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  1. They are all over the place here. They really don't "fly". They fly to roost in trees and within a couple of flaps of the wings they are on your roof, stomping around and pooping. You will never see one soaring like other large birds.
  2. This is exactly my experience using it for what it is intended for (floor finish). I am unimpressed with it enough for that use that I am hesitant to use it on a model. It's on a sealed ceramic tile floor in the small wet area (toilet and shower) of the master bath. No real foot traffic in most of it because there is a bathmat in the middle. It also gets sticky when you damp mop.
  3. Small Thanksgiving. Boneless turkey breast, stuffing from a box with chopped celery added, roasted sweet potatoes mashed with yukon golds, and an amazing brussels sprouts and butternut squash recipe that I found on the NPR website. Happy Thanksgiving to my brothers and sisters in styrene! Hope that you are all safe, warm, healthy, and have those you love around you. For those of you who live in the frigid climates, I hope that you painted enough bodies to last you through the winter model building season. Still wearing shorts and a T-shirt here. I would like to do some model work this weekend, but I think that yard work will unfortunately win.
  4. Needed some Tamiya paint this afternoon, so I headed to the LHS. Magically, one of the employees acknowledged me and engaged me in conversation. I told him that I had what I needed, but asked if he knew that MCM was alive again and if they would be carrying it. Nope. He told me that they used to carry all the magazines (lie, unless he was talking about 18 or more years ago) and they didn't sell. They would order a minimum six copies and they wouldn't sell any of them (lie?). Many years ago I would see some RC mags in the very back of their old location. Nobody would see them unless they were using the restroom. Never saw MCM or SA(E) in this store ever.
  5. Rodent

    Cutlass suspension

    That eventually redirects to the revell.de site. Unfortunately, they are STILL not shipping parts to the US. I would really like a replacement bumper for my 69 Chevelle with the big rub mark in the chrome, but no dice yet.
  6. There is decal coating spray, but I have had good luck with regular clear flat Krylon. I use the Testors paper from my LHS. I am by no means a "power" decal maker. It's typically just underhood decals and small stuff like that.
  7. Rodent

    Ford AOD Trans?

    Kris Morgan at M.A.D. modeling makes some very nice resin transmissions, among other parts. He has an AOD and an AOD-E available. He is a member here as well. https://madmodeling.com/Item/fordaodtrans
  8. You Canadians all have a warped sense of humour! Give us a review on the Tamiya LP paint when you have had a chance to use them.
  9. Hahaha! My ex-neighbors (moved pre-Covid) had a bottle of the same hand sanitizer in their guest bathroom. It was on a shelf over the toilet, right at eye level if you were a guy, if you get my drift. Oh, and nice model as well.
  10. Agreed. Five is the perfect age to teach kids about boundaries and respect. "These are Uncle Ron's toys and you have to ask before you touch them."
  11. Does your HL allow discounts on airbrushes? The ones around here have the "your price" stickers on them and the coupon does not apply.
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