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  1. curt42241 added a post in a topic The Last Detail   

    Hi Curt Baker Here!

    The Last Detail, Inc. was never terminated as a company. It went like this:
    I did allow James Tester to sell my decals for awhile but the transfer didn't really take off. Then I listed them on the Model Cars website that has things for sale.

    Got a few nibbles and the best one was from www.thepartsbox.com which is located in Australia. I sold the decal inventory, instruction sheets, name, artwork and everything to them for my asking price.

    I have enjoyed the break from the business and am enjoying modeling and doing some decal artwork when time permits.

    Jason and Michele Richter are behind The Parts Box. They are WONDERFUL people and I highly recommend doing business with them!

    I just peeked at their site to see what was new and noticed they have a new resin 428 Ford engine that looks super. They have a BB too.

    They sell my former decals with free shipping worldwide! Take the directions in the other answer from the Swede to find the decals on their site, but it is easy to find them anyhow. They have a nice site.

    Recently I have done some artwork for a resin caster - Jeff Watlington at Time Machine Resins. The decal artwork is for an upcoming Cyclone Spoiler II kit release.

    After that I did the artwork for ALPS printing of exterior and interior graphics for the largely neglected Dart Sport Hang Ten - did the 75 but the 74 could be made also. Using the AMT/ERTL 1975 Plymouth "Duster" (mismarked) kit and with Harry Fogerty's help, the 71 Duster chassis (shortened a bit).

    Harry Fogerty (of Louisville, KY) printed the Hang Ten decals and did a fantastic job. His model is complete already, looks mighty nice and I am just getting going on mine, but am way excited about it!

    My most recent artwork is for personal projects such as special Camaro's, and Nova's, along with a very rare edition of the Viper released in the 1990's. Printed some on laser and some were done for me on ALPS. I have a year's worth of projects to work on.

    Anyone know where I can find a nice resin stinger hood for 67 Camaro and 68 Nova?

    It is nice to know my efforts are still remembered. Everything but the Duster/Demon sheet I think they still offer for sale.

    Take care all!

  2. curt42241 added a post in a topic Pinstripe Decals   

    The Last Detail had some pinstripe decals in six colors (including silver and gold) and single and dual stripes.

    Very thin stripes in scale for factory style pinstripes.

    They were sold to www.thepartsbox.com during the past summer, if you want that kind. they are under decals and then the very bottom item under The Last Detail.

    Curt Baker
  3. curt42241 added a post in a topic Completed: Porsche Carrera GT   

    Gorgeous! Love the interior and engine bay! I am with Leon on the CF decals - that would be a ton of work! Curt Baker
  4. curt42241 added a post in a topic Panasport Wheels   

    Thanks Bob! How will I know if this comes to pass? Will probably be limited run and I don't want to miss it.
  5. curt42241 added a post in a topic Panasport Wheels   

    What abt this new Revell 67 Corvette kit with minilites? Are they too big for the Vega?

    I gave up trying to put a photo of this kit on here but it is in the Revell catalog at Revell.com


  6. curt42241 added a post in a topic Panasport Wheels   

    Thanks! I think the panasports are a closer match ... if I can find 'em. Thanks very much! If I had the minilites I'd try those but don't have those kits to bash.
  7. curt42241 added a topic in General   

    Panasport Wheels
    I am looking for Panasport wheels for the Cosworth Vega I have been planning for awhile.

    Hiroboy had them but now they don't - anyone know where I can find 'em?


    Curt Baker
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  8. curt42241 added a post in a topic Cosworth Vega?   

    Yes, I have a set of the decals that Keith traded me some years ago along with others and I traded him some of my Last Detail decals so that is what set me in motion on this path.

    Seems Keith has a photo of the resin engine too shown in the same set of frames as his Cosworth Decals.

    Nice idea on the wheels, I thought of minilites too but they aren't quite right. The styrene behind them would be a real challenge as rusty as I am.

    Currently I am debating whether to sell or build the sealed '76 Vega kit I have. Keith's decals have given me pause abt selling.

    If you hear anything abt the engine (I have posted Keith abt it too) or the wheels I would greatly appreciate it.

    The Cosworth wheels may be a project for as my skills become more re-lubed, after this >ten year layoff in building.

    Soon I will be posting photos of my Cougar Eliminator (started over ten years ago before I stopped building to be The Last Detail) but have been struggling with the battery hardware and the poorly configured (inaccurate) engine bay. By next weekend it should be ready to post a photo or two. what the heck, here is one from a week ago.

    Thanks guys!


  9. curt42241 added a topic in General   

    Cosworth Vega?

    I am considering building a Cosworth Vega and a few questions came to mind:

    1) Is there a promo of it?
    2) Where does one get accurate wheels for a Cosworth Vega?
    3) Has there been a diecast?


    Curt Baker
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  10. curt42241 added a topic in General   

    Last Detail Decals at emodelcars
    Hi All,

    Offering them one more time before I pack them away ...

    Just a note to lyk I have placed my entire superdetailing decal inventory for sale at this link:


    Lots of decals left in the inventory and worth almost 20X the starting price at retail!

    The kits for these decals are still readily available and still popular!!

    Musclecars show no signs of weakening popularity at all...

    Thanks for looking and please email with any questions.

    Curt Baker
    The Last Detail
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  11. curt42241 added a post in a topic Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?   

    Bring back the hi tech Gunze Ferrari GTO
    Ferrari 275 GTB
    70 AMX
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4
    1949 Plymouth
    1963 Rambler Classic/Ambassador
    Jag D-Type
    1968 Nova (with Chevy II emblem on hood) and dog dish hubcaps
    1973 Pontiac Grand Am/GTO
    1962 Dodge Dart Wagon
    1960 Edsel Conv't
    1958-60 Lincoln Conv't
    Yenko Stinger Corvair

    Curt Baker
  12. curt42241 added a post in a topic Model with 390 Ford engine?   

    Hi All,

    Barry Beacham was very gracious and sent me a nice 390 with hipo intake and I greatly appreciated it!!

    Everyone was very helpful! I sent Barry a set of my 57 Chevy decals for his project and hope he finds them useful.

    Thanks again everyone!!

    Curt Baker
  13. curt42241 added a topic in General   

    Model with 390 Ford engine?

    I am looking for a readily available model kit with a Ford 390 engine in it in 1/25th scale. It is for a 68 Fastback I am planning (like a guy in my high school had in 1971).

    Thanks for any and all help!

    Curt Baker
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  14. curt42241 added a topic in General   

    The Last Detail Decal Entire Inventory Posted on emodelcars!
    Hi all,

    Jus a note to lyk I have placed my entire superdetailing decal inventory for sale at this link:


    Lots of decals left in the inventory and worth almost 20X the starting price at retail!

    Thanks for looking and please email with any questions.

    Curt Baker
    The Last Detail
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