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  1. The progress that was made today All the main painting, masking, and some more painting has been done on the interior pieces Suspension parts are all attach And if you follow the instructions, you are gonna have a hard time getting the interior floor piece attached the the chassis, engineering fail here.
  2. Getting started, paint is from Scalefinish, Limestone is for the roof and wheels. Body in a coat of Tamiya primer,and panel lines darkened Getting all the pieces that need to be body color painted. Wheels painted Engine painted in a baby blue like color, and the trans
  3. Ive been getting them from Taiwan, couple of weeks it take for shipping.
  4. Looks like before the year is over, they were all showing mid Nov a few months ago, looks like there has been a delay. https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0098p?&N=N&F=TAMR8668&L=TAMR1052&S1=PAINT&S2=&S3=&S4=&C=RHQTAM&V=TAM&I=&G=&U=&M=&P=7
  5. I got mine I think a day or so before Rob did( same seller) and no issues to mention , everything arrived damaged free.
  6. For those that only care about the model kits, skip to 8:43. Will be picking up a few of the CHP Monaco kits .
  7. Video and photos of the new Land Rover Series III kit, let me say, I am impressed with the kit so far, everything looks really good. And the photos, please note, these are still's from the video, so the quality is lacking and they are not color corrected like in the video.
  8. Time to get started on the Land Rover, and I am now ready for the new Supra kit as well( props to Jameston for the quick turn around time)
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