I sit in one.
  6. BigBad added a post in a topic GMC C6500   

    Arnd, the only 2 stroke Detroit Diesel this line of truck got for a couple years was the 4-53, the 6V53 could surely fit but wasn`t offered in the 6500. There were no 71 or 92 series Detroits in these. Other than that, you could build it with the Caterpillar 3208, that one was available. Another available GM diesel was the 8.2 V8 and turbo, not sure they were Detroits though. Your build is coming along very well! It looks quite good!
  7. BigBad added a post in a topic Reissued Pete 359 California Hauler   

    You detail maniac Jarda! You make us (me) look bad all the time! LOL! You are one execellent truck modeler, I can say that much. Your builds are always entertaining! Keep at it!
  8. BigBad added a post in a topic W900 Raptor Hauler (Outside Pics) Finally   

    But... It's not... Orange! Well, it is blue! I like that solid look you gave it. The Italeri wheels, the front bumper and the side fairings make it look just so. Nice application of the Peterbilt stripes too. I like the race wedge and how you made the stripes continue on it from the cab. Very nice build!
  9. BigBad added a post in a topic Geographically Unique Trucks   

    So, these Volvo FH cabovers may not be geographically unique, but they sure are pretty "unique" on our roads...

  10. BigBad added a post in a topic all White - Autocar here   

    One of the nicer Bosses I've seen!
    Black fits it well!
  11. BigBad added a post in a topic post just your cabovers here   

    I actually miss seeing those on the road... I see the odd Argosy now and then and some customized K100 once in a while but that's it. There is this nice black and white 362 running around regularly in my area though...
  12. BigBad added a post in a topic Second build complete   

    Great stance, nice length, great color, good chrome, really pops! Some BMF is going to mke it stand out even more! Good work!
  13. BigBad added a post in a topic Western Star & Plated tanker, AMT   

    Good looking rig, the WS and the tanker go surprizingly well together!
  14. BigBad added a post in a topic all White - Autocar here   

    Nice build and colors! One of the nicer ones I've seen!
  15. BigBad added a post in a topic post just your cabovers here   

    This is not mine, it's my friend Claude Boulais' Peterbilt, this one can't be hidden from view! Some of you have seen already, probably at NNL a couple weeks ago...

    An absolutely beautiful piece, started from an AMT 352, stretched the cab to 110", added some height as well and ended up with a 352H! There is a resin 12V71 DD under the cab, the rear suspension and diff are from the Revell 359, quarter fenders, rear flap mounts and front bumper are all aluminum scratch built(!!) parts. The rims are off an AMT Kenworth. Paint work is off the charts!
    Aerodyne... This truck is absolute eye candy, viewed up close!