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  1. 68-72 A-bodies had a 112 inch wheelbase on 2-doors, 116 for 4-doors and wagons. The Vista Cruiser was even longer at 121 inches. That's enough to see, even in 1/25th scale.
  2. During the last clearance, the HLs around here seemed to have a ton of MountNGoat kits on sale. The next time I visited my LHS, they had 10-12 MountNGoats in stock. Just sayin'....... It must have worked out, I think they all sold.
  3. I agree with Steve as far as this being "In the ballpark". Tamiya TS8 Italian Red and TS7 Racing White may be good alternatives. TS7 is a warm, brownish white like Wimbledon White. You can mess with the final color by using different color primers. Grey will darken the final shade, Tamiya white or pink will make the red pop more. I might try Tamiya white primer, spray the TS7, mask the red area, shoot Tamiya pink primer, then TS8.
  4. I have purchased pants and shoes online, but only stuff that I am familiar with. I have been picking up business casual pants on eBay for $30-40 that sell for nearly $100 at Nordstrom. New with tags, new without tags. My normal work shoe is a Rockport Eureka. When I need a new pair, it's much less hassle to get them online than to hope the brick and mortar store has the right size. Not usually cheaper online, but much less hassle.
  5. If you want to disappear down a rabbit hole for hours, there are dozens of these old dealer training films on YouTube. I was watching Imperial vs. Lincoln for 1959 last night when Bill posted this thread.
  6. https://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/olds/68ol1/68ol1.html This isn't the greatest, but you can glean some info from it. Of course, brochures are printed before the cars are released, and things changeover the model year. Given the choices in the brochure, I think a prototypical W-30 in that color would have been ordered with a black top/interior or parchment and the stripe to match.
  7. Black, gold, parchment, blue are the color choices I can see that were available.
  8. Not to hijack the thread, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is another great car spotting movie for those of us of a certain age. Especially if you dig in to the actual story of what cars were owned and driven by the real people depicted.
  9. That was Franz von Holzhausen that broke the window. He is Musk's chief of design.
  10. I too am working on the Revell of Germany 1/16 356B coupe. I haven't built a Porsche since the original Revell 914 in what, 1971? Also don't build larger scales, but I liked the way HPIGuy's build looked. My LHS didn't have it (now they do), and the mail order giants were out of stock as well. Got mine on eBay from Burbank's House of Hobbies in SoCal. Great seller BTW, and I like that I am supporting an LHS, even if they aren't my LHS. As drodg said, the engine is a bit blobular. I don't think I am going to go too far to change that. I still have to detail paint the engine tin and install it with the generator and air cleaners. The model sits a tiny bit low in the front which restricts the movement of the steerable wheels. The tires rub on the inner wheelhouses. Mine is all painted which causes issues with the snap together aspect, but it's easy enough to clean out the joining areas. A bit of mine is glued because it is more solid that way. Color is Testor's Italian Red over Tamiya pink primer with wet look clear. That is pretty much the same as the molded red color. I have been having trouble with roughness in the red and clear, and wound up stripping the bumpers. I need to do a little color sanding and polishing of the body. My research showed that the 356B coupe circa 1960 could have a red, black, or grey interior with red paint. Not 100% sure if that is true, but I decided to go with grey. Tamiya AS28 and TS48. Used different blacks and metallics on other parts. Was fairly happy with Metalizer aluminum on the transaxle, and Magnesium on the engine. After it dried, the engine got a wash of The Detailer to make the cooling fins stand out. Some sadistic person at R.O.G. though it was necessary to have a Porsche crest on the shift knob. I managed to get the decal in place fairly easily, but was sweating the whole time. Wish I had better pictures, but the sun is so low in the sky it makes long shadows any time of the day now. Someday I will make a photo booth.
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