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  1. Now this is different, and awesome! It reminds me a bit of the boattail Buick Riviera...
  2. Such a good song, and a great idea to base an awesome model on the video What did you use to replicate the broken glass?
  3. That shade of blue works so well on the 'Vette! That is a fun kit.
  4. This looks fantastic! I agree that the R34 wheels work much better...have you considered painting them a steel or gunmetal color? Still darker than the kit chrome, but not so dark that they lose detail...
  5. Thanks for the replies, guys! Been a hectic week, so I haven't had a chance to try anything. I will try the 91% soak first, since I have that on hand.
  6. Lovely stuff here, everyone! Here's my matching pair:
  7. There is a hobby shop in town that is closing its doors, sadly...the owners are retiring...so I picked up one of these. For $4, why not. Does anyone know the best method to remove the pre-printed graphics? I could just prime and paint over, but I'm afraid the graphics will just sort of show as a raised area underneath the paint. Ideas and thoughts would be much appreciated!
  8. Very, very nice! This will always be one of my favorite kits
  9. Gorgeous stuff here, everyone! Here are a few of mine:
  10. This is one of those kits that always catches my eye at the store but I haven't pulled the trigger on yet...yours looks great!
  11. You had me at "Pacer"...very unexpected swap, well done!
  12. Looks like a potential Roadkill contender...looks great!
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