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  1. Models Back at Walmart!

    My local WalMart has a permeate spot for model kits for the time being , this was after Christmas, they were moved from the middle of the walkway display box to here.
  2. McLaren 570S on the shelf:

  3. eBay: contest for record highest asking price

    Really good point you made, and I can see this happening at times .
  4. Beemax BMW M3

    Very nice Dale.
  5. From Fujimi, its their next Car Next Series kit( see, see what I did there?, no, ok) , this will be like the Hustler/Flair/FJ kits, coming soon. The first is the Kei car version. And the "off-road" version. And, they are doing the third gen JB-23 Jimny for the 1998 model year, it is the Kei Car version.
  6. 2017 Ford GT (Tamiya)

    Not at all David, your red one turned out really nice.
  7. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

  8. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    So do I, under 2 bills.
  9. 383 Super Bee

    Very nice
  10. What's the latest Revell North America News

    That would make sense too, I know it can take HL some time to get new kits it in seems, I can't remember what the kit was, but I was waiting for them to get it, and I think it was close to maybe few months before they finally got it stocked.
  11. Light grey lacquer primer.

    Tamiya primer, its worth every penny.
  12. Crinkled Paint

    Well yeah, thats because its the Hobby's version of Rustoleum
  13. Crinkled Paint

    Use a good quality primer like Tamiya primers, you wont have issues like this, in my experience, its far better that Duplicolor primers. A real rule of thumb to try and follow is to stay with the same brands when it comes to painting, since you used Duplicolor primer, you should then use Duplicolor paint and then top it off with Duplicolor clear , that ensures 100% compatibly and issues like the cracking will not happen. The other real rule of thumb is to not mix and match paint types, there certain paint types you can and can not mix. When you air brush, you are able to kind of break these rules some to a degree and not have issues, but rattle cans, its a bit different. I everything I just said all has exceptions to it so keep that in mind as well. Put that body in the purple pond AKA Super Clean and it will be as good as new and ready for a fresh coat of Tamiya primer.
  14. What's the latest Revell North America News

    I could be mistaken, but doesnt HL only add new kits when they basically do a reset or periodically through out year, its not like a LHS that put's them out when they come in, maybe I am wrong and confusing that with the reset they do . But I do know HL is a little behind getting new kits out on the shelves .
  15. Both of the sites listed are my go sites when I need to make up some plates.