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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Time to build more of the case of Chevy kits I bought, so first NASCAR projects of 2019, starting with Jr's final ride.
  2. Effective Paint/Decal Stripper

    Super Clean removes Tamiya primer.
  3. Effective Paint/Decal Stripper

    I for most don't have issues either.
  4. Jetsons Ford Taurus

    Nice work
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    While I am not in demo R2 is after, I don't really care if they are doing reissues, they are reissuing some kits that ive wanted to get, but the prices for them have been way more than the kits are worth to me. Of course, its always to nice to get new tooled kits too.
  6. I have to say this is really cool, nice work
  7. Super glue question

    I dont, I Googled it after reading your comment " 495 is not cheap " and one of the results showed it for $28, I didnt do any more research on pricing after that.
  8. Aoshima instructions question

    My mistake, its black and flat base, not grey, sorry , its in a little box at the bottom of step #2 ( you are building the 50 Anniversario Edition correct?)
  9. Aoshima instructions question

    B is the color that you need to mix, the colors are Field grey and flat base, it says as a 2 to 1 ratio .
  10. Super glue question

    I have nothing useful to add that will help, but geebus, $28 for a bottle!
  11. What went wrong???

    I find that it varies , its really odd and I hate trying to strip TS sprays now , but I have learned is in some cases, you can use Super Clean( not the purple stuff) to strip Tamiya TS sprays, but it only if you used Tamiya primer.
  12. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    Got this one finished up too, my replica of my own 1984 Olds Cutlass( aka gutlass) Supreme Brougham, so the kit is the 1985, but close enough, Paint is Olds Royal Light Blue from Scalefinishes. Wheels are from the MG-B kit from Aoshima, I used BMF on the bumpers,heck, I think it would be easier to list what I didnt BMF. Made changes to the interior, converted it to from bucket to bench seating, removed the center console, added a column shifter , Overall, meh, not really thrilled how it turned out. Not thrilled with the kit.
  13. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    Volvo 850 Estate Wagon, its a station wagon, not much to say 😄, painted Volvo Blue Green from Scalefinishes