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  1. What did you get today?

    More $17 NASCAR kits And a green screen
  2. R.I.P.

    Patience is the key
  3. Liberty Walk BRE R35 GTR

    Here for your consideration is the Liberty Walk V2 with the famous BRE livery, I did my best to keep a balance between Liberty Walk look and the BRE livery, paint is a mix of Tamiya( white) Scalefinishes( red) , OOB for the rest. I did not intend to tint the windows, this window piece is for another R35 I am working on but I went ahead and used it.
  4. Question about me new TCP Master TC-20-T Compressor

    This has been on my list for a long time to get, I am glad you mentioned it about the airbrush and Ebay,
  5. JDM Legends

    What a beautiful lady in blue
  6. Modelhaus in Arizona

    They are shut down forever.
  7. NNL Milwaukee

    really cool display, would love to of seen that in person.
  8. Mclaren 570

    Thanks Dann, coming from you that is a compliment Here is the cleared body, some debris needs to wetsanded out
  9. My skills ran out and so did I my cares with this one at the end, the suspension is very finicky and over complicated, the springs are very tough and a few pushes down and you will probably break things, I broke some of the parts trying to get them to snap into place, the rear shocks are real pain in the butt, its best to glue everything and call it day. The body is another pain, the front of the sides had to be bent inwards because they were too straight , and I snap the left side in half, the windshield frame needs to sit farther back then the mounting points, its struggle to get it back and I was able to get the left side back, the glued dried before I could the right side. So, that made the hood mounting tabs not line up with the holes, getting the grill into place was a real pain, OMG. The fender flares if you will dont fit real on the front, and those are paint to get to sit into place. This was way over complicated for now real reason, and my skills were not good enough for this one. I am embarrassed to say I built this Painted with Jeep Anvil
  10. Mclaren 570

    Hey thanks Dann! Some progress, the body has been cleared but no photo yet, progress on the interior and the engine.
  11. New Forum Rules

    Ahh, that makes sense if I am following what you are saying. That's funny, " you will acquire"
  12. New Forum Rules

    False, they are, I have a total of 5 points, you did not give me those 5 points. Not worried mod, just bringing up some points, this is a discussion forum , I am discussing the forum rules.
  13. New Forum Rules

    I dont fully agree with this, but shocking, as someone with 5 warning points, I wonder why, I do feel I paid for the first few warning points from years ago, and those should be dropped, I am still getting punished for something that I already did time for. Why should they still be there ?, If people are that bad, just banned then, people sometimes make mistakes and act badly, sometimes, people are human, and they have moments where they, get this, act like a human being with emotions, heck, even convicted felons get to start over. Its of my opinion that there should be a time limit on them, I know you the mod do not agree that. Just my 1.5 cents, carry on.
  14. New Forum Rules

    This needs be change to something more black and white Mod, and in general, yes, you do have control over that, you do issue warning points, you did it to me, things that are said here in PM are not private , so you need to be very clear that if you , the mod wants, you can issue warning points to members for things said in private to another member. That needs to be there as warning, Its very vague "bringing it to our attention", its needs to say something about we can and will take action against things said in PM. I like transparency. I know you disagree, but things said in private are just that, private, and we members should not have to worry about getting in trouble for things said in private. ( not counting things that are illegal or threatening or things on those lines)