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  1. Alan, you owe me a keyboard. Wine just came out of my nose when I saw the "Pursuit 170" badge with the crossed flags. Dad had a 61 Falcon 2-door from 64-73. I never had the chance to drive it because I was 12 when he sold it. With 101 gross HP and a FordOMatic, I am not sure what it could have successfully pursued. Land tortoise? Any number of gastropods? Flowing maple syrup? Spilled STP in winter? A Model T?
  2. It's a beautiful build, but you need to fire your pit crew. The tires are on the wrong side of the car by their markings...... So many fantastic builds of this kit. It makes me want to go out and get a few more.
  3. Very nice! I assume that all of the 1:1 cars started out painted white, hence the instructions to paint the floor pan and interior white. I really like the subtle weathering you did underneath. It looks like this car has spent some time on the track. An explanation and/or tutorial on your technique would be appreciated. Some dry brushing of craft paint maybe?
  4. Very nice! I especially like your plug wires and boots and the white shift knob. One of the most on-target gifts I have ever received was a white "cue-ball" shift knob for the Hurst shifter in my 1:1 '68 Mustang in 1987 or so.. Very nostalgic, and I still paint all of my 1/25 shift knobs white.
  5. Looks amazing, just like all of your builds. The only thing I would add to enhance the "track day toy" vibe is a number at the top of the passenger side windshield, and a couple of track map stickers on the quarter glass.
  6. I saw my first 1:1 in the wild last Sunday on the way to the Sonoma Coast. It was bright blue and very striking, but I don't think I am in love..... Glad to see that the diecast companies are getting them out there where the plastic fears to tread.
  7. Ford will sell you ballistic door panels on your Police Interceptor and has been for a while. Not perfect, but better than the door sheetmetal and the window glass. I ASSume that FCA has something similar available on the RAM, Charger, and Durango police package vehicles as well.
  8. I have a couple sets of Modelhaus bezels and lights. They are patterned after the originals, but are separate and meant to be used with the bumper that comes with the reissue (replacing just the chrome reissue tail lamps).
  9. These people are professional journalists? That is one of the most cringeworthy "professional" videos I have ever seen. If I had a copy of the kit, I would give it to my 7- and 8-year old neighbors and have THEM shoot a video. Looks like the "Astro Ventilation" vents are decals? This could be a cheap-out ploy, or maybe we are going to see another version of the '69 that didn't have Astro Ventilation, like a 300 post?
  10. I have enjoyed my trips to The Frozen North (not frozen anytime I was there) and I love my Canadian friends. Happy Canada Day! Go out and drive your classic cars while the weather is nice! One of the highlights of our Ontario trip was rolling up to a four way stop and yielding to a red Beaumont SD396 convertible at a 4-way stop.
  11. Sounds like the "4-door Road Runners" that were built in 69 and 70 for law enforcement, including LAPD. Kind of interesting to me that they had a rear stabilizer bar.
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