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  1. We might have some spare-parts if parts of the trailer are broken Jacobus.
  2. Really good looking, but..... I would consider other wheels/tires for the truck. The trailer has really detailed one's but the kit tires don't look right now.
  3. Curious about the trailer....... https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/finished-models/xl-specialized-bd-t/ Hessel
  4. Revell has all the instructions on a data-base online and since they issued this lonestar as well....
  5. Looking real good. Whit some extra time I could probably draw it and CNC mill the parts, but.... so many other things to do ;-)
  6. I was scrolling trough the topics and saw this one. I have been able to develop two bottom dump trailers. You can find them on our Fotki site: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/centerline-bottom-d/ http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/xl-specialized-bd-t/ thanks for you replies. Hessel
  7. Get me some details and I will give it a try
  8. In the meanwhile I have finished the Mack for 99%. Still the fifth wheel needs to be installed. License plate and other minor detailing needs to be done. You can find all the photo's on our Fotki site: https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/mack-trident/ Thanks for the reply's Hessel
  9. For a few months I have been working on an Australian Mack Trident. I have used the generic chassis of the US Italeri trucks and added an axle to it. The tanks are modified from Revell. The engine should be the Mack E7 but I decided to use the motor if the donor kit instead. The cab is a Auslowe resin one. First some base white and then a yellow colour was added. The wheels are a different storie. I decided to rework the wheels I had developed for the 'Conforti' Mack and also developed tires for that. I had them 3d printed. A dry fit with the wheels on it and the chassis painted dark gray. And in some later stage again a dry fit with the cab on the chassis. I have deleted a frame for the rear fenders. Parts are CNC milled and then fixed together. The Mack is about 90% ready. Still some parts have to be placed and some weathering needs to be done. Final photo's will be placed in time. The truck is intended in front of my TRT widening trailer.
  10. I did read that and feel flattered ;-) Koos sent me a message about your build so I looked it up. A link to all the photo's I took of my build: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/in-progress-models/mack-dm800-conforti/ Hessel
  11. That's looking alright Dennis. As you stated the frame was made to get the right height for the fifth wheel. I had it CNC milled on my stepcraft. The wheels were developed by me and are 3d printed which makes the weight much less. Looking forward to the result. by the way: Jerre Reeter did the decals I used.
  12. You could have them 3D printed.... I have developed some rims before and everything is possible. Hessel the Netherlands Europe
  13. I would love more info about the prototype Turbine truck that Ford once made. If I want to contact Ford about it where would I go since they retired building big rigs. Would love the idea of making a scale model of this one. I have seen some photos on Facebook but any drawing or something in that kind would be a great help.
  14. Aftermarket stuff: http://www.czechtruckmodel.com/cateur.php http://www.modelmakershop.com/web/ Hessel
  15. The kits was developed by Heinz Schwartz of the http://www.modelmakershop.com/modelmakershop/ with help from Guido Kehder. Guido is an excellent builder of all kinds of models. Visit his website if your interested. It's in German but on the left you will find models and models in progress. http://www.die-leitplanke.de Hessel
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