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  1. Roger, what do you put under Dupli Color, man that stuff is hot?
  2. I agree Modelroundup.com is a great place to buy kits and Hobby Lobby and Ebay. One of the three is where i get everything...
  3. I gave up the chase a couple years ago and use Tamiya primer only now. i do use Krylon and Rustoleum paint some....
  4. I keep mine in tupperware in a desk drawer where it’s cool and dark no problems so far. Been doing it for 20 years!
  5. Nice group of models for the year...
  6. So sorry for your loss Joe, it’s hard. May God be with you and your family.....
  7. Yes welcome home. Those fur babies are just like kids..
  8. slusher

    2019 My Way

    Beautiful clean built models!!!
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