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  1. Beautiful work! Your careful building took a basic kit to an extraordinary level!
  2. The headers are scratch built, I used sprue from a Moebius '56 Chrysler and Evergreen tubing for the collectors. They still need some more clean up before paint. The first one wasn't hard to make, but it is very hard to make 2 that are close in shape so they exit about the same on both sides.. At least for me! Normally, I would use solder, but I wanted to see how this would go.
  3. This is my current project, a lot done, but also a lot to do.
  4. Outstanding work! The added details and color choices are excellent. This is by far, the best build of this kit I have ever seen!
  5. Nice job! You really captured the look of a TROG racer! The weathering is just right!
  6. That's looking good with those wheels and tires. Looks like they are from the Lil Coffin? Stance is good too!
  7. I have said this a few times before in HPIGuy's defense, but once again, he is not, nor is he purporting to be, a master builder. His videos are not about that. There are a lot of other videos on YouTube specifically about building models, of all kinds, at incredible levels. He is giving you a "What's in the box" and a quick build so you can see it together and he can comment on how it goes together. I will give you that he is usually very "tactful" about saying something is bad, but he is also in the business of review and needs the companies on his side. I watch his videos and know by the end if I am buying or not. It's kind of like the hobby shop display models of old, only in a contemporary video format.😉
  8. The AMT '65 GTO has one, it has a blobular carb molded to it. Looks very similar, if not the same, as the one in the '65 Bonneville in the directions posted above.
  9. That's because they kind of were... Cobras were not high tech, driving a 427 Cobra was brutal. Tremendous power in a package that barely can contain it. That was the whole point and why they are legendary today. The ex Monogram kit is older, not sure why it is being marketed as new, but a pretty nice and accurate model.
  10. Certainly one of the finest car models I have seen......
  11. Excellent work! Probably the best build I have seen of this kit!
  12. Your builds and photography are outstanding!
  13. larman

    2 for '22!

    Tremendous job on both models! The photography is topnotch also!
  14. Outstanding work! The detail is fantastic!
  15. Kool! Love the roll bar! It looks good without fenders too.
  16. I too love the old Monogram kits, along with the AMT Trophy Series. I have multiples of nearly all of them, some restorable built ups, some unbuilt in box and a ton of parts. The only one I need is an unbuilt, in box original '40 Ford pickup. I will pay up when the right one presents itself!
  17. That's really cool! You really captured the look you are going for!
  18. This is about as dead on for a vintage roadster as it gets! Super job so far!
  19. It is a Buick. They made them from around 1930/31 to 1953. It is probably a 320 cid, or at least started out that way, which was the biggest factory version.
  20. Nice weathering! Those are so nicely done they could be movie props!
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