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  1. Nice! I wouldn't mind having a real one like that!
  2. Nice job, I really like the weathering and engine mods you did on the wrecker!
  3. Great job on this! You really captured the look of the real truck!
  4. Outstanding models and photography!
  5. If you go with the Y-block, you might be able to use the headers that are in the AMT '56 Ford instead of stock manifolds .
  6. Beautiful work! The interior detail is outstanding!
  7. Very nice! That color is great! The under hood detail looks good too!
  8. Wow! Outstanding! The detailing is incredible! Probably the best Willys gasser model I have seen!
  9. Very nice! You say the valve covers are not correct, but why wouldn't they be if the car is modified? They were made for a 413/426 wedge engine and you are using them on a 440. They are all RB blocks, so they should be interchangeable, especially in scale. Any way, that is a great color and even though you don't like the wheels, they look great on just about everything.
  10. That makes total sense, Alan. I don't see why it should be a problem, but I am also not a moderator.....
  11. Another winner! Your Monogram builds are super! Love the color and stance. That dash is cool too!
  12. Nice job! I like the mods you did, they work well for this era car. The real ones were beasts at the time and it is a shame they seem to be kind of overlooked.
  13. Nice! Great stance and the under hood detail is outstanding!
  14. Excellent job! Great color choice! I like the multi-tone interior.
  15. The original issues did not always have the same color as the box either. I had the Monogram Charger "The Fiend", first issue with the body tin. I think the box art was red or orange and the body was molded in a gross dark olive green. I was a young kid and very disappointed, so my dad spray painted it blue for me, I still have it!
  16. The Monogram 1970 GTX and Superbird have a 440 6 pack in 1/24 scale. The Amt 1969 GTX and 1970 Super Bee have the same in 1/25.
  17. Wow! Another absolute stunner! Beautiful color combination!
  18. I like it. Things were different back then. My dad was working at a Dodge dealer in the early to mid 70's and he told me that custom paint could be done as long as they could provide a paint code and the cost was something like an additional $50 to the cost of the vehicle.
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