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  1. RatGasser added a post in a topic Historic Racing Community Build   

    Well.... Here are some pictures of Drag Race Maverick:

    I will replace those chrome lights.

    Engine is Ford 428 Super Cobra Jet and it have one Dominator.

  2. RatGasser added a post in a topic Dodge A-100 AWB (WIP)   

    Thank you everybody!

    Im going to finish this when i get orange spray. But now every free time i got goes to my RatRods ;D
  3. RatGasser added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Dodge A-100 AWB (WIP)

    I'm new at here and my ehglish is so bad as it can be But you guys just try to understand what i say.

    Then to the this model!
    I bought this about year ago and its made from Linbergs Little red wagon.
    Then i built it to a gasser but some sunny day i got to my head an idea!
    That idea was to change this to Altered wheelbase racer.
    I took 71 Cudas hemi and put it 14/71 blower.

    Here are some photos:

    That is the first look:

    And that is what it looks now:

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  4. RatGasser added a post in a topic Historic Racing Community Build   

    I can join to this with my Ford Maverick Drag Racer and 1969 Rambler American ''Roadsport V8''. I give you some photos later....