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  1. Went through the same thing with the mother in law around 10 years ago. Mild stroke, then dementia, then lung cancer that metastasized rapidly. It's sad when you want to help, but you really can't do anything except to see that their basic needs are met.
  2. Any creature that eats poop is not welcome in a shopping cart that may be holding my lettuce 20 minutes later. That includes children.
  3. Got mine today, Sacramento suburb. This is the first issue of my subscription.
  4. I don't want to seem like another old man shouting at clouds, but this kit does not mean $46.95 to me. If Revell does a nice job on the '71 Mustang, I will buy one at that $50 price point. If it has glaring errors, I will buy zero. At 62, I have more than enough in the stash to last me until i turn 160 or so.
  5. My cousin received a new L-48 4-speed pace car replica for his High School graduation present from Mommy and Daddy. It was pretty used up (mechanically) 10 years and 60k miles later. He sold it for the princely sum of $2500. I could cobble together a replica of his car and thought of it many times when I see the convertible kit. His older sister received a slanty Barracuda convertible a year earlier for her present. Guess that shows favoritism between the kids, LOL.
  6. They have been reissuing it fairly frequently since 1964 or so. One will find you.
  7. I don't build the style of models that most of Ed's parts are for, but I have his AMT '53 Ford pickup interior "enhancement" parts and they are amazing! I wish I had a few extra hands so I could give him more than two thumbs up! And now I just noticed that I said pretty much the same thing last October, LOL. It still holds true!
  8. Not too far from me. There was a Go Fund Me set up to reimburse the station owner, but they refused the money.
  9. I vote Super Sport. I think the Heavy Chevy had standard hood pins, but not 100% certain.
  10. E85 is $4.19/gallon at the station I pass almost every day. Even with the hit in fuel economy, that seems like a deal vs. $6.59 for regular. You never used to see anyone at the E85 pump, but now there is typically 4-5 cars waiting for their single pump. Ford/GM trucks, various Chryslers, etc. Guess those folks know what the "Flex Fuel" badge on the back means. 😉
  11. Building Hank Kimball's ride? Just noticed that it has the wheel covers that someone on here was looking for recently.
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