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  1. Rodent added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    One of the things that I love about Canada is how all these wonderful cars come out of the woodwork when the weather is good. We were in the wilds of the Ontario "wine country" in 2009 and wound up at a 4 way stop with a 68 Beaumont SD 396 convertible. Seems like Ontario has been better for my car spotting, but it looks like BC is good too. I just didn't experience it during my visits.
  2. Rodent added a post in a topic 409 c.i.d. engine decals FOUND!!   

    I don't condone stealing the intellectual property of others, but on numerous occasions I have found the 1:1 decal on the internet, reduced the image, and printed it on decal paper for my model use.
  3. Rodent added a post in a topic 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! 9/3/17   

    From what I remember,  backed up by looking at Mustang vacuum schematics online:
    1968 - 200, 289, 302 had Thermactor with MT, IMCO with AT. 390 and 428 had Thermactor regardless of transmission. 
    1969 - Thermactor remained on the 428, everything else was IMCO no matter which transmission. 
    1970 - 428 finally loses the Thermactor and gains the IMCO system, which explains your Cougar.
    I owned a 68 302 4V 4 speed from 1977 to 2001 and it had a Thermactor.  Interesting noises when backing off of the throttle when cold.
  4. Rodent added a post in a topic UPDATED 8/11! What Would You Pay for a New 1/25 '64 Chev Nova SS?   

    I haven't seen either one of them myself,  but your link showed related items at the bottom of the page. The 62's engine didn't impress much. Your extra detail on the Elky looks good. 

  5. Rodent added a post in a topic UPDATED 8/11! What Would You Pay for a New 1/25 '64 Chev Nova SS?   

    The body lines look nice. If the engine and interior look as bad as their 62 Impala and 70 El Camino, I would definitely pass. I don't have that much love for the subject personally. 
  6. Rodent added a post in a topic 1970 Buik GSX   

    A synthetic cork would probably work better than the natural one. Dash looks great!
  7. Rodent added a post in a topic 1/18 Scale Hurst 4 Speed Shifter?   

    Oops. I typed 1/8 when I meant 1/18.
    I haven't found anything on Shapeways.  Their search seems to miss a lot of stuff unless you search for a particular seller in the marketplace. 
  8. Rodent added a post in a topic Anyone have of these they'd like to trade?   

    Good to know. I don't have what you are looking for, but I have had parts that you wanted in the past and didn't say anything because of shipping costs.
  9. Rodent added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/18 Scale Hurst 4 Speed Shifter?
    Does anyone know of a 1/18 scale Hurst Competition Plus 4 speed shifter? Resin, 3D, whatever. Or does anyone have one in their diecast junkyard? I am working a little out of my usual realm and building a replica of a 1:1 Mustang I used to own. I could probably scratch build one, but I would rather not if I don't have to. 
    This probably should be in "wanted" but I want the diecast folks to see it. Mods please move if you don't agree.
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  10. Rodent added a post in a topic Ford C4 trans   

    Kris Morgan (MAD Modeling) makes a nice resin C4 with a separate pan. I don't know what his international shipping policy is though.
  11. Rodent added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    A very solid looking 61 Falcon still working for a living.

  12. Rodent added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    First the dam, now the fire. More excitement than Oroville has seen for 40 or so years. 
    Glad you are safe (again).
  13. Rodent added a post in a topic Hmmmmm, this could be an entertaining daily...........   

    It is a little different here. The Bolt with convenience package and nothing else is $38050 US. The federal government throws in a $7500 tax credit and California throws in a $2500 rebate. That makes it $28050. My local utility company will give you a free level 2 charger ($650 retail) or a $599 rebate. Installation isn't included. I don't have 220 in my garage, and the panel is about 60 feet away, so figure maybe $700 to add an outlet. The Sonic you cite is $20880 here. In reality, the Sonic will be considerably less than sticker right now, and the Bolt will be at sticker or above.
    My employer has four 110V outlets in the parking lot for electric car charging, and they do not charge for the power used. Unfortunately, it takes forever to charge a car at 110V. Also, we already have two Tesla Models S (sometimes 3), a Volt, and four Fusion Energis to share the four outlets with.
  14. Rodent added a post in a topic 6-cyl for '65 Econoline - AMT or Jo-Han?   

    Both engines look like they have the very light duty "paper" 3 speed that was used in Falcons and Mustangs with the 6 cylinder. First gear isn't synchronized. It looks like they used it in 170 powered Econolines as well. Heavier duty versions used the full synchro V8 3-speed which has a top cover. I think that the paper 3 speed was discontinued after 66, at least in passenger cars. 
  15. Rodent added a post in a topic Vintage AMT 1966 Mustang Convertible   

    I have been following both of your builds. I have an original AMT 66 FB that I have been working on a little bit at a time for years, lol. The AMT rear valence panel has always bugged me. 66s had standard backup lamps, as well as the GT exhaust trumpets. Also, the bumper guards were deleted on GTs to make room for the trumpets.