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  1. So I guess I needed more Crown Vic kits( $18ea shipped, not a bad deal), and getting some different shades of Aluminum to try out, and made a quick trip to HL for a can of white primer
  2. Yes Dave, shipping has been affected everywhere, the only way you are getting stuff out of Japan right now is using private shipping carries, Japan and no, the new Mustang kit was not manufactured in Japan, its manufactured in the Philippines, its stated on the side of the box.
  3. Got some items from Custom Squads , set of mid 90's Crown Vic dog dish wheels and a light, will be used for a Phoenix Pd CV
  4. I believe that is being done for the LP Series , its a fairly new item.
  5. The Mustang as well is available in RHD now.
  6. https://www.indycals.net/decals/lemans/2020fordperflsjmustang.html
  7. Lindberg kit, Chimneyville decals , Tamiya primer/paint/clear, lightbar from the Revell Mustang Police kit. Push bar is a scratchbuilt semi close to period correct for DPS. Tamyia Panel Line accent wash added to the wheels and front vent openings/grill. Overall happy with it, just wish I was better at BMF. I used too hot for the decals setting solution so it wrinkled the decals in spot, whoops. Its close to be as accurate as I could get it, with the reference photos and my memory would allow :D( guess on the interior)
  8. Monster wanted to extend their title sponsor rights agreement for the Cup Series, but NASCAR rejected it and moved forward with their "tier" level sponsorship program, I guess they felt they could get more money that way.
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