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  1. Nice job! That looks identical to the one at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo that I saw a few weeks ago... maybe a few different colors but that's the first thing that popped in my head.
  2. Beautiful... I need to start my diorama again... lol
  3. I wish I had some extra too... :/ I'll be looking on like eBay and what not too and maybe I'll stumble upon some parts that I can do a little DIY to to make work.
  4. That's perfect! I will definitely look that route then, I just don't have any puddy right now... lol so once I do I'll explore those options, since I don't have the extra cash I'll finish my chassis and go from there. Thanks man
  5. Sorry for the shaky pic I'm more worried about the rear tires, since they are wider than the front ones. And this pic is without the brake calibers in place, as well as the rims not being placed on the axles. I just rested the body of the car on them because in reality the body would only be about 1 or 2 16th's higher than it is. The rears are about 1/16th out, the fronts are pretty dang close to even with the body. But again that's without the brakes... and I still need to find a way to put them on the axles. Hope that helps, and Explorer, those are sweet, I wish I could use those because they would help so much with the theme I'm going for...
  6. Well... For my 05 Shelby Mustang build, I have been wondering about this. When I dry fit my rims to the chassis and body, the wheels are just a little too wide to fit into the wheel wells unless they stick out a little. Is there anyone who makes compatible body kits for 05 Mustangs? Or is this a scratch build thing? As well as a racing spoiler... Much appreciated if any of you could help!
  7. I just keep trying, then when it's like "c'mon... seriously" I just go to a different part of the model to work or stop for the night, cool down and try again the next day with more patience.
  8. I hear ya. I was able to get some assembly and more paint done for the chassis. I didn't like how most of the scheme was black so I painted things like the sway bars and shocks red, the axles and control arms steel/aluminum, and what not. Just to give it detail. But Richard Bell had some 18" BBS rims and tires, I am forever grateful for those they will look sweet with the car!
  9. Sorry guys I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to get pics yet, how's everyone's build going?
  10. That makes sense. To kinda keep that "in mind" or something for later, I think you get what I mean. My wish of course would be to work at a sports card shop or hobby shop... I know as a teen though that's obviously hard to do... lol, I'm going to keep looking around of course, I really haven't decided on where to try to apply though. For the fact in sports cards I've been around that hobby since I can remember and it just comes so natural, as well as the modelling hobby. Thing is in sports cards, the local shop has Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments and what not (no I don't play that lol) but they have a young age group of workers running the shop which gives me some sort of hope a 1st job there or at a different one would be possible. Hobby shops seem to be run by older people (no offense) but they've been around the block which is a good thing because they are very knowledgeable. I would take it as a learning experience for me but I'm also knowledgeable in the hobby and would also be an asset. Thing is I like a relaxed work environment. Hobby shops of any sort would be an amazing first job just to learn from those who know the craft and/or be able to work in a hobby area I love most (as in both)
  11. Sadly I prefer Sharpie's... For sure, that was actually my thought. It allows for me to not only exercise a talent but allows for innovative problem solving, testing and building up of my patience, and minute attention to detail because in the end presentation is #1.
  12. That is what I will change it to then. Perfect! Thanks Charlie
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