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  1. That we have a cold snap and some of the free food in the yard is ripening.
  2. I have looked off and on for the original issue of this one (molded in tan). Dad built one when I was a kid and it would be fun to recreate it. None of the ones I have seen on the auction site have inspired me to buy however. EDIT: Yeah, I hate the peer pressure around here. I just bought a decent looking one on FleaBay. If it is missing parts, there seems to be quite a few junkers coming up.
  3. Da interwebs tells me they use the T-Mobile network.
  4. I wonder why the snowperson seems so happy to see the plow arrive?
  5. Apology and they are sending another one. I just expected that they would have at least responded with a "looking in to it" response by C.O.B. yesterday, but at least they are taking care of it.
  6. Directly from Salvino's. An email from them just popped up on my phone. I will have to see what they say. I am sure they will take care of it, just a little annoyed with the slow response.
  7. Preordered two of the Salvinos Petty Roadrunners at the end of August. "They" shipped last week and I received the order Saturday. I was charged for the two kits ordered, but they only shipped one. Two e-mails later with photos of what I received, they haven't responded. Next Tuesday or so, I am filing a claim with PayPal. I am not expecting an instant resolution, but I would appreciate a "Hi Steve, we are investigating this" kind of response from them rather that the nothing I have received after contacting Chris twice.
  8. That truck looks like something they would drive on The Simpsons. Coincidence maybe that Homer's brother's car company was Powell Motors?
  9. Minds akin to mine are shallow and are frequently found in the gutter.
  10. I caught that as well. I wonder if they have a version with an engine up their sleeves, like the Nova wagon?
  11. Great song. I was in my very late teens when this was popular. My friend Paula's mother looked almost like the cover woman's twin and we all laughed about it.
  12. I am a fan of APP as well, and I think this is one of their best. I have hardly found anyone else who has heard of them as a group. Eye in the Sky as well. Alan definitely has enjoyed a pretty special musical career without really becoming a household name (for the most part).
  13. Looks really good. This is another kit I have had in my hand numerous times over the years and always put back. BTW: Kudos for the 1-3-4-2 firing order, but I believe the distributor rotation should be "anti-clockwise". Don't tell your daughter. 😃
  14. I have two of these on pre-order. Hopefully I will see mine soon.
  15. And after losing B-17 Nine-O-Nine in 2019.
  16. 1984 was the title of a book, but using that in the sentence would be too easy, so instead I will say that was the year I almost (and thankfully didn't) get married.
  17. Not too much of a collector, but I do have a 2006 Seamaster Aqua Terra (bought new), a 1967 pie pan from the stepfather-in-law, and the engraved Gruen my mom gave my dad for his birthday in 1952. So yeah,what is it?
  18. This is what Steve G. had to say about the '68 in another thread:
  19. Clementines are a very tasty citrus fruit that many children get in their lunchboxes.
  20. "Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a dam", said the beaver.
  21. Can you still get 2TGs? A friend had a modded 77 Corolla SR-5 that we (him, his brother, and I) swapped the 2TC for a 2TG in the early 1980s. Was still really slow, but really a hoot to autocross. You know, driving the slow car fast thing. Watching your lines and braking so you don't lose momentum.
  22. Karen is the name of my spouse's sister, and my spouse is a teacher.
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