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  1. If you never want to have to worry about if the primer is going to be compatible with the plastic, then use the best, Tamiya or Mr Surfacer Primer.
  2. Which is why they are not moving forward with new Gen6 kits at the moment, exactly.
  3. No, they were working with Revell to try and get the tooling from them to use for the kits but were not able to, there was a lot of confusion but it sounded like they were going to do both, now they are focusing on the new car.
  4. Soon!, the kit boxes are being packed as we speak GjNdP6qEq4wgnYUV.mp4
  5. Overall, decent kit, it has it flaws, the windows need a bit of a work to make fit, and the type of material they used didnt liked being sanded. The way the wheels mount to the brakes isnt the best, its just a very small nub that goes into a very shallow indent on the wheel, ive know one wheel off after attaching. Some fit issues, first, there is a bit of the gap between the top of the front bumper/bottom of front fascia, not sure whats causing that. I had to remove the very from P/E piece on the frame that holds the winch, it was causing fit issues with the from bumper. Other than, it was a pretty straight forward build. The hood as you can see doesnt fit the best, possible it shrunk a little bit. Oh yeah, painting the trim molding around the wheel openings was fun, that took many many many tries , using both Tamiya's bendy tape and normal tape. I did my best to create the LED look of the headlights( didnt bother trying on the taillights), I traced over the stripes with silver sharpie and then a white paint pen, swing and a miss, the paint needed to be A/B on and the white maybe a little bit opaque to get the effect ? Happy I am with how it turned out,but its not gonna win any awards though.
  6. It was said they will only do the Gen 6 cars if they can get the tooling from Revell Where are those CAD drawings posted?, in the Salvino's Group page ?
  7. If I am going to be using a bottle thats been sitting for a good amount of time, I turn it up side down for about a day , and then shake, works pretty much every time.
  8. There is no actual formula difference between TS and AS paints, the AS line is for aircraft , so you can mix and match TS/AS all you want and there will be no chemical reaction. The AS line offers colors that are used primarily on/for aircraft.
  9. I think some of yalls need to get a hobby............oh wait.............. Anyways, getting upset over anonymous likes? yikes!, It must be really nice to have nothing else going in ones life to be able to devote time and energy to disliking an getting upset over it.
  10. That is the only acceptable one at this point 😄...............IMO of course.
  11. They are here, all the big online retailers I think have finally have their stock now, Tamiya hasnt released the entire line yet either. They are great paints, Ive been using them for a few years now, they air brush very nicely. https://www.megahobby.com/products/tamiya-lacquer-paint-lp-colors-10ml-1-3-oz-bottles.html
  12. You can self import them from sellers on Ebay.
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