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  1. Where did you get the '70 W-30 hood?
  2. Is that true? Chrysler used to put white steering wheels in manual steering cars, and CHP didn't order power steering until 74 or so. I didn't think that CHP wanted white wheels, it was just that they came with manual steering. Mopar nerds latched on to the fact that the LAPD cars used in Adam-12 had power steering because they didn't have the white steering wheel.
  3. What are you building? A 49 convertible or a 50 coupe?
  4. Separate piece on the chrome tree. You can see it on the stock version in the pic.
  5. 49 has an exposed fuel filler, 50 has it hidden behind a door.
  6. Whoda thunk that an extremely heavy wheel/tire package with the wrong offset would be an issue on a 200k mile Tahoe? Guess the ball joint separated? He dragged that tire all the way to the road on the right after the overpass. He also did an awesome job of keeping it in his lane.
  7. Yes please. My employer blocks all of the photo hosting sites. I don't even look at Under Glass or On The Workbench from work because I can't see a fair amount of the photos. Uploaded images are fine.
  8. My spouse wanting to know when I am COOKING dinner.
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