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  1. Everytime I look at the box art, the CHiPs theme plays in my head.
  2. Well color me shocked, its not gonna be a straight reissue of the tooling, props to R2 for making the changes, I can see picking up a more than just one like I was planning.
  3. Because the OP left out some important info, this was chassis test, the body is a generic body that has no ties to Toyota/Ford/Chevy, yes, aero was being tested as well, also tested was a rear defuser
  4. No, that is what is being tested, NASCAR is moving to a 18 inch wheel with more than likely a single lug.
  5. From the link that Luc posted, translated from German so you don't have to. Positive: - Detailed engine, engine compartment and underbody - Open hood - Front axle movable - Model can be built as a right or left-hand drive - Optional seats - Numerous details on the outside of the model Negative: - All doors are shown closed - Smaller details of the interior were not considered
  6. I am excited for this one, it looks like its a good kit.
  7. Underrated paint scheme for the 90's , cool.
  8. I honestly don't know why I still build models some days, and some days I think about giving it all up( when builds go wrong)I guess it just part of my childhood I don't wanna give up, well and video games. I love cars like the rest of us, and I am wealthy impaired so I can not afford to have a large car collection so I build them in scale. I would like go say it lets me be creative, but who I am kidding, I build box stock/factory stock and race cars, I am not very creative with my builds.
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