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  1. very true my friend… Maybe next time you will be in a better position to help her if so happens..
  2. Parts are not hard to find someone has a hood and glass.
  3. I think some of us have that fear on a build that something might go wrong might be the kid in us..
  4. I came back for a second look. I really admire your model…".
  5. Ray, May I ask which AMT kit this is. I was thinking king Cobra?
  6. Great looking Ford. Looks so realistic i your pictures very nice work!
  7. Fantastic looking Mustang! Very cleanly built..
  8. Lots of models and history. Thanks for posting Scott..
  9. My parents was from south east Kentucky and was poor until they married and never owned a home until 15 years later. I understood my dads rules the most. Dad was about taking care of things that stays with me today. Do not write on the fogged up car windows it’s dirty and I will have to clean it. Remember the little metal car ash trays in the back. Well on long drives I open and shut them. He would say, that only has so many times before it breaks. That also applied to the television 📺 and everything. Mother I remember told me no if I wanted some a lot. Keep that frown on your face it might stay that way. Don’t bite your finger nails they are poison. My dad as I got older I understood his was about taking care of things as I started changing oil in the cars with him washing them with him. Mother liked the scary tactic. I seldom ever told my kids no..
  10. Some of the real small paper clips could be small enough but a good place to check is Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making isle. They my have the elastic string or other things that might work sir…
  11. Not irked but sad my oldest granddaughter is moving to the coast of Virginia. Her stepdad received a job offer he could not refuse…
  12. Beautiful model! He really could drive a race car..
  13. slusher


    unique awesome model!
  14. Chuck Norris in the movie Hitman he built planes and was teaching the boy next door how to build..
  15. I would wait at least a day but if using grey or white you could use a flat white or grey and primer over them…
  16. if you could remove them or the seats you could flock the seats. But they would be one color.
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