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  1. Nope, thats it!, just one. Joking, no, there will be more, that's just the first one showing up.
  2. Its interesting, I myself have sort had a resurgence in wanting to build 90's ear NASCAR stuff again, for me its redoing the ones I built during the 90's when I was teen, because, well, no one needs to see them and its fun to build them at my current self skill level, sadly most of them require Slixx decals which don't age well ☹️
  3. What Justin said, there is no excuse for inaccurate new tooled kits in 2020.
  4. Haha , while the body kit isnt all that great (IMO of course), the box art makes it look worse. I don't feel AMT did a good job on most of the F&F cars , they just looked toyish IMO.
  5. Ugg, that looks like absolute vomit 🤢
  6. Yeah!, I am really interested to see how they are going to do this tooling , I really enjoyed building the tractors , they were just fun kits.
  7. You didnt buy those paints from WalMart, you bought them from TCP Global via WalMart Online, WalMart's online store is made up via third party sellers just like Amazon.
  8. Well good news, now that Tom C has sold SH, I might do business there now that it has new owners.
  9. Nice! one of my favorite short lived schemes from teh 90's.
  10. Not at all, I wanted to upgrade a component , but got issued a invalid tracking number and they couldnt tell me what was going with my order, but it was shipped......
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