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  1. Thanks Bill. I have been working from home due to pandemic since 3/22/20. My daily routine used to be walking to the bridge and back every morning. I have a lot of pics of her. The one I posted was during one of our "times of fire" and it made the sky look amazing. I need to get out more and take more pics. The best pic I DIDN'T take was of a deer and a coyote on opposite sides of the road waiting for a car to pass so they could cross the road.
  2. Weird things I see around the house Cringeworthy things in public Beautiful old gal from the early 20th century that is a 15 minute walk from the house. Built originally as a railroad bridge and is a movie star.
  3. Randomly walking in San Francisco and found a rainbow over Alcatraz, LOL.
  4. I used to be into film, but I got lazy. One of my 35mm cameras was traded away on this very forum for models. My current phone is a really nice camera overall and I enjoy taking pics with it when I see something attractive. Mostly food I have made and the wonders of man(kind) and nature that I observe every day.
  5. When the BMW Z8 was introduced (with huge markups), a dealer principal somewhere in the midwest USA was quoted as saying that you can shear a sheep many, many times, but you can only kill and eat it once. What does your dealership do about "mandatory" dealer-installed stuff on the high-demand vehicles?
  6. There was a little over 272,000 SportTracs still registered as of October. Not everyone needs or wants an F350 diesel as a daily driver. Remember that Ford has discontinued cars in the US, except for the Mustang. The base Maverick is pretty cheap and is a hybrid. They are hoping to attract some of the "entry level" buyers with the fuel economy, utility, and price of the Maverick.
  7. Those are the stock "dogdish" hubcaps with a wire wheelcover overlay.
  8. That is what I was talking about, but I have heard that the Ford VIN was stamped on all 289 HiPos and possibly some other high performance engines like 428CJs. Not just installed in Shelbys. I was a longtime owner (1977-2001) of a really nice '68 San Jose Mustang. I actually spent a couple weeks underneath it detailing the undercarriage with Fantastik and rags. Fuel tank was out, leaf springs and rearend was out, etc. Pretty sure there was no "hidden" VIN anywhere under there after spending all that face time with it. It had the normal VINs on the fender aprons, the door tag, and being a '68 had the dash VIN visible through the windshield per law. San Jose cars did not get the additional "buck" tag on the core support. I have also "heard" that some cars received a VIN stamp on toploader transmissions. Mine had no such stamp, but it was a lowly 302-4V. The thing that ruins the whole "front end wreck" thing for me is their comments about the radiator being correct.
  9. So, the door tag is missing as well? And it's not the original engine and to the car? I always have heard that 289 HiPos were VIN stamped, but that could be bunk knowledge.
  10. These things can be a little pricey for a current-model phone. Try a thrift store or Dollar-Fifty Tree. You might get lucky.
  11. Promos come up on FleaBay fairly regularly as well.
  12. Vinyl roofs, especially on GM cars, were responsible for a lot of otherwise nice cars going to the scrap heap. Rear window rust through leading to floor and lower quarters rusting out. Was 1973 the only year you could order a vinyl roof on a Mustang sportsroof?
  13. I like your "refreshment dispensers". The only other place I have seen those is all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.
  14. Hopefully that is because the 1:1 dealers had enough taste to not order sportsroofs with them?
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