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  1. I didn't think I wanted the 64 Belvedere, but after watching HPIGuy's build, I may swing by HL and pick one up. Unless they are gone by now.
  2. Dropped The Bee 5-6 years ago. Way too expensive for (generally) poorly written stories about events that I read about on the internet days before and tons of ads. I think that is the "story" of most newspapers now.
  3. Probably 1968. 1967 is the year they used the Olds Delmont 88 425. Earlier CHP stuff still used the 426 wedge.
  4. Bingo. I have a bunch of these in the spares box and was wondering what they were. I was thinking of using a set on another build, but I am curious what period of time they were offered in 1:1. Now that I know what they may be, I can do some further research.
  5. I am pretty sure that I have asked this question before, but what custom wheels are represented in the original Full-Size MPC Chevy kits?
  6. My LHS stocks metal wire of varying diameters. I don't know if you have that available in your area, but if you do I would suggest taking a wheel back in and finding a size that works. Home Depot has some metal rod, but I can't remember if they stock anything that small or not.
  7. The tan wasn't so bad if you were planning on building it stock. Any other way, not so much. I had an original T-Bird in black and a 55 Chevy in red. It was amazing how shiny and swirl-free their molding was back then.
  8. My regular carrier drives one of these Grumman LLVs, but I am seeing more and more of the RAM Promasters around. They are quite a bit larger and THEY HAVE A/C!
  9. A friend of mine has probably a couple hundred 1:64 cars in Carney cases on the back wall of his hobby room. They are very nice, and appear to be worth every penny.
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