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  1. Noticed the same thing. "Caaan't give you the additional loo you need because your foundation is collapsed and it must be fixed."
  2. What scale is that '66 Galaxie, and any idea who made it? I don't remember ever seeing one like it.
  3. I want to mention that whatever type of CA or Testors cement that Rick decides to use, he should keep it very far away from clear parts. That is what the white glue, canopy cement, double sided tape, Mod Podge, etc is for.
  4. Definitely an HEI distributor. Aluminum intake as well, looks like a little hot-rodding was afoot.
  5. It takes forever to dry when it is used at intended for decoupage.
  6. Looking at the MCG '66 442 fret, the "442" emblems look close enough in size to use on this kit. Swap in a 4-speed trans and a suitable shifter.Need to look at the kit air cleaner vs. the 65 Chevelle/ElCamino, but cobbling together a dual snorkel version doesn't look difficult so far. Found the 1:1 air cleaner decals online that can be reduced and printed. Seems like a 442 conversion wouldn't be difficult.
  7. That makes more sense for a ship hull where you can do it from the inside (to me anyway). I haven't had great luck with engine/transmission halves. If I can somewhat get them stuck together, I can go back over the outside seams and that usually works OK.
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