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  1. Alan I feel for your situation and your father being sick. Do you think you could talk with your personal manager and see if you could work something out. You never know, might be worth a shot. There is not much you can do and you did have a good visit with him last time. I am sorry your father is sick".
  2. Monogram has that kit molded in silver also. I have only paint red or maroon plastic red due to bleed thru. I had it red bleed thru six months after the model was finished!
  3. Lee buddy I don’t think that I have seen a slant six header. May have to modify a Chevy header..
  4. Absolutely stunning and so impressive that you can’t stop looking at this masterpiece !! I have to say your are a seriously talented builder!
  5. I have never built one of these so I will follow yours!
  6. You have a really good looking project going. I like your engine set up.
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