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  1. That really sucks Eric, I hope you get it all sorted out, I had good luck with Plaza Japan many years ago , ordered a few kits, they never arrived, they refunded money.
  2. So do I , would love to have more of them in kit form.
  3. The Ionig Electric starts at $30,000 US and the Kona Electric starts $37,000 US
  4. Yeah Jim, German builder did the conversion using the Fusion kit.
  5. martinfan5


    I started using Fotki a year ago( I gotta renew this month I think) and its been pretty good, its not perfect, I wish the share options were under the pictures in the album like PB has/had it. I still have a few of my PB accounts but don't actually use them and need to finish pulling whatever is there I want to save and delete them.
  6. Already working on getting the paint mixed up for mine, thinking i am going to go with the Orange Lava you get it in.
  7. Its not worth the price its being sold for IMO, the guy who did the master did a really good job on the conversion , but the casting part, no so much.
  8. Well then, from the , "didnt see this one coming" files, new kit from Academy, the Hyundai Santa FE, its out now, you can get one for about $35 shipped from Ebay if you so desire. LHD is included. Watch it get built here https://www.ebayshopkorea.com/itm/Academy-NEW-HYUNDAI-SANTA-FE-TM-Car-124-Plastic-Model-Kit-15135/174142671905
  9. Wow, that is rough, good luck!
  10. The new Camaro kits would of been I do believe.
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