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  1. What went wrong???

    Thanks guys. This is a 70s AMT interior bucket that was sprayed blue with TS-something. Alcohol, Super Clean, brake fluid, oven cleaner hasn't budged it. Just want to change the color. It's so lightly engraved that I don't want to put more paint over it if I can get what's there off.
  2. What went wrong???

    Anyone use this stuff on Tamiya? I have an interior bucket that was sprayed with Tamiya without primer and I can't find anything that will budge it.
  3. some corny jokes

    I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I wonder which one will come first?
  4. I have never used it over anything other than black that I wanted to make flatter.
  5. As much as we poop on Testor's here, the old school Dullcote works pretty well.
  6. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    to Grandma's bordello
  7. Missing Distributor

    Would have been funnier if it hit you in the eye, scratched your cornea (BTDT), and made you spill your beer on the decal sheet. But I am sadistic that way. If nobody here comes up with one, consider a MAD Modeling prewired distributor as a replacement.
  8. Testors Automotive Paints

    IMHO Tamiya would add more "looks like" 50s 60s 70s car colors to their rattle can line, I wouldn't miss the Testor's auto lacquers too much. The Tamiya goes on SOOOO much nicer. I hardly want to drag out the airbrush if Tamiya has the right color in a rattle can. Need to get a Revell 69 Boss 302 before my Testor's Acapulco Blue vomits its guts in my cabinet.
  9. Chevelle and Cyclone, please! Lots of cars from what I assume is a very small town.
  10. Morgan Automotive Detail

    IMHO 3 weeks is too long to not have a reply from Kris. I have ordered from him several times and have always been completely satisfied with the parts and the shipping time. I suggest you get in touch with him just to make sure your order didn't fall through the cracks somehow.
  11. 1/6 Tamiya honda CB750 Four

    Not a motorcycle person, but I am enjoying the build. Liked the 4 cylinder Honduhs of this vintage. A couple of friends sold a CB400F back and forth a few times and I thought I might want to buy it in uh 1981 or so. Rode it a few times and loved it. I think that it planted the seed for my love of small displacement engines that could rev.
  12. distributor and cap

    Groan. I can already see that your retirement is going to cost me money.
  13. I have an AMT Nova and an AMT GMC stepside that I built in the 1980s. They are both Testors clear enamel over Testors silver. They both appear light green now. Agree with the TS-13. I don't have enough experience with the Testors lacquer to have an opinion yet.