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  1. A close friend was on "the list" for a kidney for about five years with no luck. They were considering a (temporary) move to a state with no helmet law to "speed" things up a bit. Didn't happen, but he did get a kidney from the East Coast at the beginning of the really ugly part of COVID in early April 2020. He looks great and feels great. No, the donor didn't die of COVID or on a motorcycle. A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to get to spend some time with him AND our mutual friend who received a heart transplant some years ago. Really makes you forget about the petty stuff like the price of kits. These two mid-late 50 year old guys are still above ground due to someone else not being above ground.
  2. A lot of the newer medical buildings are doing that around here. It's a win-win, solar to help power the building and shady parking spaces for the tenants and patrons.
  3. Also remember that the renewal stickers are only on the rear plate. One of my pet peeves is when model companies make California plate decals that are identical.
  4. Here is a '72, so I don't know.
  5. 442 doesn't use that rocket emblem.
  6. Back to the car: Do you think Jay Leno was "worthy" of being invited to the auction? It will be interesting to know who the buyer is.
  7. Or a 200 sq ft studio apartment in NYC with a shared bath.
  8. This is what it would cost to register it in my county in California. I did find a lucrative loophole that said that the VLF fee is zero if a vehicle is registered as a historic vehicle / horseless carriage. 1955 qualifies for that, so that's an immediate savings of $923,001. :-)
  9. I will probably be buying less from Burbank's in the future. I was buying MCM from them, but I just subscribed. The shipping for a magazine and one or two kits wasn't a lot more than just for the magazine, so I would add stuff to my cart, LOL. Now I will have to make a point to buy from them on occasion. My LHS charges full retail for kits, but Burbank's knocks a few dollars off of most of them. That certainly helps cover the shipping costs.
  10. It depends on what you like to build. If you like the run-of-the-mill Revell and Round2 kits, Hobby Lobby will probably be your best bet during 40% week. If your tastes are more exotic, you will need to seek out a LHS and/or one of the online retailers mentioned above. I don't have a problem with Amazon per se, but I have found them to be more expensive than brick-and-mortar for kits so I don't even look there anymore. E-Pay can also be a good source for out of production kits.
  11. MCM shows that 147 is available as a back issue.
  12. Tied to Comcast / Xfinity in my neighborhood for anything reasonably fast. They know that, and don't negotiate unless you want to add home phone, mobile phone, and/or home security. A new company is supposed to be coming in and adding fiber to the entire city. Not sure how that is going to work out. The older parts with above ground utilities already have AT&T 1G fiber, and the newest parts have underground fiber. Only us "tweeners" need something better.
  13. If you live in an area with 5G service, some of the mobile companies are now offering home internet. Not the thing if you want to stream over multiple devices (it doesn't sound like you do), it is doable if you just want to get on the internet. T-Moblie offers it in my area for $50/month and the others are similar.
  14. Agreed. I was looking for a pic of the 15" versions to compare, but failed. I don't think the 15" were ever used without a trim ring, so I am at a loss why they are cast. I have some old resin Chrysler wheels that are cast with a separate trim ring and center. I can't find the package and don't remember who made them Probably no longer in business, but I seem to remember that they made "more detailed" versions of old musclecar OEM wheels.
  15. Not right for sure. The part of the wheel where the valve stem goes is WAAAAY too wide and the center cap should be tapered.
  16. This is what I see on the door: Gray Line Smoky Mountain Tours xxx (behind spare tire) Asheville, NC Knoxville TN
  17. When I was (barely) 16, I got a gas station summer job that lasted 3 years on and off. The station owner was married to Sam's widow Joyce. A very sweet, classy lady and I got to meet her children with Sam (Johnny and Pam). At the time, I was naive enough to not know that there was another "Barris" other than George, so my boss had to explain it to me..... I replaced a headlamp in Don Tognotti's Lamborghini Espada during that employment as well.
  18. There is no reason to eat Taco Bell when you live in California. Unless you are baked and it's midnight.....
  19. Agreed, but just maybe. I have had 15+ lacquer cans fail and one enamel. It may just be when the cans were made, IDK. Like many of us, I used to like the OEM color line and stupidly bought too many just to hoard.
  20. Anyone built any of the campers with 3D printed or resin wheels/tires? I have all three kits, and even though I have no idea when they will be built, I am thinking that I would like to modernize them with 2022 wheels and tires, Fuchs, or something like that. Looking for a look like if they were restored in the modern era. I am not looking to do a lot of modifications but would like a tasteful update. I would especially like to update the T2 and T3.
  21. Car shopping has changed. A lot. It's not 2019 anymore, and it may not be 2019 ever again. I hope that I don't get hit and have to spend 4-8 months driving the S-10 until I can score a replacement daily driver.
  22. Yes, the lacquer cans seem to die like that. I have 35+ year old enamels that are fine.
  23. Yesterday, a red 1969 Impala SS427, complete with the class 4 trailer hitch that it seems like all big-engined full-size cars had back in the day. I might be able to get some pics from my dash cam. I am still hacking the unburned hydrocarbons out of my lungs from he entered the freeway ahead of me.
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