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  1. The front suspension was quite a bit different, adapting what the Camaro had been using since 70 1/2 with the front mounted steering gear.
  2. For black background gauges, I have used a white or silver colored pencil to highlight the raised numbers, etc., followed by red/orange/yellow for the pointers.
  3. I have been getting mine from them as well. Last issue I ordered a kit as well. My LHS does not carry books or magazines.
  4. I kind of like it. Not $68 worth, but I definitely like it. Of course, look at my screen name and avatar, LOL.
  5. FWIW, the Glosscote enamel (at least the rattle cans) has a tendency to turn yellow over time. I have a couple of silver builds from the mid 1970s that now look like GM Spring Green. I wouldn't expect the bottles to behave differently.
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