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  1. Mine is currently in transit, can't wait.
  2. Its ESCI tooling from the very early 80s, I would say it leans more towards the not great side.
  3. Yeah, i'll pass, that looks like a cheap toy 😄
  4. They have the CAD data for the 4dr if they do decide to do that in the future, Steve that works for Round2 posted that on page 2 of this thread.
  5. The "suggested" retail is $37.99, Stevens has it listed but no date.
  6. Awesome, thanks for letting me know Mike, who's doing them?
  7. I guess I'll be picking this one up, I have the blue box art truck version but robbed it of some body parts to use on a van.
  8. Tamiya's Ford GT was another excellent kit with basically its 2 pieces of engine detail
  9. Gone Fishing set, nice to see that one come back , and with the Bronco this time instead of the Dodge.
  10. Thanks Steve for sharing what you can with us.
  11. The pain that there isnt a stock version of this.
  12. So this was seen at the Plastics In The Park show, the info for the person that took the pic said its a 454 SS test shot, maybe @steveg can shed some light on this one.
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