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  1. I know the exact sketches you are talking about. I have that issue. It was earl70s Rod &Custom. I think I can dig that one out and scan it. Those were awesome sketches! I love Ed newton's Stuff. I got to master the Triclopz, Mercohaulic and Rareflow for Jimmy Flintstone's Testors kits and those were Ed's designs. I got to talk to him once about them. He seemed like a real cool guy. Then Hot Wheels put them out.
  2. Triumph Drag Bike: On The Bench 11/15/ 17

    Another cool build from you! Always enjoy seeing your work!
  3. Can you fuse two cars together?

    Not possible. I do like the Chrysler/Lambo Pentabull combo! I once built a Porsche 9/57 - 959 with 57 Chev nose/tail and fins!
  4. Being a serious Bugatti fan I can say you did a great job of the Heller. If you are interested I will be producing a resin conversion for the Surprofilee'. It will include modified Fenders and body shell. I also have some very nice T50 wheels which I will be selling which were mastered by Vince Lobosco and further modifed by me. I should have them ready early next year. I sell on Ebay user name - Modelmartin
  5. Hemi Honda Drag Roadster

    It would definitely be in the /MSP class. AA with the big bown engine. I don't know if there was a wheelbase restriction. Altered required a 25% engine setback. That Vespa was built and run as a bracket car. It used to run at Rockford back in the late 70s through the 80s.
  6. Milliput users please help.

    Milliput or other epoxy putties are best when there is a certain thickness to it. They don't like to be feather-edged too much. I use it for building up shapes, filling larger gaps and holes. Use regular spot putty for blends and featheredging. Spot putty is merely thickened primer. If your epoxy putty does not cure it is because of poor mixing or cold temps killing the cure. It does not "dry", it cures from a chemical reaction between the two parts. I use epoxy on resin, plastic, Renshape, metals, etc. It's all good. Use a thin layer of spot putty over your "ghosting" problem. The hot chemicals in the paint just raised the grain of the plastic where the trim was. Hope this helps.
  7. VW Beetle Roadster Rat Rod

    That looks like some fun building.
  8. Fujimi/Revell Ford GT40 kits

    I built several out of the box and they were really easy to build and looked great without any tweaking.
  9. 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17

    Sweat the details and fit, Man! Take your time!
  10. Sedan Deliveries

    My mistake. I was thinking the 2 door sedan was a sedan delivery. Wasn't even thinking of the panel truck. Getting old! I knew the Tom Daniels thing was not accurate at all.
  11. Sedan Deliveries

    AMT had the Vega sedan delivery funny car. It was a bit out of scale on the large side, though. A true sedan delivery will be a passenger car chassis with a single hinged door on the back. Tailgates, double doors just don't cut it. Then it is a wagon without windows or a panel truck. There are no T sedan deliveries. The only true sedan delivery kits in 1/24/25 are the Revell Model A, MPC 32 Ford, Revell 37 Ford, Monogram 39 Chevy, AMT 40 Ford, Galaxy 46 Chevy, Revell 53 Chev, Monogram Tom Daniels 60 Chev. MPC did a 1/32 34 Ford. I may have missed one. The Heller MB is a panel truck. The Revell Buttera T is a phantom. The Falcon and Vega aren't true Sedan deliveries. Probably 2/3rds of the Resin ones are phantoms.
  12. 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17

    Cool stuff, Dude! Looking forward to seeing it at GSL in a year and a half!
  13. Super Comp Dragster...updated 07/13/17

    Hi Wayne, Long time no see. Very glad you are back at it. This project is super cool. I love it when someone who knows darg racing builds an awesome car like this. Cheers, Andy Martin
  14. AMT Double Dragster or Monogram Slingster ?

    Nostalgia. Had a double when I was a kid and not one of those 1/20 scale Sizzlers. Both are very cool and I have built both since.