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  1. I remember that too for some reason, I just didnt mention it in my reply to Rob
  2. Oh right, that was the last version of it to be reissued, missed it when looking it up as I only looked under MPC, doh!
  3. Which one was the '82? Nevermind, it was the Dust Devil version released in '82.
  4. Per Stevens, Round 2 is doing a "new tool" of the 1996 Chevrolet C3500 Dually Pickup Truck , going to be interesting to see what is new about it.
  5. Per Stevens, Round 2 is reissuing the 80's Ford Bronco kit.
  6. The roof is on one the black parts trees that has some of the suspension parts.
  7. Mine is currently in transit, can't wait.
  8. Its ESCI tooling from the very early 80s, I would say it leans more towards the not great side.
  9. Yeah, i'll pass, that looks like a cheap toy 😄
  10. They have the CAD data for the 4dr if they do decide to do that in the future, Steve that works for Round2 posted that on page 2 of this thread.
  11. The "suggested" retail is $37.99, Stevens has it listed but no date.
  12. Awesome, thanks for letting me know Mike, who's doing them?
  13. I guess I'll be picking this one up, I have the blue box art truck version but robbed it of some body parts to use on a van.
  14. Tamiya's Ford GT was another excellent kit with basically its 2 pieces of engine detail
  15. Gone Fishing set, nice to see that one come back , and with the Bronco this time instead of the Dodge.
  16. Thanks Steve for sharing what you can with us.
  17. The pain that there isnt a stock version of this.
  18. So this was seen at the Plastics In The Park show, the info for the person that took the pic said its a 454 SS test shot, maybe @steveg can shed some light on this one.
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