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  1. Great job! Nice to see a stock one now and again!
  2. I am looking forward to getting one of these, the box art is excellent!
  3. Nice job so far! Not to be nitpicky, but the car is a Fairlane Cobra, not a Torino CJ. The Cobra was supposed to be a low buck entry level muscle car with a high-performance big block like the Plymouth Roadrunner. The AMT box always calls it a Torino Cobra, as do many others, but that is a misnomer. The 1969 Torino and Cobra were 2 different models.
  4. There are various levels of models displayed on this site, this is probably one of the very best! It transcends what we mere mortals mostly do here. Outstanding in every way!
  5. I saw them too. When I went to order a set it occurred to me that it is only a few bucks more to get another Mooneyes dragster, that includes an engine and other good parts, so that's what I did! 😁
  6. Very nice! Really accurate details. I remember a lot of the later ones ('83-'87) in that color combination.
  7. Wow! This is super cool! Great color and paint, super interior work and the body modifications are nice without being too gaudy.
  8. Great job on a hard to build kit! That's a great color and the engine is a nice upgrade from the one in the kit.
  9. Did the red issue have SS454 on the valve covers instead of the SS427 on the black one? I have seen pics that seem to suggest that, I have never had the red kit myself. It would be nice if they included both in the reissue.
  10. Wow! That's cool! You don't see his '63 very often! Great job!
  11. FWIW, I found these on Ebay, 1/24 resin cast. I am pretty sure they are the slots from the '66 Malibu. The seller's name is forward_resin. I have no connection at all, but I have bought a number of items and they are good quality, and the service was very good.
  12. That is a stunner! Great color, nice details and super job on the vinyl top!
  13. Cool! Love the scoop, wheels and tires. Your choices work perfectly......
  14. Nice! I always liked that color scheme.
  15. Another great job! It reminds me of the one you did in black with the trim removed, hopped up engine and black steel wheels on whitewall slicks. You have knack for the stockers for sure, but these mild hot rods are really cool too.....
  16. YES!!!! I think that the model companies got burned with the 80's and 90's era Vette kits and are now gun shy, but they have to realize the C7 and C8 are completely different animals. I would love to see full detail kits of the C7 Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR-1 as well as the C8 in any configuration.
  17. Great little dragster! Nice job!
  18. Great job! You may be one of the youngest builders on here, but your work is certainly right on.
  19. Nice to see your models again! Nice job, I really like the light weathering on the chassis and under the hood. It is very realistic.
  20. Super job! Great color, the modifications all work together very well, stunning model!
  21. I have not bought a lot of 3D parts, just a few things on ebay. I saw the MapleLeaf items on here and decided to order. I got the quick change for the '29/30 Ford, some Olds engine parts, and the sbc fenderwell headers. They look great! Turn around time was very fast, I expected it to take longer. Everything was packed very well. I will definitely be getting more items, the service for my items was excellent!
  22. I never had the red version either, but the mags sure do look like the ones in the Early Iron kits and the Monogram '55 Chevy street machine (black version of the Badman).
  23. Drag City Casting has a nice up top for the '32 roadster. They are excellent and Ed Fluck, the owner, is great to deal with. I think that Dennis Lacy did the master for it.
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