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  1. Great weathering and details! A lot of thought put into this and it shows!
  2. Beautiful job! Great color combination and nice detailing!
  3. So glad these are back, I have a soft spot for them because I remember them from when I was a kid. I actively bought them all about 10 years ago on Ebay, before the prices went nuts, but I will get these too. I hope they make the Gremlin also, that is the hardest one to get. It would be nice if they had the early issue body tins in them, but it looks like they are the later issues. I would like to see the Vanana Split and Streeto Vandito again too, along with the ambulance and police versions too. Very possible it would seem if the funny cars sell well.
  4. Love it! So great that it survived all these years! I have never seen those wheels before, did they come with the kit?
  5. Had a good trade with RT6PK, thanks Jamie!
  6. Great job! Love that engine! I have a couple of these, I think I might take the engine and drop it in one of the new Atlantis rails.
  7. Cool! Looks like most of the trucks running around where I grew up back then!
  8. Wow! Great job! Love that roll bar and the belt is outstanding!
  9. Had a good trade with Khils, Thanks Kevin!
  10. I know this is an old thread, but man, that is a fine model! Easily one of the best builds of the Lindberg kit I have seen.
  11. Thanks, I know about Modelhaus tires, they are very nice. I'm looking specifically for the Monogram slicks or exact resin copies of them. There was a guy on ebay who cast them in resin and you had to paint them, but it doesn't look like he makes them anymore.
  12. I am looking for the pie crust slicks that are in a number of Monogram 1/24 kits. They are black vinyl/rubber with a plastic snap in insert. They came in the the Lil Coffin, Orange Hauler, Blue Beetle and Bandito reissue, Boot Hill Expess, Little Deuce, Little T, maybe others. I am fine with good resin copies as well. There used to be someone who made them, but I don't think they do any more. I can use multiple sets and I have a lot of stuff to trade. Any help appreciated!
  13. Wow! Super nice! I thought it was a real Cobra at first glance.
  14. Where is the model? Seriously, outstanding job!
  15. Nice trading with you too! Thanks again!
  16. Really cool! Love the color! I just got one of these first issue 55's on ebay and the guy packed it poorly so the windshield broke on mine too. Luckily, I was able to repair it.
  17. Well, I am thinking he probably paid more than it is worth and is now trying to generate some hype. I was looking and a real '67 GT-350 in perfect restored condition can go as high as 200k. This car is not that. It is a hacked up shell and would probably cost too much to bring it back, assuming it is real to start with (Which I think it is). As a vintage drag car it has NO known pedigree or provenance, so it is a kind of neat collection of vintage parts, but as the guy in the Hot Rod Hoarder video was saying, the patina is almost too perfect and it doesn't appear to have fit any class, except possibly an obscure one in AHRA. So it isn't worth that much as a Shelby or as a vintage drag car, it is the "mystery" or story that seems compelling here and as I said in my earlier post, I am almost sure it is not as big a deal as these guys would like to think it is. The idea that it may have been a wreck turned into a race car seems very plausible after seeing that second video.
  18. Nice! I should have grabbed one of the Drag City 5 windows, I don't think you can get them anymore.
  19. A lot of neat projects going on! I really like the chopped 5 window window, the '34 pickup and the Lindberg '32 pickup.
  20. Super job! A well designed and cleanly built show rod!
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