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  1. FWIW, one of the wholesalers/distributors has TBA listed for it.
  2. I don't mind multi colored parts tress, well they make doing the Unboxing videos a pain by having to change the back drops , but thats a me issue, I agree, they are good for the "weekend" builders . I hope they are not on the met grey, the chassis is a light color , per the rule book( I believe that is carrying over to the new car) the main rollcage is painted , its possible the one you seen was still during testing and hadnt been painted, they get delivered to the teams painted the light grey color.
  3. Agreed, the more I looked at it, the more I thought it was a render , its a decent render and I will be happy if the kit ends up looking like it, the only main issue I see is the front wheels being way too tucked into the well. So Jim posted a reply to the announcement video I did and said he expects to be doing the Ford/Toyota's later this year, no contracts yet. He also said the kit will be molded in 3 different colors, white, black, met gray, ( body being in white) lets hope that goes for the chassis/roll cage too.
  4. Salvions just posted this on Facebook( well, link to pre order it) I believe this is the first of the new tooling.( It might be a 3D render) https://salvinosjrmodels.com/store/r-hmc2022abp-hendrick-motorsports-2022-chevrolet-camaro-alex-bowman-primary/ https://salvinosjrmodels.com/store/r-hmc2022cep-hendrick-motorsports-2022-next-gen-chevrolet-camaro-chase-elliott-9/ https://salvinosjrmodels.com/store/r-hmc2022klp-hendrick-motorsports-2022-chevrolet-camaro-kyle-larsen-5-primary-hendrickcars-com-livery/ https://salvinosjrmodels.com/store/r-hmc2022wbp-hendrick-motorsports-2022-chevrolet-camaro-william-byron-primary/
  5. I bought mine from here a few months ago https://www.jadlamracingmodels.com/revell-07676-vw-t2-camper-easy-click-1-24-plastic-model-kit/
  6. Thanks my friend, I am still around, just havent had a lot to say lately, hope you are doing ok!
  7. Adding to the list 1/24th Volkswagen Type 2 (T3)
  8. I am currently on this 30 day post moderation for putting a word in front of Probe( sure you can think of the word, think aliens) when posting I got a AMT Ford Probe kit, being my funny wise cracking self, didnt think anything of it, well, here I am. FYI , the post moderation includes the not very private messages.
  9. If you never want to have to worry about if the primer is going to be compatible with the plastic, then use the best, Tamiya or Mr Surfacer Primer.
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