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  1. My family was friendly with one of the local Ford dealers, and as a "car kid" I loved to go in and visit with him. Him giving me a promo each time I visited was a bonus as well. He gave me the gold Pinto as well as a Cobra promo on one visit. I have no idea what happened to the Pinto.
  2. My LHS is now charging $14 for Tamiya primer. It's great for some things, but doesn't work well over sanding or filler. I prefer a sandable primer when it's needed, Tamiya when it isn't.
  3. Close, but it is Motor City Resin, not Missing Link. http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/67mustang.htm
  4. While cleaning off the copious amount of flash and sloppy molding, I managed to break the tierod at a spot that isn't very repairable. Anyone have an extra one they don't need? I have stuff to trade, I can cover shipping, whatever it takes. I have the later version with the steerable wheels added back in, but I think the tierod is the same for all versions. This is the c.1962 AMT kit with opening doors that has been re-released a bunch of times. TIA
  5. People give HPIGUY guff for using "hardware store paint" on his models, but I was intrigued by some of the metallics he uses. Rustoleum 2x metallic aluminum is amazing, and every bit as amazing as Metalizer IMHO. That is the only I have found so far but want to try the others as well.
  6. I don't see Ed posting on here very often. Best thing is to drop him an email. lowcab36@epix.net
  7. A Rangoon Red R-Code LTD? That's gotta be a one-of-one!
  8. I thought about the 302. I am going to mock up a 67 Comet 390 with a MAD Modeling 6 speed this weekend just for fun. The transmission may be a little large for the tunnel.
  9. I have an unbuilt Perry's Resin S-10 and the rear frame rails are starting to bend upward. I think I can probably straighten them with hot water when I get around to building the kit. I will use epoxy to install the bed as well. Rest of the parts still look OK.
  10. I was at the LHS last night and they were restocked with the Metalizer bottles. I wish they would get more of the rattle cans though. I really don't want to drag out my airbrush to paint an alternator or an exhaust system. I know that Metalizer can be brushed (I have done it) but it just looks better sprayed. I have bought Tamiya paint from ScaleHobbyist before. They had a good price and great service.
  11. Been doing a little prep work on the '57 Ford. Glued together a 2013 Boss 302 engine with school glue for mockup purposes. No go. It's way too wide. The exhaust ports are almost resting on the upper control arms. Plan B now.
  12. The one I saw wasn't that expensive. It probably sold. Glad you got what you need to build your Mavewreck! Edit: This is the one I was talking about and it is still available. I believe the Maverick and Comet rear bumpers are the same. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362881009059?ViewItem=&item=362881009059
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