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  1. Well said! you are on point with everything you said and is on point, even though I am a few years younger than you, I am just like your teens, I could not care any less about 50's 0r 60's or Vettes. I am very ecstatic that Round2 is spending some money tooling up two new modern subjects. I just want what the same thing that current demographic that is getting catered too, kits of the cars I grew with up, 80's and 90's , its the same thing they are getting, cars they grew up with.
  2. Models By Dave I think makes one in resin, I have two of them http://www.modelsbydave.com/?fbclid=IwAR3oZo0bI8hCiaAE7g7tNIWIP9oensAV_wkg7NehU6IgP3QQsrvdO2q03F8
  3. The AMT Ford '77 Van is another one that could be forward dated some , I think only change needed for the later years is to fill turn signals are in the body, with the later years being apart of the headlight/grill piece. Hold up, The 124inch WB length was ran till 1984, so they could update it to cover the 79-83 MY without lengthening the WB
  4. Ahh yes, Dajban style, good call!, that would be a popular kit in Japan .
  5. Forget back dating, its 2022, front date it, I believe the body stayed somewhat the same thru the 93MY(minus the changes for the new front grill piece), I agree with the above on the wheels, tool up a set of the steel and caps they ran. I wonder if they could modify the front end to bring the van into the 3rd Gen which ran from '93-'03.
  6. Leave it on, that tab supports the rear of the body , its up to you if glue is used on that part.
  7. It sounds like from what was posted in a Japanese FB model group, Tamiya is planning on a Nov release to coincide with the release of the Zed there in Japan.
  8. Adding some numbers to this The 370Z Kit is 175mm, Width: 77mm The New Zed kit is Length 183, width 84 as seen above in the kit info. The GR 86 shared some of those "dirty bits" with the original tooling, I think it was maybe less than 5% of the over tooling.
  9. No surprise ,took them long enough to announce it 😄 My only issue with this kit is , its gonna be very hard to decide between the blue and the yellow to paint it with.
  10. For me, "retro" box art really doesnt keep my boat a floating if you will, not that there are hasnt been any that I like, sure there has been.
  11. The Silverado getting the S-10 treatment and calling it a "Street Custom", must be the new name for , "we can't fully put it back to stock". It shouldnt be terribly hard to raise the ride a bit to get it close to stock if thats how one wants to roll.
  12. Mr Hobby's Mr Surfacer primer will work fine for Scalefinishes base coat paints, and is a good substitute for Tamiya, I feel that Mr Surfacer primer is just bit better than Tamiya primer.
  13. Someone commented on the newsletter video that there was a recall but I havent been able to find any info that supports that.
  14. Yes, thank you, I forget the "real" part of the rule, I think most forums have a no VPN rule in place.
  15. Burner account or not, least he has his "full name" listed like the rules state, I don't see your full name listed like the rules state, very much pot calling the kettle black, I know Danno is not your legal name😀
  16. Sesame chips being sold mostly by the pound, I don't need pounds of sesame chips.
  17. Haha, yeah, that would make it sort of difficult to do so.
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