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  1. How are you doing Joe? Tried to pm you but your box must be full…

  2. Kerry did you get PackageI sent you?

    1. DrKerry


      Yes I did, did you get my message?

  3. Jeff I am so sorry to hear about your health. You can email or pm me a list to ces65@aol.com. Your not that far from me. I am in Lexington Tn 100 miles east of Memphis. What's wrong with your health friend.".

    1. jeffdeoranut


      well 4 years ago I had a stroke and since nothing dramatic but just a gradual decline...about 2 months ago my lady friend was diagnosed as having terminal cancer so it got me to thinking about stuff I needed to put in order.  ill have a list and pics to in a day or so.  ive never been to Lexington but have been to martin tn quite a bit...google says were bout 2 1/2 hrs apart.  maybe after you've seen the list we could meet halfway if thers stuff you like.  its weird but I have no problem at all driving but walking is sometimes difficult.  I have a vet and if traffic is light I drive very fast-I can imagine getting pulled over and trying to convince cop im not drunk just disabled...lol

    2. slusher


      Looking forward to your list....Cael

  4. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

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