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  1. My granddaughters will get a few my oldest son has no interest and my 17 year old now and my wife will leave the rest be that’s built. My wif will offer what few unbuilt to men here that I’ve mentioned their names..
  2. Stunning Cadillac! The guys here would rather have pictures..
  3. I remember when I was in school my teachers.had those and cast iron green ones. They made and trimmed work sheets for us. That’s worth having as an antique..
  4. The power went out about a month ago when lightning ⚡️ hit the substation on this side of the city. Spent 2 days without power and heat. No Motel with out a long drive and I don’t want to stay with relatives. . Made it thru.. Feel for you..
  5. The 5 slots are like the cars trademark…
  6. Very nice looking dash, sir!
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