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  1. BigBad added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 359 (California Dreamin)---FINISHED   

    I had that poster when I was a teen too! You hit this one right on the head, it's looking very much like the poster! Now all you need is the stainless reefer behind it! Brought me way back when for a minute! Thanks for sharing!
  2. BigBad added a post in a topic A different take on a Freightliner COE, update 5/9, cab has some color and a question?   

    Starting to look really nice, I like the proportions, nice stance, good colors, nice choice of wheels... One to follow.
  3. BigBad added a post in a topic B.R.B.O FORD CL9000 done   

    looking really good up tp now! Ford sure made good looking big trucks at the day. Nice job Jac, you've outdone yourself with this one.
  4. BigBad added a post in a topic Post your "Snap" kits.   

    I think the Revell snap trucks are some of the best kits to hack up! They're inexpensive to start with, they fit nicely, you don't have to fiddle with the hoods and cabs to align, they have pretty good parts (save the rear wheels and all tires...), that can be used on many other trucks... Good castings for the bodies and straight frames. Ok, i'll admit they have their shortcomings, no brake air chambers and no sunvisors... But man, look at what the guys here can do with 'em! Impressive!
  5. BigBad added a post in a topic Kenworth KW 523 Bullnose   

    Just like the real one! I like everything about it, I'm surprised about the 2 piece Italeri tires in the back, they look at home on this truck!! Interesting build and a nice piece!
  6. BigBad added a post in a topic 70's Diamond Reo Cabover   

    Pretty good! I like it!
  7. BigBad added a post in a topic 53" lowboy trailer & a few others   

    I like your style... I like that Kenworth and the trailers, I already said good things about that Volvo...
  8. BigBad added a post in a topic Volvo 780   

    That red really makes it pop! Very nice! The grill and headlights are nicely trimmed in black, good detailing behind the cab... A good one!
  9. BigBad added a post in a topic Round 2 K123   

    You could use some aluminum tubing as a sleeve to fit over the metal axle in the hub... I did that before and works nicely. You can find those at the hobby shop.
  10. BigBad added a post in a topic B.R.B.O FORD CL9000 done   

    You've outdone yourself with this paint job Jac! Nice!
  11. BigBad added a post in a topic HR 69 International Lonestar Frustrated Towing Tri Axle with working lights   

    Very nice build! The Lonestar looks great as a rotator wrecker!
  12. BigBad added a post in a topic Kenworth Bullnose (Illini Replica)   

    Good start to this one!
  13. BigBad added a post in a topic B.R.B.O FORD CL9000 done   

    Hi Jacobus, nice start to your project! I like your rear suspension setup! I also have this kit, so I'm very interested in your build.  I see you might mount the fuel tanks right in front of the rear wheels. The cutouts at the bottom rear of the cab are there for fuel filler neck clearance. You might want to fill these cut outs on the cab if you want to install the fuel tanks like you want them, unless you want to use 4 fuel tanks... Or just leave it the way it is. This is a picture of a CL9000 which has the fuel tanks in the stock locations, if you can blow up the picture you will see the fuel cap is aligned with the cutout in the cab skirt:

    Another pic:

  14. BigBad added a post in a topic BRBO - International Prostar   

    Download the ones from Revell's version on their site... :
    Same thing for the Prostar:
  15. BigBad added a post in a topic late model KW W900L   

    I started something similar to this over a year ago and it looks pretty similar to what you're doing here, except for the sleeper "condo" extension. I guess I'm going to follow this build closely! i bought a W900B hood from P&P and replaced the cowl area with the T600 hood cowl. Of course if you have access to KJ's hood... It'll take a little less work to accomplish. Good start to this project! Anyhoo, here are some pictures of mine. I added some skirting at the bottom of the cab and and prayed it flat black for sanding at this point. I was originally planned to ude the Moebius Lonetsar frame but i forgot about the 8 airbag suspension being quite different from the International setup. I'll post more pics this week. your's just might get me started again...