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  1. Alright, the 82 Van is getting another reissue, I wonder which form its getting reissued?, the last time they reissues it was as the Bad Company. Here's hoping its a 2n1 *edit, found a listing that has it as "Turtle Wax" 1982 Dodge Van Custom
  2. First completed for 2021, this is one of the few carry overs from 2020, so I had very nice head start ,JJ's 2016 Lowe's SS, early part of season( Spring Bristol) Tamiya TS 19 Met blue and TS13 Clear, Powerslide decals. I think it turned ok , had some issues getting the hood decal to go down, and the cut outs for the exhaust, it doesnt look good. Added the missing roll bars and so on. Spoiler is from the snap kit.
  3. Haha, *****, I never looked on the underside of the trunk, yep, now I see the cutout's on the top side.
  4. This is the variaton coming next(this month) You can see why the trunk lid is separate
  5. This is the next variation of this kit, due out in Feb
  6. Latest new tooling from Hasegawa, released just before Christmas.
  7. Thats to aid in doing the up coming race versions, they only have to tool some new parts instead of a new body. I believe the tunk lid will have fuel filler openings on the top.
  8. One the new tools from 2020, released towards the end of '20 *this pic's are stills from the video I did. ** not pictured is the window masking sheet, but it has one.
  9. Right, the basic kit is alright, PD bits are nice. Thats what I will probably end up building it as so I will for hit you up for those reference pics, thank you my friend.
  10. Both are nice kits, ive did the What's In The Box videos for them on my Youtube channel if you want to check them out. I will post some pics of the contents when I get a moment in the review section.
  11. Well, the plan was to get one, for a reasonable price( they are getting pricey) to build it stock, but since I got the PD version, I am going to probably build it as a police version now, and then get another to build that one stock, already have the factory paint for it 😄 I am on this kick of wanting to rebuild some kits I built as kid, and the SHO's are one of them.
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