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  1. Jeremy I will watch you build it I do like a Cadillac..
  2. Beautiful Paint and graphics with a killer engine!
  3. Looks fantastic, very realistic weathering! The graphics are very cool!!
  4. My hobby Lobby has the Studebaker tin and I haven’t see the Corvette tin yet..
  5. Nice chop Oliver, television is really cool in the dash..
  6. Been watching it on the News Jim be ready for it…
  7. I remember you posting a picture when she was born and later with a multi color top and a big smile sitting on a blanket outside.. she is a beautiful little girl. Time goes by fast.
  8. Planned my build out and I hope it comes out correctly.
  9. Nowdays really make me miss the past years when I was young..
  10. Man, it has some horsepower! Looks killer!
  11. Following your build Joe, wheels 🛞 look spot on! Keep up the great work brother!
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