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  1. Mine just checked into my local post office, so I should have it tomorrow.
  2. Im excited to see them do something that isnt a Super Car , more than likely will pick up the Bimmer.
  3. I want to swap out the reisn tires for rubber, now just gotta find some that will fit.
  4. Wed it will be 2 weeks, so I am still within the window then, thanks Gerry.
  5. No update since it left on the 30th, going on two 2 weeks .
  6. Straight from the can, never had issues with Tamiya being to hot on Japanese plastic, so its a head scratcher
  7. I am wondering if something changed in the formula, it was a new can I got maybe 6 months ago.
  8. This is not set in stone though , but TS sprays have been crazing recent Revell kits(review builds from very prominent builders) , being used over their primer , I had issues building a Fujmi kit using Tamiya primer and paint and it was causing issues to the plastic, mild crazing/hazing. But normally you are right Peter, so its bit odd as to why its happening.
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