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  1. I for one enjoy a really good hamburger almost as much as a nice steak.
  2. Don't know what your Walmart at the other end of US 50 carries, but mine has this "Hardware Store Paint" that HPIGUY uses. This is amazing aluminum paint, and I am sad that my Walmart doesn't carry any of the other metallics.
  4. Local foofy grocery store didn't have any paper products this morning, but had a rack of 91% ipa. Probably gone now.
  5. I visited India twice on business. My left handed boss had been there many times before and was quite aware of the custom. Still, it was fun to watch him rewire his brain at every meal as to not offend anyone. I do prefer the Japanese method of hydraulic cleansing to the Indian one though.
  6. If you want an LS with a normal transmission, the Revell SSR has a nice one and seems a little unloved as a kit. Wheels and tires are nice for swapping as well.
  7. I get it Andy. I watch most of Chris' builds already. I don't understand the point of posting the link to the video with no comments. How about "No extra frame parts. You can see what's in the box here" instead? But thanks for the spoiler alert. 😊
  8. OK, do I have to watch Chris' build to earn the answer?
  9. Wow. I am now working from home. I no longer have to drive 60 miles total per day back and forth to work. You would think that would give me more modeling time, but I have been spending more time with work stuff now. I actually touched some model parts about an hour ago. It was just moving them back to the box.
  10. I believe that the cars were in Honeycomb. I have a few of the Mustangs. I think that I still have a Cougar, and some of the 1969 Mercurys as well. Also gave away the little bike-sized license plates.
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