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  1. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

    Nice execution
  2. Interior painting

    Oh you are so correct Steve, there is always room for improvement, and its such huge boast when you start to see the improvements you are making, makes you feel good and kind of gives that extra push to keep striving for the next level.
  3. Interior painting

    Interiors are my weak spot , I feel I have a lot of room for improvement
  4. Interior painting

    Lovely work there G
  5. Its not a new issue, its the Protar kit being reboxed , it was released in March , and is going for about $35 , you can many of them o Ebay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Alfa+Romeo+Giulietta+Spider+model+kit+&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=Alfa+Romeo+Giulietta+Spider
  6. Revell 2019

    And Chuck here brings up a valid point, without that "whining" I bet those things would of never been addressed , so "whining" as some want to call it actually does something good from time to time. I think many are confusing honest constructive criticism and feedback with whining ( maybe not here, there is a good amount of whining in this one, so bad example) but, we all have to right to give honest constructive criticism of models kits and the companies, as long as it done in a respectful manner, and that seems to be lost today. But then you have people getting attacked when they do give honest constructive criticism of the kits or Rond2/Revell/Moebius( that doesn't happen when it comes to Japan companies I notice) because a large percentage of builders take any forum criticism as a personal attacks. Carry on.
  7. Revell 2019

    I love to see a long bed fleetside with step bumper and stock wheels( well not those stock wheels, but the steelies and caps stock) done one day, oh yeah. To be really picky, from the 80's would be nice, square headlight era.
  8. Revell 2019

    As long as the check clears
  9. Revell 2019

    I was thinking that too Mike, maybe doing it for a year or two for that cash flow .
  10. New Body

    I imagine yes someone will do it at some point this year, more than likely it will be Mike's Decals that does it. Don't take that as fact, just a guess.
  11. Revell 2019

    Nothing there cranks my engine over besides the Ford GT , but I want to say I am liking the art work for looks like to be for the box art, really cool in my opinion.
  12. If I Ran Revell....

    The best and probably most accurate answer out of 9 pages
  13. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    Its not, but like James pointed out, there is cost factor and we are not the home market , I agree 100% with Scott and it would be really nice if the LHD parts , or US spec parts were included in the kits for subjects that made it over here, but we don't live in that perfect world sadly
  14. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    Yes, this , so much this right here.