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  1. Great color, can’t wait too see the white!
  2. I watch that same episode of Jay Leon’s show when he had the Corvair On his show , really got me back interested back in them. Your project looks good and interesting . So I want to follow your project.
  3. Neat system you have for colors and parts. Real nice work so far and i hope your mom does well…
  4. Must keep wife happy". Always make me think of Proverbs..
  5. The new foil that sticks is out. Anything lost in a move reappears when you buy a new one..
  6. I was standing on the step as my son unlocked the door . I just picked him up at high school. I fell backward off the step on the concrete my head hit the lower fender on my van and dented it too where the driver door won’t open very much. Went too my body shop and 250 people in line because they can’t get parts. The bill is approved by my insurance. No deductible 900.00. , they fixed it till the door opens. I am just starting too feel better..
  7. I will definitely be following Bill, after the last few killer builds you have done!
  8. Absolutely stunning Mustang, Roger! I love your work buddy!
  9. Beautiful little model, very well done!
  10. Good looking model, and great color choice on this classic. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed seeing it".
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