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  1. I have some stamped metal "As Seen on TV" pans (two sizes) that are designed to make baked tortilla bowls. They are amazing. We make taco salad bowls and huevos rancheros bowls with them all the time. There stuff isn't ALL fly-by-night junk. I have two sets of the smaller ones and one of them came from Goodwill for $3, new in the box.
  2. Nice! I bought this kit at HL in a panic buy when the coupon was going away. I was planning on doing something like this with it, and you reinforced my idea.
  3. Again, not irked but saddened. I was on my way home from the LHS this afternoon after spending a disposable $65 on paint. As I was crossing over the freeway, I saw a woman in a red polo walking on the other side, bent over and obviously struggling with the hill. I recognized her as an employee from "my" Target. She has worked there for at least 10 years and must be in her upper 60s by now. I assume that she rode the bus or train to that street and was walking the rest of the way home. She has never been terribly friendly at Target, but she is efficient and one of my favorite checkers. I have her pegged as someone who "has" to work at her age, rather than someone who is working for fun or to be sociable. My dad got a job in his 70s to earn "Pill Money" for himself and my mom. I feel sad that I didn't turn around and offer her a ride. She wasn't really in a spot that I could have pulled over safely, but I think that I should have done something. It would have been her decision where to be dropped off. I wouldn't have needed to take her to her doorstep if she would have been uncomfortable. Fall is here. It's California, but I hope she doesn't have to do this every time she works. Bless you A*****.
  4. That could be a (mostly) free vacation opportunity for you at the coast. Embrace it!
  5. Well, some of us old f**ts have been building long enough to remember the "vinyl tires (tyres)" in AMT and MPC kits were something special vs. the wheels/tires molded together in some of the 1:32 kits. Paradigm shift is hard for some folks when they get set in their ways. Yes, I built a couple of 1969 Palmer Fords as a kid and didn't see anything wrong with them. I am too young to have had any of the really old stuff and never built much from Revell, so I have never experienced the tire rot that is often spoken of here. I also have an unwarped 1960 Comet promo that I bought in 1988 or 1989 and it is still unwarped.
  6. I have been building for over 50 years, and I made a rookie mistake this week. Blew some primer on some Revell parts without cleaning them, and the primer reacted like I had dipped the parts in olive oil. Some of the parts were Rustoleum primer, some were Tamiya. They were all dumped in the Purple Pond before they were dry, but the Tamiya parts are still swimming long after the Rustoleum floated away. It is getting cooler here (40s at night), so I brought the pond into the house from the garage. Didn't seem to help much. Going to see what I can do with a toothbrush in a bit. I seem to have difficulty with Tamiya no matter what I try to remove it with.
  7. If none of the charging cables fit, that tells me that either the charging port is broken/damaged, or there is dirt in there that you missed. I had the same thing happen to my Pixel, and I took it in to a repair place. He found a whole bunch of dirt in there that I failed to remove. I cleaned it one more time myself, using the toothpick part of a plastic flosser and my lighted magnifier that I use for modeling.
  8. I have had issues with "pocket lint" in the charging port. A toothpick works well to clean it out. Or the pointy end of one of the single use flossers.
  9. I appreciate the help guys. All three of these colors are dark, and no matter how much I shake, I still see a little silver ring on the bottom of the bottle. I got the paint mixer today. It was something that I never knew I needed until you guys told me that I did, LOL. If the wind dies down a bit, I will try to get some Pewter on the Torino this weekend. I have a Paasche H. I think I will use the small jar and try to keep it agitated and spray it quickly. It has been a long time since I airbrushed a body. Hope it's like riding a bike.
  10. I bought a resin convertible boot on "Da Bay" a while back because I thought it was cool and I had a use for it. I unpacked it and put it in the resin drawer and found that I had three others already in there that I don't remember buying.
  11. Shat must be a tough old guy to endure 6Gs. Wonder if his Depends worked as advertised?
  12. Something that I have done for 50 or so years is to use a bent coat hanger as a painting fixture (as those MPC kit hints told us). I agree that hanging the parts upside down helps minimize the dust. However, if you saw my post in What Irked You, I recently had a JoHan body detach itself as the primer was drying in the kitchen. Body fell about 7 feet and must have bounced off the countertop before landing on the floor. Top of the passenger side A-pillar broke cleanly and I think it will be OK. Going to be more careful in the future to make sure bodies are securely attached though.
  13. Should I have ordered a second one to stir Martinis with?
  14. This article popped up on Google today. No affiliation, but it claims to be a 352/360HP. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/family-owned-1960-ford-starliner-emerges-after-50-years-it-s-a-rare-hi-po-bird-171572.html
  15. I don't have a mixer, but for what this paint costs maybe I will get one. I have some Ford Light Pewter that I shook for about 10 minutes today (while muted on a Teams meeting) and it never did looked mixed enough for me. Edit: Just ordered a Badger mixer.
  16. I have a few bottles of Scale Finishes paint and I am about ready to use one for the first time. How much mixing or shaking do they need? Seems like I can shake them for several minutes and they never seem to be fully mixed. What is the secret? Do you guys pour it out into a jar and stir it or what? The metallic seems to sink really quickly, so I know that I will need to be mindful of that when I am spraying it.
  17. I obviously never met him, but from my view he was one of the kindest and gentlest souls in his forum persona. I can only assume that he was like that in person as well.
  18. Didn't he have a big surgery a while back? Like open heart or something? Seems like he didn't spend a lot of time here after the surgery.
  19. Been working on a JoHan 72 Torino promo rehab. Did some cleaning up and had it in primer. Spouse came home and told me that "my car" was on the kitchen floor and "looked broken". Yup. It was hanging from the wine glass rack and fell about 8 feet. Yup. Broken windshield pillar.
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