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  1. One of my local LHS has irked me, filling up a empty slot with the wrong product just make it the rack look full, so instead of getting jar of semi gloss clear lacquer, its flat, and then go back about three weeks later and that same slot is still full of the product, I guess there is shortage Ok, my irk, dont fill up the slot with the wrong product just to make the rack look full, or put a sign up that indicates this is not the right product for this slot. And Irked at myself for not double checking the product I am getting is the one I want.
  2. I think there was some confusion Geoff, I was talking about white roof/wheels, not body colors.
  3. Just to be clear as I think there is some confusion , I was talking about white roofs and wheels, not body color Various Land Rover owners forums, far as I got.
  4. Other people have and posted about it, I think issues with the paint was they used over the primer too, could be user error as well, so who really knows.
  5. Well not according to info ive been finding, not saying you are wrong, just its different than what I am finding.
  6. Reading some info online, white and limestone was used on the roof on various ones. Edit, white was used on the regular version , the station wagon was limestone .
  7. Color me a shade of excited for this one. Time to fire up the research machine and find out what the body color options are.
  8. Matt, IPMS Nationals being held in Chattanooga, TN this year.
  9. I am not sure I have heard one nice thing about ZP, its all been complaints, even as far its crazed plastic, Ive heard recently a lot of negative things about the paint too. I would suggest Mr Hobby/Mr Surfacer white primer 1500, its going to go on butter smooth, I feel that Mr Hobby Mr Surfacer primers are nicer then Tamiya's. They offer both cans and jars for air brushing , you will have to thin it yourself.
  10. I think it should fit with out having to stretch the frame.
  11. The 1993 Texaco Havoline TBird when Ernie Irvan took it over late 1993 for Davey, Powerslide decals , TS14 for the black, TS Bright Red for the chassis, thats about it, I did not use the wheels backs and instead glued the wheels directly to the spindles, thats about it. This is 1 Of 6 completed, I am on my way !!
  12. Saturday , only bought one from the Hobby Linc sale, me thinks this one too will get rob for its bed and then the truck put op for sale instead of putting it away for a later date to sell. Also got a sheet of early 90's thru 2004 Goodyear tire decals and some gauge decals that I really didnt need.
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