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  1. Great looking Thunderbird!
  2. Beautiful paint and model!
  3. Put a new switch on it. I would try that first…
  4. slusher

    Mud Trap

    That looks really real! Another fantastic diorama!
  5. Joe, you sent them a email ? I believe you said, they was going to be a delay o the 57 Nomad that was next.
  6. if you love the color your making it your way and that’s what this hobby is all about and enjoyment..
  7. Bob, have you had the chance to prime the hood?
  8. I have never seen using evergreen sheets to hide the roughness and uneven areas on resin bodies before. I won’t forget it that’s really neat and gives you a smooth area to start interior work..
  9. So much of this happening with drivers today. They do not know what right of way and yield mean..
  10. Beautiful 33 and great color choices!
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