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  1. A 1:1 forum I used to visit put up a pay wall some months ago. I don't go there anymore and I don't miss it. I don't have room for a magazine collection, but I think i would subscribe to a digital format of MCM, depending on the cost. I have never subscribed to MCM, but I used to buy it at an LHS or Barnes and Noble. After I read it, I put it in the break room at work for others to enjoy.
  2. LOL. I paid $175 for the 1:1 in question. It was a diamond in the rough. It had been in a glancing head on collision that tore up some sheet metal and suspension, but had no structural damage.
  3. Friday I saw a red 60 Impala convertible with a white top and a blue 69 Super Bee sharing transporter space with a very mundane silver Corolla. No pics unless I look on my dash cam.
  4. I recently found a kit on the 'bay that interested me and it had nostalga factor. The buy it now was more than the kit was worth to me, so I made an offer. Seller countered with a number that was still more than the kit was worth to me. I declined the counter and am not upset that I won't be building the kit I got for my 11th birthday from my godmother again. I will find another or I won't. Someone else will pay the asking price I am sure. A few years ago I was pursuing an AMT kit on the 'bay that I wanted so I could build a replica of a 1:1 that I had long ago. When the bidding for the kit reached double what I paid for the 1:1 version I realized that having a model of a car that I really didn't like that much was a dumb idea. I bought a resin that I can modify into something very close instead.
  5. My bench adventures yesterday, working on the trailer for the custom speedboat: I made a license plate a few weeks ago, but printed it on heavy cardstock just for fun. I sprayed it with several coats of clear to seal it. I went looking through my PE stuff for a frame and came up empty handed. I found a piece of painter's tape that had a partially used set, and cut one off of the fret. Problem was that the fret had been stuck to the tape for probably four years or more. Of course, I bent the frame trying to get it unstuck from the tape. Straightened the frame, and decided to try that Pledge Floor Wax/Dessert Topping stuff that y'all love to attach the frame to the plate. Clear sealant be darned, the New Shimmer soaked right into the cardstock and did nothing to attach the frame to the plate. Giving up on that, I decide to add some taillamps (kit doesn't have any). I can't find my epoxy anywhere. OK, everyone of a certain age remembers the Holsclaw trailers that always came with game-show boats, right? I have no idea what brand the prototype for this trailer is, but I made some "Holsclaw" decals for it, just for fun. My decal paper must have gone bad, because the decals would not stick for anything. I put some MicroSol on a brush, and the decal curled up like a dead leaf instantly. Then I noticed the bubbles in the clear on the right fender that I didn't know were there. Oh, and I have been fighting the parting line seam on the boat's engine as well. Lots of glue, scraping with a knife, sanding stick, filler primer. It is still visible. I have mostly killed the little one on the front, but I can't make the one on the transmission go away and I think it will be somewhat visible with the engine compartment doors open. I drank some beers and watched TV instead.
  6. It's a 66 Super Sport. It has big-block fender flags, but I haven't looked at it under a magnifying glass to see if it is a 396 or 427. Kid I knew growing up had one like it for a family car, 327/275 and a PowerSlide though. It was sold to some cousin or something, but they bought it back around 1975 when Greg started driving. It was the same color as my diecast. I have four of the Hobby Lobby 1/64 semi-truck cases on my desk at work with 12 1/64 cars parked sideways in each one. 😃
  7. Went a little crazy at the Auto World website.
  8. Didn't some of the original MPC pickups have a similar wheelcover?
  9. I bought some to use on models. Before I did, I actually used some on an unsealed tile floor. I hated it so much that I never used it on a model. How does it hold up after several years, for those who have used it on your models?
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