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  1. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic 1977 U-Haul truck project   

    Awesome project!! I love all the little details.
  2. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Kenworth K100 "High-Ballin'" movie ?s   

    Thank you!
  3. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic I just listed some items if anyone is interested   

    That is a very sweet truck! I wish you well with your auction.

  4. 69A-CAR added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Kenworth K100 "High-Ballin'" movie ?s
    Hey all,

    Like I need another project! But after just watching this movie I really want to built a K100 just like "Iron Duke" Jerry Reed drove. Anyone know where there are any still shots of the trucks in that movie? Not sure where I would start, I think the cab would be best cut down from a Revell one, I know I can get most of the decals from Modeltruckin, not sure on the rear suspension it's air ride but not an 8 bag. Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone that has any info.

    Take care,

    PS: The movie is streaming on Netflix now, if you have an account, check it out!
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  5. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Painting   

    I too use a lot of spray cans. For color, I really like the Testors "one coat" lacquer paints, I wish they made them in nonmetallic colors though. I like the Tamiya sprays too, when I can get them, both of those I use over a duplicolor primer. I wet sand the primer with 600 grit, then sand and polish as needed after the clear is on.
    I would say these are the most important details to me:
    Clean, clean, clean, wash any and all parts to be painted and let air dry, I'm not the most patient person at times, but this is important.
    What is the temp and humidity where you are painting?
    Watch the thickness of your coats, heavy coats are much more prone to orange peel. Use lighter mist coats, especially on those testors enamels

    Practice on some old junk cabs, and once you find what works for you, stick with it.

  6. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Anyone used M.C.A. aluminum wheels from KFS?   

    I have a few sets here, I have had issues with photobucket so i can't post pics right now. They do not attatch the same as a plastic wheel, there is no way to secure them to the axle and maintain the ablity to roll as the hub is part of the wheel.. As for the other issues, I have not had any. I am not knocking them, overall they are nice for the price.

  7. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Good word for casters   

    I am very happy with all of the parts I have gotten from Eric aka "Porky". First class guy all the way, I just got his Pete 352 110" and it will be next, but I need a few more parts first. As for Gary, he makes several parts I want too, hopefully I can get some soon. Daniel at Plaskit makes sweet parts too, I have a 377 SFFA hood of his here for a little city truck I am working on. Very clean castings on his parts too!

  8. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Aluminum 10-hole alcoas   

    Those are very nice wheels! I have a set of the pete wheels, I need a set of those hubs like yours, they are sweet! Hopefully, I will have mine on a build first of next year!

  9. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Kenworth T 600 rebuild   

    You are such a great builder! Your attention to detail is fantastic.

  10. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic pete 352 110" heavy haul   

    Man I love your truck! Great build, the KTA sure looks sweet, I hope Eric casts a newer style engine sometime, but that one fits your Pete perfect.
  11. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Pro Star and 53 ft Great Dane reefer   

  12. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic pete 352 110" heavy haul   

    Looks like an awesome truck! Sounds like another fan of that Testors onecoat paint
  13. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic 2012 releases   

    I like that kit! I will definately pick one up.
  14. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic Pete Snapper   

    Very nicely done and I love the outdoor pics too!
  15. 69A-CAR added a post in a topic 1/16 PETE 359 IN THE LINE UP FOR NEXT YEAR   

    Amazing amount of complaining about these!? If you don't want one or can't display it, or just don't like it, well don't buy one! As for the model companies paying attention, they are, these bring a small fortune on ebay, and they (model manufacturers) have a fairly small risk compared to tooling up for a completely new truck.