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  1. Thanks to all of you guys :)

    Nick: I don't know if you can call it chrome, but yes the helmet comes plated :D I removed it for aesthetic reasons. And besides, the real Red Baron's helmet isn't in chrome, but (flat) aluminium ;)

  2. Thanks everyone. If you want to build one, just do it ;) The kit isn't as far as bad as you would expect.

    Just curious but what are all the parts you scratch built, everything looks like its all supposed to be right where it is?

    The kit comes with 2 imo terrible, out of scale spandau. I threw them away and scratchbuilt one myself on the passenger side. I also made some kind of 'steering' for the spandau in the interior, but it's barely visible on the pictures. The grill is opened and I made a new intake with 3 pieces of tank munition :)

  3. Thanks to all of you guys for the nice comments

    For those of you who think about making a dio, just go for it ;) In my opinion there are way too few in the car scene. It's a lot of fun, quite cheap and isn't as hard as it looks. I loved it so much that I started another (very small) one today with Tom Daniel's Red Baron

  4. I recently finished my very first diorama and I enjoyed it sooo much. I'll definitely make more diorama's.

    Beside that this is my first weathered/rusty model and the first time I used an airbrush. Well it was quite an experience and I loved everything about it :D

    The pictures of the finished dio







  5. Kevin, thanks for the links. It has some good basic information

    Wayne, thanks for the website but I had already found that one. Before I posted my question I googled 'drag racing book', but there are soooo many of them. It's pretty difficult to just choose one. I hoped that someone could recommend one, or two, or more :D


  6. Does anybody know a good book or website about drag racing cars? As far as I know, this type of racing doens't exist in Belgium but I'm starting to like it. So I'm looking for a book or website with information and references for a newbie (car specifications, the different types of cars ... ) since I don't know anything about it. Any suggestions?



  7. Very nice build! Quick question; are the kit's wheels and tires any good are are the tire sidewalls wayy too big, as has been the case with a lot of Revell's kits these days?

    I cannot say. There are quite a lot of kits here in Europe that had the wrong tires, they put some F1 tires in it instead. My kit was one of them.


  8. Thank you guys. Sorry for the late reply but I had exams and had to study

    Did you cut the rear wing out and scratch it out? That really adds to it.

    Great job!


    Hey Chris. Yes I cut it out and scratched the other parts. It wasn't an easy job but from a distance it looks good :D

    And no photo's of the engine, sorry. Something went wrong and I am not too happy with it. I prefer to leave it where it's supposed to be, under a closed hood


  9. Thank you for the comments guys :)

    the fine black line around the door opening is super nice!

    Mr.Model wheels and tires?

    Thank you, but I have to admit that it wasn't my idea. I saw someone else do it.

    The wheels are from Mr Model indeed. Very good wheels, not so realistic rims unfortunately. As you can see, they are a bit thin but I don't mind ;)

    Is it Revell Germany?

    Tell me please....


    Yes Bob, it is Revell Germany ;) There is also a Fujimi (a bit more expensive here in EU) but it hasn't got opening doors.


  10. Thank you guys

    Doctor: What you see is what you get ;) The final color is white as in the pictures above

    The rims are painted black and the interior is in it's place. Next time, I will be able to post a finished model :)






    I'll have to redo the carbon on the lip here



  11. Thank you guys. It is a pretty nice kit. Everything fits perfectly and is well detailed

    Paul, much of the PE-set is unnecessary in my opinion. In only use a couple of things such as the grills and stuff on the body. For the other parts, I think the plastic pieces are often more realistic than those flat pe parts ;)

    Here is the finished interior







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