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  1. Yeah...well...That's being worked on. I should have more details in a month or so.
  2. I've got one too. Got three possibilities for it and two of them involve red flashing lights. There's two fire departments in my neck of the woods that use FL series engine/tanker so that's one. Number two would be a walk-in rescue and number three would be a tow truck of some sort.
  3. I placed an order with him in the past week.
  4. No. I plan to get back to it next week. I've been finishing up a couple of car models for Classic Plastic this Sunday (Sept 16).
  5. I'll see your Orleans County Sheriff pics and raise you a City of Newport Impala. Picture courtesy of Denis Chenette. FWIW, the Newport Fire Station used to be just past the end of the lot. It moved away from downtown 10 or more years ago.
  6. Current City of Newport police cars have black front & rear clips with everything else. AFAIK, none of their cars were destroyed. Just the Orleans County Sheriff. From what I've heard (I have a friend who is a City of Newport councilor), the Sheriff was leaning towards new Fords before this happened. Again, based on what I know, the Sheriff doesn't have much choice in the graphics package as all Vermont Sheriff cars use the same basic graphics - White cars with red graphics.
  7. Mes oui. But of course.English is my first language though.
  8. I'm west of Maine but north of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. That's right. I'm in the heart of french Canada. Magog, Quebec. The top of I-91 is roughly 30 miles south of me so I can almost see Vermont.
  9. To illustrate Art's point, this was painted using his TSC method. DupliColor Hot Rod Primer covered with Scale Finishes Synergy Green which was cleared with Testors One Coat Wet Look Clear (all lacquers). It was then dehydrated and then glazed with Meguiars Professional Glaze and then waxed with Meguiars Hi-Tech Yellow Wax (both tan bottles).
  10. You're not missing anything. No lift axle YET so there's nothing to put those two wheels & tires on.
  11. No progress since last time but I thought you might like to see it on 8 of it's 14 wheels & tires.
  12. 2 full kits have given their parts for this project plus a donation of two more steer wheels. There's a total of 14 wheels & tires on it. Eight drive wheels and the rest are steer wheels.
  13. Got the shocks on the second steer axle and then I decided that I wanted to play tires. All 14 of 'em are mounted on their wheels.
  14. The LongStar has been moved to my familiar Garage and the second steer axle is on for good. Next up will be it's shocks and the actual steering gear. Why so little progress? Aside from life getting in the way, I spent a couple of hours today walking around the Industries NRC facility today. Sure wish cameras were allowed but they weren't. I do have a better idea on how certain parts are constructed on the 1:1s and that will help in scale.
  15. Has anyone got a PM like this? "I would like to send you an email to see if would like to help me out with some testing of automotive paint. All I need is your email address so I can send you some infomation about."
  16. I'm glad you all are liking my build. Here's the most recent progress. The drive axles are on and I've built up the second steer axle and it's in the approximate position it should be on the finished build.
  17. Now it gets interesting with the second steer axle in the approximate position and roughly the same deal for the two drive axles. I haven't touched the lift axle yet. The LoneStar's kit sleeper interior has been shortened to fit the resin day cab and thus mocked up just because.
  18. Thus, I present to you Project LongStar. Two kits were required just to lengthen the frame rails. Is this BIG or what? The front most steer axle is on for good while the MaxxForce is in mostly for fun.
  19. This. This being a NRC Industries Heavy Incident Manager or HIM for short. This one is mounted on a KW while mine will be mounted on a LoneStar. Kinda like this. This is also a NRC wrecker but just a straight wrecker as opposed to the HIM which is a 80/65 Sliding Rotator (SR). . .This is courtesy of NRC and I'll be going to visit the NRC plant this coming Wednesday with Mr. Plaskit (Dan Gailloux) who has known them for years..
  20. You ought to have a couple of pics in your message box. Sorry I took so long.
  21. Gimme a day or three and I'll have mine for ya.
  22. FWIW, the engine cover/cowl sells for $17. Never saw the wheels or the chain cover.
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