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  1. Super job! It is so hard to do stuff in 1/20 scale, but this is probably the best hot rodded Hubley model I have seen. Love the color too.
  2. That's really cool! I really like what you did with the moon tank and front end, much better than it is box stock. The group photo is neat also!
  3. Eventhough I did not know him, this hit almost as hard as when you find out about a friend you have known for some time. He was such a great writer and as so many have said, made you feel like you knew him. It is just a terrible thing. I really enjoyed the blog he was doing and looked forward to seeing the emails when they popped up. Condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Oh. My info said the separate kits were 1965 and the Wild One was 1966. I saw it on the internet, so it must be true... 😉 Well, serves me right for trying to be a know it all, when it doesn't really matter anyway!😁
  5. The recently issued AMT '29 kit is the MPC kit and I am guessing the new one will be the same with Coke decals added.
  6. That's not the original issue. The original issues were 2 separate kits: Issued around 1965
  7. The AMT '67 Chevelle has a nice set of headers, so does the Revell '67 Pro Street. The AMT set has what looks like SuperTrapps on the ends, but I just cut them away, cleaned up the ends and drilled them out.
  8. Looks like it held up pretty well for 37 years! Nice job! The Daytona body looks good as a Pro Street car.
  9. Very cool little models, your restos look great! A little trivia: LineMar Toys were Marx toys manufactured in Japan to reduce costs, I believe.
  10. A LaSalle transmission in 1/25 would be great! That complete 1/16 Olds engine is really cool also!
  11. Wow! Outstanding! Super paint,! Chassis and engine are fantastic! Stellar model!
  12. I don't know, but the other part I forgot about is "cloned". Maybe that is how those parts are being added. FWIW, There is an awb chassis in the Tempest, Nova, Mustang, Falcon and Cyclone, which are all recent reissues.
  13. Looks great! Your builds are always very inspiring! The stance is perfect and the swapped parts are dead on! I am not a fan of T-buckets either, but this one is definitely cool!
  14. Given the info we have in front of us, the fact that the subject has supposedly been mentioned and we will "freak out" (perhaps a reference to a street freak or awb type kit) I would say it is "the Streaker" AWB Olds kit. This makes sense given the fact that the majority of parts are already available with the reissue of the 442 and convertible '64 kits. My second guess would be the '65 Chevelle AWB, which would be super awesome. Either one would be great in my book, but I would really love to have the Chevelle again. I foolishly sold mine in the early days of ebay and they are very pricey now.
  15. Well, you are in luck! At least as far as the funny cars are concerned.....Atlantis is reissuing them. I see the Camaro, Charger, Duster and Mustang are available for preorder on ebay now. The Vega, Pinto, Gremlin and Mustang II are supposed to be coming in the near future. It would be cool to see the Streeto Vandito, Vanana Split and the emergency versions of those available again too!
  16. So it has the AG body now? I guess I didn't need to buy the resin one then, lol.
  17. Great job! Those MPC kits are finicky........
  18. Yeah, I saw that HPI Guy had similar issues in his build video, supposedly they are correcting the problems for the second run. Anyway, yours looks very good despite your trouble!
  19. Well, it looks great! It sounds like you had problems building it by your comments?
  20. Outstanding model and photography, love your color choices!
  21. Super job! The combination of smart choices and a perfect stance make this model what it is! Love everything about it!
  22. Great job on your Fairlane Cobra! Love the color and mods you did! The grille is really cool.
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