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    What an incredible build you're doing. Build? It's more like a work of art! Fwiw I borrowed the 427 CSX once owned by Tony Hogg of R&T from an
    owner before he had it, my friend Mike Clark of Altoona, Pa., for photography in Georgano's book "A History of Sports Cars". I drove it for a week and will never forget that.
    I recall getting onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Bedford and as I nailed it and flew past an 18-wheeler, the driver gave me a big wind-it-up sign with his arm and blasted his horns.
    Attached is one of the many cars I should have kept from those years.
    Don Struke
    Check my car pix plus my B&W of Donohue and Penske at the '66 Marlboro Trans Am race at http://don-struke.artistwebsites.com/