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  1. Last two times Ive ordered parts the only email I recieved was an order confrimation, then about 2-3 weeks later they appear in my mailbox.
  2. Just got my order in from spazstix a can of ultimate mirror chrome and the clear coat for it. Now to see if it was worth the $30 for both.
  3. Two cans of Testors Laquer. Icy Blue & Emerald Ice to finish off my 2 70's Mustangs
  4. I like the Overhauling Kits those wheels alone should be worth it alone! Also excited about the Hummer kit, wish it was a glue kit though.
  5. I saw your thread then had to watch the episode of overhaulin! Loving it!
  6. If your not gonna work on that duster I'd take it off your hands
  7. What is the name of foam that you used one the stage and your last build? I love this stuff man your having to much fun!
  8. Looking good brother your farther along than me! The engine is really a fun part to build, and too me atleast a little easier to detail because of the size. What size hose is that also?
  9. Is it the propelant in rattle cans that causes problems? Seems like 9 out of 10 times i get tiny bubbles that cluster around fenders, window wells etc. Especially with laquer, im using krylon primer. I really want to get into using airbrushing.
  10. New set of tail lights for my 70's Boss thanks to Revell and a new to me kit picked up a Monogram Jeep CJ-7 Off-Road for $14 at an antiques mall of all places! The date on the box and instructions says 1978, it was an open kit but they let me make sure all the parts were there before I bought it.
  11. Dupli-Color Makes Ford Engine Blue aswell all thier stuff has always worked great on styrene.
  12. I have four right now two 70's Boss Mustangs, the Revell 1/12 Shelby, interior work on a 50' Ford Pickup. Like a few other have said I like to work on one while the others dry or cure at which ever stage im at with them.
  13. Just got my body in primer! Looking good on your end!
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