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  1. The sedan delivery had mags that were very similar to Pontiac Rally II wheels. The ones on the box art shown for the new kit are from the '39 Coupe, so they must have switched them into the delivery kit.
  2. Yes! Those wheels and tires look great! Perfect choice.
  3. FWIW, I have used the 3×2 intake from the AMT '58 Impala on small block engines and it works with minimal modification. It looks pretty close too. I used carbs from a Revell parts pack.
  4. Nice work! Would love to see all the Monogram classics reissued.
  5. I could help you with the Corvette valve covers and intake, but I will not be able to get to my model parts until closer to the end of August. I am guessing you want to have the car done by then.
  6. larman


    Great job! I really like the under hood details and engine.
  7. It's looking really good! I like the wide whites and steel wheels a lot! The 5 spokes look good too. I guess it just depends on what era you are going for, the wide whites are more late 50's/early 60's and the 5 spokes would be more mid to late 60's or later. I like either choice better than the chrome reversed ones you had on it earlier. Did you get your Corvette valve covers and 3x2 intake?
  8. I always liked both of these. Probably my favorites of your builds, along with your yellow Monogram '30 Woody. The red/brown primer one reminds me of Robert Williams roadster before he ruined it with that goofy yellow and purple paint job it has now....
  9. Yours does look good! I bought one too, eventhough I was not crazy about the car, I liked the box art so much also.
  10. That's great! Super job of adding the right parts to make it look like the others in that series.
  11. I am perfectly fine with people making stupid decisions when it only affects them, but there were innocent people involved here and they don't really seem to be too bothered by that. I should think that there is a hefty lawsuit here and the owner of the Mercury has no leg to stand on.
  12. Are you talking breathers for the valve covers, or do you mean air cleaners for the 2 barrel carbs? I have a number of 283 and 327 Corvette finned valve covers, but none that have separate breathers.
  13. Outstanding! Your details and paint work are very realistic!
  14. Wow! Great job and nice photography!
  15. That's really nice! You did a great job! Sounds like your cousin had some cool cars!
  16. Looking good! The Revell '29 Ford roadster has a smbc 3×2 intake and carbs. There are guys who sell just the engine on ebay......
  17. Very nice! Beautiful paint work!
  18. Very nice work! It is nice to see the earlier color combo.
  19. Those are very cool! Those 2 were favorites of mine too. I also loved the chopped '36 Ford coupe, light blue with red and white graphics. BTW, where did you get the decals?
  20. I just watched the first episode. Not sure if I like it yet, but that GMC is super cool!
  21. I always liked this model and remember the article well! The Street Roadster class is very interesting and seems to be largely overlooked in scale.
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